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: first of all, good that you put your time in it!! Second of all, I think these changes are good, because quinn needs to be buffed... I didn't even know she kept her cooldowns when changing forms. Why should she?? Riot should consider this.
Thanks for the positive feedback! It's funny, but when I just started playing Quinn, it took me like 15 games to realize the cooldowns carry on to Valor. Was pretty annoying lolz
: looks really thought out, not just "lets make her OP" rather "hey, she will be OP like that, lets balance her like this" which i liked
Thanks mate! I did think a lot before every change, I think something like 40% of the changes I thought about didn't make it to the post cuz while being badass as ****, they were WAY too strong :P
: seems exactly what quinn needs, good job. Hoping that they will consider your idea :)
I wonder how to get their attention. I really want them to at least read this.
: as a quinn player i also want to add that sometimes you attack a target and during your aa animation sometimes the passive mark appears and your passive is not triggered, is that supposed to be that way or is it a bug?
Supposed to be that way. Technically, he wasn't marked when you attacked him. Just think of it as "I attacked an unmarked enemy" rather then "I attacked a marked enemy but it didn't consume the mark"
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Ezlas (EUNE)
: the passive should be one of the few assives that hurricane does not stack on multiple targets.
: I do have to disagree on this rework of quinns pasive. I also played her quite alot so far and I really love her playstyle. But the whole problem of having to walk towards adc and losing your proc can be solved by keeping their champs in your passive range. Quinn does have the tools to do this since she can blind adc with q if needed and can create distance with her e. In laning phase I even like it when the passive hits a minion since it gives an easier creep kill and increased attack speed on consumption. Also my concern is that it would unbalance quinn too much since you can already have good trades with enemy adc using q to blind and then land 1 or 2 aa before retreating again. edit meant pasive not ult.
Why disagree? What I said is that I LOVE her ult and if RIOT changes it in any sort of way I will never forgive them :P But don't forget her short range. It's an OK range, she is strong enough to live with it and if they increase it she will probably be broken, Im definitely not saying they should change it. But fact is, while going in the 525 range to attack and then falling back is totally fine, having to consistently waddle around in the 525 range until Valor decides to come in and mark the target is a bit too much. It can be done, but you take far more risk then other adc's since you have to be in your short range not only for the combo itself but also for a while before initiating.
: Her passive does have an order to choose: - champions you attacked - minions you attacked - low health champions - low health minions maybe it is diferent but something like this. I have no problem getting the passive on the wrong person when playing quinn
Like I said in the original text, the priorization isn't enough because sometimes when the enemy champion is just slightly outside your range and you will want to burst him down the passive will go on a minion because the champ isn't in range yet and then your whole combo is delayed. The problem here is that it's delayed due to nothing but LUCK, which I believe should not be an aspect of the game.
Zubumafu (EUNE)
: NotZubumafu (EUW) - sometime ago. True, the idea is quiet solid, but the thing is, making the passive proc after every basic attack on new target with cd of 10 seconds is quiet strong, unless the numbers would need to be pretty low to be balanced, I suggest letting you proc the passive once in 10 seconds at all, ater you proc it on one guy you cant proc it on the other for 10 seconds. Thank you Braum {{champion:201}}
Could work. I can't believe I'm taking advice from the guy who dives with Braum on level 3...
: Need to add a TL;DR version of this. but yeah I agree its very unreliable and rito needs to change how her passive works
Dont know how to make a TL;DR version... I split it into organized sections so ppl can scroll right to the part that interests them.
: Good idea, but it would make Quinn broken. She would just use her passive and not risk using her E. imagine a teamfight. Quinn procs all five with no way to counter it. Her laning phase would be out of control, for the same reason: Support get close, aa once and passive, ADC come to protect the support, aa pasive. Do you know who easy she can already win a lane with her blind alone? add the new passive and she wins trades with out losing anything in return. And if you remember Riot phylosophy on balance, Champions should have amazing strenghts and a huge risky weakness. If you want to proc the passive and deal damage you have to use E. Whats the risk? you get closer to your enemies. Why do you think Lucian got a real balance? He had more strenghts than weaknesses. Relentless pursuit woul eliminate all slows and CC, he was a lane bully with lots of range with low cooldowns. If you tried to gank him you´d fail, because he would E out of the stun/root and Q you to half HP. Quinn right now is Lucian 2.0 Aside from her Passive she does the same thing. Lucian poke combo : Piercing light, passive, dash, passive. Quinn poke combo : Vault (E), passive, Blind, and auto attack. Or if lucky. Vault, passive, Blind, passive, auto attack. That is he risk, the fact that you caanot cotrol her passive makes her have a risk, because besides that she wins any lane. If you want to 1 vs 1 a fed vayne, you pick Quinn, why? because she can blind and has an assassin style burst. I love your idea, and Riot might as well. But dont you think Riot already thought about it? Dont you think Riot tried it out? If its that easy and obvious why hasnt Riot done anything about it? What are Quinn´s real weaknesses? "oh her range". These guys say hello {{champion:104}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:236}} . Sivir is one of the most picked ADCs in every Region. Lucian besides Riot making him "trash" he is still a solid adc, just look at Forg1venGRE. "She has no damage". Blinding assault is her primary damage dealing ability, and an automatic win duel ability. "She has no escapes". Use vault like flash to get over terrain. "Her ultimate is fcking useless". Here is the super wombo combo. Use Tag team to turn into valor, chase a fleeing enemy, use Tag team again for an AOE burst (items like shiv, etc proc with the aoe, dealing more UNEXPECTED damage), use blinding assault, get the kill. If that didnt work, add vault for the passive proc to the get the kill. With that you can burst anyone like a Talon or Zed combo. "She is horrilbe in teamfight". oh really? remebre that wombo combo i just said? well you can use it in a team fight, hell thats what I do to start a team fight. Once my team engages, im the second one to go in, while the first wave already destroyed everything, I come in as a second wave dealing aoe and picking off low hp players. So again, her only weakness is being squishy (like every adc/assassin) and her passive. In lane play Quinn like Lucian. After that, play Quinn like Zed and snowball that hell out of everything. And you want to make her Passive like a Yasuo dash? Im not against it. But I sht you not I would start laughing at everybody if they start QQing about her being OP because they agreed to make her passive like Yasuos. I would say "people QQing about Quinn Being OP, when they were the once who agreed to make her OP." Dislike this comment, hate on me, call me a noob, say what ever you want. But Realize that part of what Im saying has some truth to it, maybe not all, but some.
Why on earth should I dislike your comment and call you a noob? OF COURSE the idea is not perfect, it's just the original scratch of an idea dedictated to a real problem. Maybe the cooldown can be general instead of on single target. Maybe it can be 10 seconds on every target without being cut down to 3 by hitting the target. Maybe it can take two shots instead of just one. But again, the problem with how it currently works is that it has nothing to do with your skill or your decision-making process. If you're lucky the passive won't proc on a minions while you're trying to get on the enemy ADC and then you can do the AA-E-AA burst combo, but if you're unlucky you can't. The problem lies in the word "lucky". A champion can and should depend on having skill and taking risks, but definitely not on being lucky.
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