kiwishrew (EUW)
: My view on Yasuo (RE: Butthurt about Yasuo and being salty to cope)
if he is so op then use one of you bans and ban him
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: Hello UnNamed ! I know that happens...but no one is forcing you to play League...If you really don't enjoy playing the game , you can always leave or stop playing...In my opinion it's not true what you've said over there...Yeah I can understand you , people play Yasuo/Zed because they think they're ''op'' champions and seems like they can't manage with it...Peace man and thumbs up ! Don't give up if you're enjoying the game :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You khow what boders me it just that i hate Flaming so i shut myself up but after 5th time i needed to say somthing so i made a post here need to chill myself up
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: I like your honesty, i don't feel this thread deserves downvotes, especially since you are just starting out It can be tough to have Man Down in Bot game even 2. Its good that you are Serious about your game that mentality will help you alot in Ranked games, learn faster and Rise. Do keep in mind it is easily possible to end a Bot game on your own. Technically bot games are a great place to learn, doesn't matter about the victory, its all about you practicing your favorite champs and winning. Plus bots don't really scale alot with Gold at all. Yes you are still learning so its tough to end a Game vs bots, But just imagine it as a Challenge. and Keep practicing till you can 1 vs 5 them without your team !
once i was in that bot game and we had 4 afk so i was able to finish it alone its possible to finish a bot game alone
Elgaard08 (EUW)
: Well bad games happens, when I loose 3 games in a row I stop play ranked and try to have fun in normals with different champs and roles and I play ranked again only If im on a win steak on normal games and I feel relaxed. And don't assume you are good and that you loose because your teammates, focus more on your mistakes and what you could have changed to win this and you will improve.
so win steak is ture thx for giving me advices
Depict (EUW)
: 1. /mute all, and use pings. 2. Train more, if the game keeps demoting you it means your not ready. 3. Playing normals doesent give any advantages in ranked (well you get better in the game but not MMR) Good luck.
thx i will remember these tips and its noy like the will flame me because i play better than most of them of them
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krayous (EUW)
: Honour your support
you khow i hate flaming and flamers. support is the last role i want to play and when im adc i usually honer my supp if he/she play good because its a person that do all thing just for me (when im adc) so they really are heros of the game dont EVER flame them sepicaly when you made a mistake accept it and say sry because you cant do anything without the support
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: How to reach Challanger in LoL
Well thats so ture in real LIFE and in league
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: Of course not. I'm saying they're redirecting blame from themselves, onto you or other hapless targets, so they can feel better about themselves. This is really just philosophical musing, don't mind me.
i really thankful to you for saying the right think i hope some day we can play without flaming each oder
LA Losty (EUW)
: Flamers are in all leagues im afraid. Just when i entered platinum i wasnt allowed to do any mistakes and people was sure i would carry every single game, even if it was just blindpick in a normal. I got flamed alot of people spammed that i was boosted etc. For the first week i wasnt allowed to have any fun, not even in a normal. Otherwise i would just get flamed, even if i just played some non-meta stuff.
i think the purpose of playing league of legends should be haveing fun so i made a vow to myself that i will never flame anyone EXEPT my firend and when we playing and talking over skype because in the end we both Laugh at each oder and not blaming one another and the only thing i report people for is flaming IF the one that play bad want to do his best after all no one like feeding
rozoulini (EUNE)
: he dosnt blame you really, he just saying that when he play with you he gets bad teammates and he cant handle it :) try not to play many games, if the elo gap is big it cause unstable games
so its easier for him to carry or improve himself .isnt it?
: People are inherently selfish. The mechanism behind malicious flaming is to make one feel better about oneself, by essentially convincing themselves that the failure isn't their fault, and that the OTHER person screwed up, it's THEIR fault, not yours. People like to have a scapegoat, so that they can forget about their own shortcomings.
dose that mean he should blame me
Dyotic (EUW)
: Hey, FarzadAHmadi! The situations you describe are not fun, I understand, but not all players are bad at their core. Given how you described it, the friend in platinum 5, probably, must be pretty confident in his skills (which might not be there at all), arrogant and brash (or just had a bad day and losing a game was his boiling point. We can never know, right?). But if you were really friends he would not say those things, because friends do not treat each other like that. From experience, me and my friends play League most of our free time, when we have nothing better to do. Sure, some of us feed, or we take troll picks, or even DC/AFK during a match-up, but we do not chomp at the throats of each other like some rabid dogs. As for your questions, all I can is that people do not like losing, because then they, probably, feel weak, angry, etc. They do not yet understand that in order to actually enjoy the game you have to be able to learn how to lose and accept defeat, if the opponents you were facing got the better of you. This is being said since even League of Legends was born and this principle still stands, and will stand for years to come. Bronze division is underestimated, because of the stereotype that that division is the so-called "elo-hell", where people with low abilities to play the game are placed. Although, people who treat other people like dirt are everywhere - in the Silvers, in the Golds, Platinums and Diamonds. So, just do not pay them attention and they will, probably, calm down. Good luck!
thx for thoes good advises
: I stopped at "i went support". Why did you go support? Just go top, the troll will go top either, listen to some good music and don't EVER treat that type of match as a real match, just try to distract yourself. Make it end fast, and report him if you want, even if they will always appear in your games.
because i want him to enjoy playing with me thats why i went support
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Farzad, Please [Submit a Request]( and Riot will be able to assist with a few RP ^_^
THX i appreciate for your help
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: if you really want it, wait till saturday, then it's on sale:
: tristana is a really dangerous ADC if paired with the correct support, i advice {{champion:18}} +{{champion:201}} stuns, shields and tons of CC
i prefer {{champion:236}} +{{champion:201}}
: if you main tristana it is a solid skin, if you don't play her that much it's way to expensive
i play ADC role alot so i think i should buy that skin
NikiRann (EUNE)
: Yes its an epic skin , totally worth .
thx for saying your opinion
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el barno (EUW)
: How to drastically improve your win ratio with a few simple steps
it doesn't matter what ( or Shows. all that matter its that you believe in yourself and think that you are PRO enough to beat them(its all skills)
Jesus4ever (EUNE)
: 20 March - NO RP DAY!
guys you saying these things now but after a year or a month or the next good skin that goes on sale everyone will buy RP for it. but what about us riot in my country i can buy 1000RP or eat pizza 1 WEEK every night (7 pizza) because of political issue EUR is too expensive. RIOT we play this game too
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Aénigma (EUW)
: Riven
Riven is so, OP but i can kill her with this guy {{champion:23}} easily and 2 days ago i bought her and (in the first game) i wish i would have bought {{champion:48}} or {{champion:59}} she is a good champ but im noob with her. in my opinion: its not the champ but its the player that can show a true power of a champion
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