: You can pretty much reach level 30 within 2,3 days by using experience boosts :/ Other possible option is for them to follow the way Blizzard does it. - You dont need to reach level 30 to start playing ranked, you only need a set amount of champions unlocked.
While skipping the level 30 grind is a good benefit of this, the system would also copy unlocked champions and runes & rune pages to the new account. Reaching level 30 is one thing but unlocking over 100 champions and several pages worth of runes all over again takes forever. I think copying these is justified since Riot can still choose to not copy unlocked skins (and that way they can sell the same skins multiple times to the same person), and also the transfer costs money.
: Someone say cloning? {{champion:35}}
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: Why are people so ignorant?
One thing I learned from ranked is to never trust the team with miss calls. Sometimes they won't call it, other times they will call it but you might be tunnel visioning and not see it. The only real way is to develop awareness for yourself. So every time you get ganked and die like that, don't be mad at your team mates, but be mad at yourself for allowing it to happen. And before every time you engage on the enemy mid laner, always always take a quick glance on the minimap, it takes less than a second, and if bot lane is not there then try and make a guess if they are ganking you or not. Over time you will get pretty good with these predictions. I don't mean that the loss was your fault, your team mates were definitely under performing, I just mean that this is one thing that you can practice that will allow you to be much less reliant on your team, and once you get good at it it will pay off massively. Give it a try!
: If you want to play on another Server there is already "Server transfer" option, which lets you take most of your acc info (except name) to the new Server. I like your idea, though, because I have friends on EUW, EUNE and NA servers and if I paid for acc transfer every time I wanted to play with them, I'd go broke, while my accs on EUNE and NA are not lvl 30 and don't have champs and runes so it sucks to play with them when you premade lvl 30 people.
Yes exactly, I think the server transfer option is good if you want to switch your "main" server, but this is so that if you want to hop over every now and then you don't have to keep transferring back and forth, it is 2600 RP per transfer after all.
: And if they do so, how is Riot supposed to get money?Do you realise that they are a company and they have to make money?
If you read my whole post, you will see that I have considered this and mention that an option would be that skins would not be copied to the new account. Also, they are making plenty of money from having a person unlocking all the content once. If anything, this allows them to make even more money as playing on another server region will be easier and thus encouraging to buy skins and boosters for both accounts instead of only 1. Also, I mention that cloning the account would cost money.
: Why do you think LoL has been over-changed?
I think it's cool in a way how the game has evolved, like people have said it keeps the game fresh over the years. However, I don't now have as much time to spend on League as I used to, so it is sometimes a bit hard to keep up with all the changes that are happening, they come often and they can be quite massive^^.
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