: Not really. Getting honors isn't the way to level up your honor level. They add a very very minor tally to your overall level. You just need to not get reported. And the way to do that is to just be sportsmanlike. I seem to recall (Tho this is probably inaccurate) that you get 10 honor exp for every game you play and +1 for each honor you get. Just be sportsmanlike and you'll easily get honor lvl 2 in time. I got mine on a smurf from honor 0-2 in a month. You can do it!
Ok you have been a big help...I guess playing too much got to me... 1 week s1 to g1.... but i should have kept my head cool... anyways thanks a lot man
jOhNyP (EUW)
: welcome to the club my friends :)) im above gold since season 3 and i never managed to get any skins or borders because of my behaviour but who cares :D its just something to make accounts look fancy if i were u i would keep on trying to get plat instead of playing ARAM just to get honors u even have time to get to low diamond if u try hard
i mean in a week and a half i went from s1 to g1.. so im not worried about getting plat...its just first time that i tried to get higher div.... thats why i want the border
Smerk (EUW)
: Right now mode doesn't matter, as long as you are playing with strangers, premade honors have less value. Also just grinding games without saying anything won't work fast enough, you'll have to show some positivity. You can start by wishing luck(gl&hf) at the beginning and saying gg at the end, complimenting your teammates when they deserve it also helps(good job and all that stuff)
ty man... ive already been doing that before ao im used to it... anyways its worth a try to get the rewards.. atleast for gold
Smerk (EUW)
: It's possible to get level 2 from 0 in less than 2 months, but it will be really hard, you'll have to show exceptional behaviour in every game and also play a lot of games. Any kind of negativity will crash your dream of getting ranked rewards this season
does it matter normal 5v5 or ARAM? Beacuse i can just grind it out
: No, you need to be honor level 2
so rip i tried for nothing
: It really depends how you take these last couple of months. In theory, yes you can get your rewards. Although you cannot be toxic or show any form of negativity in game. How I would go about it is to say "GLHF" at the start of the game and "GGWP" at the end of the game. Then throughout the game, either don't say anything at all, or just say "nice job" or something to compliment the plays of your team.
so if i stay lvl 0 i dont get the border or the skin?
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