: so, is mundo bugged or is grievous wound bugged?
AP items are extremely overpowered anyways.. not only bcs their numbers are high AF but also bcs MR items dont actually exist atleast.. proper ones.. ALso obvlivion orb already gives you magic pen.. so why make the build path even better? Also mundo with spirit visage vs grevious is just mundo with his base healing which is enought for a 100%
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: Yeah he can... but this implied he can actually get to people. Vs melee champions yeah, but he’s got no chance of getting on top of a mage or adc long enough to do that, not with a half decent team. He’s got no mobility, sticking power, or AoE so he’s terrible in teamfights, and his wave clear is the literal worst so he really struggles to split push not to mention as his damage comes from a health scaling on hit he’s a slow tower taker. So yeah fall off hard late game, there’s extremely little that he actually gets to do which other top laners can’t do better... he’s a gimmick pick that can only bully melee champions early (isn’t even that scary in lane with proper respect, some sustain, and intelligence). and this is reflected in his win rate it drops massively after 15 mins. Frankly the nerfs are too harsh and affect support tahm too much, a pick which was already near death, as well as dam near making top tahm unviable. They’ve killed Tahm Kench off for no reason
no. just no.. everything you said was wrong.. He does not fall off late game since he is a tank the most people can do is focus him with their void staffs and black cleavers when theyre forced to take an item just for him.. The fact that cho gath is the same deal is a whole another thing the fact is currently kench is a free win champ.
: tahm kench is really problem!
Hotfix 2 patches ago or wait.. Hmm I mean ? We dont really care that toplane is the worst lane in existence throught all mobas right now the important thing is our champions are never irrelevant unless they are.
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