TSM Palmsen (EUNE)
: Alpha Client
Well thats why its not full version, but an alpha
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: What the Alpha Client is and is NOT
What is it : Amazing clear and well designed client. Good job Riot.
: alpha client
I use it and I have almost no problems, Im even playing from it. Pretty good, clear and well designed client.
Tarolock (EUW)
: yea +1 for that, or at least a pop up warning that you are going to ban someones pick
Yea the pop up is nice idea, because most of the players dont pay attention to what others want to play.
ortusolis (EUW)
: You deserve you ban!!! I rly hate getting matched with players like you who behave like babys and feed because someone "stole their candy". And yes sometimes there is a good reason to ban someones pick. During my placement matches ({{champion:202}} was released) i lost 2 out of the 10 matches just because someone picked him without knowing how to play him. So i banned him. My adc flamed me, but in the end we won the match. Was it by any chance Ivern who got banned?. Dont get me wrong, I do partially understand your anger, this happens to me to, but feeding is definetly NO solution.
I know I deserve the ban, I never said I dont deserve it. And Im not talking for new champs like Jhin and Ivern, it was Diana mid.
: Let me guess, it was Yasuo top?
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: Don't f*ck up Kata
Maybe Im the only one who thinks this way, but I think that champion reworks suck. I mean players spend hours and hours in this game and spam only 1 champ because they enjoy it and then it gets reworked.. Im sure even the old Yorick had players who mained him. My main is Diana I guess she wont be reworked soon, but even the thought that she probably would be reworked one day makes me sad :/ Also I started playing Kata recently and even though she is somewhat easy to play she is countered by CC.. And I found her super fun to play.... I hope they dont fck her up cause I really started enjoying her..


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