: First of. That rune page that you posted is the most despicable rune page I ever seen in my life. I can't think of a single instance where you need that much CDR. Only person I ever saw use that combination of runes is probably trick2g on Udyr but he's garbage anyway. And second. The new runes increase the gap between players drastically. Now having a wrong rune page makes the game 10 times worse rather then before where the only problem would be that you have 7 mag pen instead of 8 ad. Riot stated that they want the runes to feel significant not just be flat stats. And they pretty much did just that. These new runes feel way more powerful. For example thunderlords decree did nothing for blue Kayn but by replacing it with Dark Harvest Kayn just got a keystone that gets amplified by his blue form passive giving him some insane burst. Learn to adapt to these changes. Believe me no matter what elo you are if you learn how to make use of these new runes the payoff will be better than using the old runes x10.
well if you dont think it's a good rune page that's your deal but by trial and error with multiple different rune pages this was definitely the best one for udyr with phoenix, which is my main. still, that's not what im talking about in this thread, im talking about how it's impossible to get all 3 stats (at any amount) with the new runes and how all people that play the same or similar champions will have the exact same rune pages (aka low variety).
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: The item itself doesn't give armor pen, only reduces armor on ability and AA hits. So if Riot were to do that, they'd had to nerf the Black Cleaver's passive to avoid making it too OP. That or kill the dirk's passive so that it never exists on the final item. As in, not have armor pen right off the bat.
i guess i didn't explain it too well but what i mean was actually the second thing u said, just kill the dirks passive once you finish the item. Similar to how spectre's cowl gives you 150% bonus health regen for 10 seconds after you get hit by magic damage, while with Bansee's you get 100% health regen constantly but lose the 150% bonus health regen for 10 seconds passive from the cowl.
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: The new jungle item planned for 5.5
So for anyone who is intrested, i realised that the "+25% bonus health" on the new item, pretty much 'forces' you to buy HP in order for it to be effective, even when you need something like a thornmail because the enemy AD is too fed. To solve this i was thinking maybe change it from HP giving you even more HP, to general tankiness giving you more HP. This means, get more health from cinderhulk based on your resistances AND health instead of just your health. After some calculations i found out that 30% of your total resistances (base&bonus armor+MR) and 10% of your total health gives you around the same numbers of HP 25% of your "bought" health would give you. Not sure if this would make the item better or not but i just wanted to throw that out there as an idea


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