Lynxmetal (EUW)
: I used to love playing him jungle as a bruiser but there's just better picks, I very rarely see him played anywhere now. I find him irritating to deal with if I'm ad because he has the strategy of "fly out of stealth and blow you the f*ck up". His ult still is a solid teamfight ability but because folk tend to go full damage on him so he just gets gibbed in half a second. As I said I used to have a lot of fun playing him, 60k's worth. But he just feels weak. I feel you man.
I know the feeling. In season 5 i used to rush a black cleaver and a Ravenous hydra. No bruiser (except the broken juggernauts) could stop you from dueling or 1 vs 1-ing them. It was a lot of fun to be able to have a versatile kit and st the same time to be a good frontliner. Now he feels like either goes assassin to snowball or became useless for 25 minutes. It is just sad.
: Yep. His rework is still coming tho. They just won't release it until preseason probably. After all wukong was super broken in midlane sometime in either season 8 or 7 (can't remember)
In season 8 he was a strong midlaner, thats why they gutted him. The thing is, this champ has some popularity and even if he has it, it just keeps getting ignored.
: In my opinion his passive need to be changed: * His current passive Stone Skin needs to be moved to his ultimate. Currently the passive is kinda useless in the laning fase but really powerfull in teamfights. So just move it. His new passive could be something that helps him with sustain or cs'ing. Maybe even something that heals him when he attacks an target that is cc'd.
It would be great and would provide to the champion a core build as a bruiser toplane that can deal with champs like rumble with his strong engage and gap closer. I hope riot will take into consideration a lot of our opinions about his identity.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: His clone should move and attack... Or just move like Neko. {{champion:518}}
Exactly. to give him more power or trickery.
Shamose (EUW)
: There were some changes on the PBE a while ago. But they went away for some more internal testing. There is something coming just no ETA on when it'll come though.
Hi, thank you for reaching to me. I saw the changes but that is the biggest problem i have. Those changes are too big and will create a loop of double identity. He will be able to be an assassin that can 1 shot an entire team and if that dosen't work he will switch his build in a flash. They need to turn him in either a bruiser that can tank a lot of damage through the changed passive that will give him damage reduction. Or to let the other side of the passive and the q+w changes to turn him into an assassin/trickster like lb or fizz. If they let him out with all those changes wu will become a pick or ban champ for 3/4 patches and then will be gutted like every strong assassin. Then the cycle of struggle repeats. I hope i was clear enough.
: Wukong is just outdated. He Damage is pretty strong. but the rest of his kit is just meh. no one falls for the clone. his Q can be better aswell. Wukong should be more like a trickster.
Thanks for the comment, i know he is outdated but he is not like champs that got reworked before like nunu or mordekaiser, he still has perks when you pick him. I just want some actual quality of life changes like the example they put on PBE.
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