saxarnica (EUW)
: ritos fix servers
but im fine, what if its actually from your side?{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: this is what the profile of a zed main looks like when he HAS to master other champs cuz of 60% ban
: > [{quoted}](name=DaahLeon,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yF671NUA,comment-id=00000000000000010001,timestamp=2018-01-31T11:41:04.396+0000) > > Time is indeed measured in games played. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
just realised im responding from my already transferred EUNE acc {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
mah1foo (EUNE)
: I got all the first punishments in a row, within like 4 months or something. I've been "clean" for more than 3 months now, and this is my only toxicity, and it's arguable if this can even be considered toxicity. Isn't that pretty much a 179° turn? Still not enough to maybe ban me for 14 days again instead of permanently?
account health can improve, although thats decided by attitude desplayed in many, many games played. i was banned for 14 days, two or more years ago i think, and it actually did "reset" my account health back to 0 again.
: Well, it's always unwise to react to toxic people, because it'll become very likely that you lose your cool as well. That's the reason why you got a Chat Restriction. But it's fine, because you "only" are restricted and have plenty of time to improve yourself. Unlike OP who went through multiple punishment tiers and still thinks he can go on with his attitude.
oh im not here to justify my actions by any means, although in my personal opinion ive reformed quite a bit. Not going to proudly say this, but i've been banned for 14 days on two accounts, this was the first one - atleast its fun to see that the account health was "clean" before yesterday. i have full understanding that telling my zed to "%%%% off" several times wasnt nice, and i most likely wont do it again unless shit really hits the fan IRL. i just think the punishment system isnt great to begin with. massive online game trying to keep the game "kid friendly" by shutting people up doesnt make much sense to me.
: > [{quoted}](name=mah1foo,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yF671NUA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-31T11:28:40.388+0000) > Nowhere did I say I think I can go through with my attitude, now you're being the one with a bad attitude, assuming things of me. The point is, I have not been flaming anyone for a long time after my 14 day ban, I considered myself "reformed". And now the only time when I flame is when people are literally calling me a braindead %%%%%%, and even then my flaming is *very* minor. And that's why we should always use our best friend, Mr.Mute Button. Also, playing games is what matters the most when it comes to determining one's reform rate. The time itself doesn't matter much. Example: person A plays 5 games in 5 months = reform rate is basically non-existant. Person B plays 100 games in 2 months = reform rate is much higher (given that person B is actually behaving nicely).
: EUNE problem
You said it right there, you broke one of the major rules. Account Sharing, Perma bannable offense. sharing accounts (in this case, you bought it - yes that counts as account sharing). the main reason behind this is to "stop" MMR boosting/ELO Boosting. you broke a rule, got fairly banned for it. if you want to play the game then you'll have to create a new account.
mah1foo (EUNE)
: Banned for one game, not calling anyone noob or anything, just defending against flame?
i recently got a chat ban for what i believe to be "defending" myself aswell, 10 games chat restriction. the system we have now isnt gonna change much imo, all it does is slow down the actual toxic players and greatly disturb the people having a bad day while playing league. not much to do but to be a slave to the system ;P
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Please hold off on submitting tickets at the moment - this hasn't been forgotten about, but is running behind schedule right now :-( Icons were granted recently, and the team behind the clash beta are still working on the refunds portion. Sorry for the delay guys! We'll get back to you with a revised ETA once we have one.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: ARURF - or - URF ?
Urf is not an enjoyable mode, be it AR or not. just give me OFA or Black Market Brawlers (whatever that name was)
Osiek (EUW)
: only if 4 months of waiting if worth 10 euro for you...
i mean, i dont like spending money on RP at all, so getting a discount is always nice;P
Elîjah (EUNE)
: Transfers
50% off is worth the wait friend
: Am I banned yet?
check your email linked to the league account you are speaking of, you get a mail saying if you got banned :P
Shynâru (EUW)
: Yeah that's the problem with it, it is so annoying abd makes you play less, that's 100 wasted minute :/
wouldnt be if you didnt leave queues/games though.
scaroused (EUNE)
: BE shortage
each level after lvl 30 will give you a capsule containing at minimum 810 BE, add that to the 50BE + 400XP FWoTD and you got yourself a bigger BE gain than you had IP gain in the old system. from levels 1-30 the leveling rewards are preset, but graphs shown by a rioter [Here]( aswell as the BE gain being higher. what i think the reason behind people being so hateful towards the "new" BE system is that it feels so unrewarding when getting a champ shard and disenchanting them - its not flashy enough for us yet. Also; They added a new mission for us, which we can gain 1200BE from if completed (;
Fathands (EUW)
: Exp requirements go up per level. Every 25(?) levels it hits a milestone and it resets. That's why level 48 needs more exp than level 50.
Every 25 levels after lvl 30 it resets* (;
Rismosch (EUW)
: He abuses his power as a streamer. You cannot do that, can you? This is unfair. And because it is unfair, I consider it to be cheating.
i highly doubt he forced their hand on the surrender vote, he made a joke that the enemy team gave into.
: obligatory "bring back region transfer" thread
i agree that it sucks the motivation to play out of you, i myself held 2600RP for a damn long time but then the "Your Shop" came so i spent some of it. lets hope they manage to fix their issue some day atleast - not that i find myself transfaring straight away when its up or anything, maybe im just bad at saving my RP ;P
RallerenP (EUW)
: After about 3 months (depending on behaviour and other unknown factors) the punishment level can drop.
i think time is measured in games in these cases.
: LUL Rito pls!
4 more double kills..
: "Wanna see something neat mission"
missions are a bonus, not something you need to do.
: No [Everything you need to know about Snowdown] thread this year. Sorry.
: 1 - There is a lot of unfair bans and i gave example of one just look at the link i send to "Stupid Fox" 2 - Well it's been almost a month since that happened and we still got no information and it's gone... 3 - Nope... sometimes you get 3x90 shards and 300 be from the capsule which is 570 while in the old system for 15 games you grind minimum 1800 ip 4 - The mastery thing is just... new players have to buy champs and rune pages can't afford spending be on that 5 - I can agree that Riot has to earn money somehow so i won't bother opening an endless topic about why skin shards value has decreased. Yet... about the clubs thing? No information, answers or anything?
2. afaik the BE ward bug appeared when this current patch was deployed. 3. Yea, lvl 30 and above the minimum BE value is 810BE. the new system does statistically give you more BE on average.
Klepke (EUW)
: Honor lvl 1
its intended, as chat restrictions will pull you down a level in honor, and it takes quite a while to get back up.
: To Riot
there was a recent elo boosting ban wave, him playing good to reach a rank (on his own) wont get him banned. The BE ward skin is still in your inventory, but theres a current bug that just doesnt show the actual ward skin, dont worry, it will return eventually. each level after lvl 30 you can gain a minimum of 810BE, and lvl each lvl 10 milestone (40,50,60.. ) will grant you a capsule containing even more BE than the usual capsules. ive also heard that the cost of mastery level upgrades are on their radar- although its low priority while they work on preseason stuff (and the new CLASH mode). The skin shards DE value being decreased allowed riot to give us more free skin shard during events like the project one, which you could earn atleast 2 free skin shard (or more if you got lucky). although, i feel like the norm for skin shards will be rerolling once you reach 3 shards.
: this is a joke forum.
-Knock knock "Whos there?" -Ekko! "Ekko who?" -*Ekko who* ~
: Can someone help me? (Problem with Wi-Fi)
Ethernet cable is better tho
: The Problems with the Loot System in League of legends
íGengar (EUW)
: Its one of those games where to get to your natural skill ceiling you have to work hard at it, I only started playing over Christmas 2016 (S7) with a friend and we happily got ourselves to 30 and got absolutely wrecked during ranked (got placed B2, quickly got demoted to B4 for one reason or another before climbing back up to B2 before I stopped playing for other commitments). We only really saw a difference in our play when we stopped slagging off the feeding bot lane and concentrated on what we were doing wrong (afterall you can solo carry Bronze they say). Then we started to work together - ganking each others lanes, pushing towers and objectives etc but the point being so many people (like the TC I assume) just dont get over that initial line. After freefalling through bronze me and my friend swiftly went on a 17 game win streak as at least one of us would do well enough to drag the team through but it would never of happened without some self evaluation of how trash we actually was. Lately I have just came back to playing league over the last few weeks and find that ARAM has helped me quite a lot mechanically - especially avoiding skill shots and customising builds to suit the team comps.
Thats exactly what you as a player need to focus on when it comes to climbing, yourself only. i was bronze I at the start of season 6, after playing on one of my euw accounts for a while, reaching gold III, i decided to change my mindset and head over to my main account - gold was such a nice accomplishment for me. i focused on my mistakes, i learned how to utilise my teammates as "pawns" if you will. i quickly picked my new main & my old main up (karma and velkoz midlane) and did just what i had learned from getting gold on euw. i gained experience as a player, matchups, wave control and roaming where key points in my improvment. i went from bronze I, to Diamond V in less than 2 months, i worked hard for something and got it in the end. i never stopped trying even though i lost 8 platinum 2 promotions in a row.. in my experience playing ARAMS has only made my mechanics and quick thinking alot worse, it feels like an all out fiesta that never ends.
The Topic (EUW)
: Why I left League of Legends
ive spent about 4000hours on league total, im still not good at the game. i simply play because i enjoy the consistant changes, the new ways of playing the game i once adored and loved playing in both competetive and troll ways. why should you stay? well thats for you to find out, i personally take breaks, ranging from 3 days up to a month or two, but i always come back with new expectations that usually get filled by riots new Champions. i get the feeling you are feeling right now, you cant find a proper reason to play, try new stuff, new champs, new builds.. try finding a new group of people or even a new community to play with. getting good at league of legends is hard, but its all about the mindset, attitude and dedication that you are willing to put into league. -Random rant over (?)
Marica (EUNE)
: my ward skin is gone :o
mine is also gone, huh.
myCro (EUNE)
: Honor capsule drop - ONLY CHAMPIONS???????????????????????????????????
youve recieved 3?? thats 2 more than me, damn. Capsules drops: Champion shard + Key fragments "Lucky" drops: Medieval twitch or Grey Warwick + Key fragments i wouldnt complain about getting "not enough free stuff"
: Boots enchantments
i think making enchantments to boost now would just be abused with the new effects of runes im afraid, having predator purchasable + darkharvest would make champs like heca a monster.
: Definitely not Rakan & Definitely not Xayah. They dress as eachother. Lul
esv789 (EUNE)
: When does the server change comeback (2017 Dec)
they ran into trouble after trying to upgrade their transfare system, the "trouble" is a rather big problem so the expected wait time is a couple more weeks im afraid, ive been waiting since start of november.. imagine the depression that hit me when 20th of nov didnt reenable transfares ;s;
: Mystery Champion
it was a part of the BE store which has been closed down now.
: Trasferring account was disabled due the preseason changing and ranked rewards. When all received their rewards and no ticket is open about rewards they'll probably re-enable it.
it was indeed disabled due to reward distribution, although during the downtime riot was trying to make some changes to it, as apparently it was in bad "health". sadly they ran into a last minute problem, which evolved into a much bigger problem involving how they transfare data from server to server i believe. they made a post (cant find it rn) which they stated that it will take 5-6 weeks for the transfares to be up again, that was 2 weeks ago i think so about 3-5 weeks left.
: No there are lots of velkoz players :P
i always comment velkoz on these types of posts, no new skin since forever ,_,
: Forgotten champs
velkoz ,_,
: My 1000th Win :D
Why not a volunteer instead?(;{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
i feel like christmas is a pain, because i really dislike the snow in real life, well, thats what a person who doesnt spend all day with league, and a person who dislikes snow & cold would say. *words* i just use it as an excuse to sit indoors and play more League of Legends, omegalul. The new snowdown skins actually dissapointed me, sure its cute, but the champs dont fit the theme imo. I feel like Nami for one would really fit a snowdown skin, and maybe velkoz and xayah too. but i really love the raindeer ward skin, its better than those little penguins >:) just imagine Xayah throwing snowy feathers instead {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
abixbg (EUNE)
: Hey Riot what I should do with 4xTokens of 90BE worth champ that I have mastered (7lvl)
i mean they said they would bring back the BE store next preseason (;
: Blue Essence Suggestion
its been stated and proven that we are earning more than the old system, the only problem is that it doesnt feel rewarding.
: I'm getting a steady downpour of keys. Last night I got four more fragments. I've just opened the client to see what the total is now only to find another fragment awaiting me xD "Here's a little something for keeping it sportsmanlike." That's a key that dropped through the honour system, right? If not then my initial post is completely false.
it is to some extent, as far as ive understood you get the same amount of keys each month, 12 total fragments. honor lvl 2+ should not affect the amount. they drop after you have played a bunch of games basically.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=pVRA0Qve,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-29T16:56:40.382+0000) > > Hey Indexiz, > > As part of missions, the mission must be active before you start the game. This changed with the IP --> BE change, however the timer has been reduced to 20 hours so you should be able to get fwotd faster than before ^_^ assuming you can win, that is {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
botgames {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Mada (EUW)
: No, it will rise again until 75 then drop down again. Otherwise you will reach a point where you need to grind for about a year to buy a new champion which would make everyone saying the new system is better look like a total jackass instead of just a regular jackass.
IMp4çT (EUW)
>But if premium chest was meant for garen and ashe, would be possible to change this reward into getting a skin for a champ/champs you own? it is exactly like that (:
: So i just reached level 50 but suddenly the xp needed to level up decreased anyone know why
every 25th level will "Reset" the needed XP, as you reach milestones at lvl 50, 75, 100.. etc
Lawetz (EUW)
: Nami and Sona walk into a bar.
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