: I find Diana most effective as a Skirmisher and Battle Dancer based on your proposition. Typically i poke around with Q looking for a decent fight whenever my team is not ahead and when i go in i again do not fully commit unless my team is ahead, typically i Q>W>R>E and do a few auto attacks preferably with passive proc and depending on how the fight is going i might fully commit or often jump back out to a nearby minion/monster or some less threatening opponent.
Diana isn't really a Battledancer as she lacks the elusiveness of other Battledancers. She has one or two dashes and she needs to use one to get in the fight. As for her being a Skirmisher... yea she could work as one. She is very similar to Pantheon in that regard except that she has fighter elements in her kit, her shield (damage -> defense conversion) and her passive which needs time to go off (not as bursty initially). I only slightly favor her as a fighter, but she could go either way. She is a Frontliner for sure.
Gnarmaw (EUW)
: That's actually really interesting, you really did put a lot if time into it.
Glad you liked it. :D I wrote this thing in two hours but i have been thinking about it for quite some time. I remember thinking "What the hell is Rek'sai?" when she came out as i was convinced (wishfull thinking) that it was an Assassin, only to go classify her as a fighter then skirmisher (what WAS i thinking...) to finally settle on a "squishier Bruiser". And then i started doing the same for all of them.
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Move Ahir to battle dancers. She doesnt really have that much if burst and can fight better multiple targets.
Assassins kill their target and run away (or die). Battledancers kill their target and say "Who's next in line to die?". Sure fed Ahri can obliterate an entire enemy team, but she really only wants to kill one and then fall back. She does have some Battledancer blood in her, but id call it 60% in favor of Assassin. I could be wrong though i don't play Ahri much and this is based on the Ahris i saw in my games. And i have a lot of games behind me but not enough Ahris sadly. :/
: _Also Kennen because he plays like a backliner and then he turns on Leeroy Jenkins mode._ Also, you'd class TF as a marksman rather than spellcaster? Isn't the whole point to toss out Qs every few seconds and cast a stun every now and then?
His W and E are both "on hit" spells and that's where the majority of his damage comes from. He is mostly using Q to poke or to finish off someone after landing W + E proc.
layrit (EUW)
: Your writing is great, if you ever publish a book - tell me, I'll probably buy it. OT: The idea is quite nice and it helps to understand the depth of the game BUT it might be a bit confusing for people that are just starting out. I upvoted. P.S. I personally would put both Syndra and Veigar into Spellcaster category because they generally sit on the backline and poke until they see someone out of position to delete. They do NOT aggressively seek a victim (like Ahri).
I agree that it may be too much to take for someone who's just starting to play the game. Perhaps newbies could be met with 5 groups initially before moving in depth to 10 classes? Either way i find it better for newbies then: "Gangplank and Xin Zhao are in the same class and thus you play them the same way." Agreed about Syndra and Veigar. I was overtaken by their sheer delete potential and rashly put them where they do not belong. Now that i think of it they are more of an "Anti-assassin" as they do their best when deleting squishy targets that come to them, meaning staying safe while dealing as much damage as possible which is my definition of a backliner. To the edit post mode!
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