Zed Addict (EUNE)
: I received Graves, but not his victorious skin.
Hello! You don't get a pop-up message saying that you got the skin, it just appears on your accout, check at skins.
Spartakk96 (EUNE)
: missing my essence
Hello, Riot is working on a refund ASAP, be patient, you will get your missing BE.
: Waste on LoL
Hello, send a ticket if you think you were wronged.
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] Purchases not being granted in EUNE
Yup, got my champion, thanks!
Rioter Comments
Kivi2 (EUNE)
: i buy lux but i dont have she
Same for Camille, lol
danihund (EUNE)
: buying champions bug
Same for Camille


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