: @Riot What about mordekaiser?
Sorta sad to see that his mace doesn't seem to be the main part of his kit at all. Your laning phase is mostly just spamming E and W and maybe if your enemy laner has no idea who mordekaiser is, he tries to 1v1 you early usually leading to clobbering.
: My friend list is EMPTY!
Same here, it says i got disconnected so i tried to start the client again. Then the client crashed once before starting and i got these bizarre things happening like friends list is empty and queue is bugged :/
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: Well have you tried playing a game? If it doesn't disappear after a game then I'd recommend contacting Riot Support.
I have been playing ranked this whole morning and the mark has been there the whole time. I'm not sure whether it actually affects anything and is just a visual bug, but it does always tell me that i've been placed into the low-priority queues every time i go into a queue.
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