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: *pat pat* Here, have a blanket, milk and some cookie {{item:2052}} I understand it how hard it can be to lost your account, all your work, years of progress and the connection you had with it. But hey, you want to improve yourself and you can admit your mistakes. That's good. There is almost no chance Riot will give you your account back. So if you want to start from the beginning, you need to...see a good part in people. While it can be almost impossible to do so in leavers and flamers, others in team (or enemy team) are affected by a flame too. It's like addind an oil to the fire and makes experiences from the game even worse for the poor people, who are already suffering from the ragequitter. You don't want your buddies to feel worse, you want to be their support (and I don't mean the ingame role) :) When I worked as a postman, I met people every day. Some of them rude, some of them really mean, but I've learned that people are actually good. In every single one of them, there is a good part. (And that bad part, when you are angry, mean or say something, you are regreting after, that's what make us humans and not just some kind of machine) And I started to see it in game as well. When there is a flamer, I mute them. I am not going to argue with him and I am also not going to let him spoil my game. When there is a feeder (who doesn't do it on purpose)...nah. Happens. I guess he already feels bad, no need to make him feel even worse (and eventually make him start flaming from frustration). Ragequitters feels bad, so bad, but you can't do anything about them. Just report them and let them be. Hopefully, one day leaving on purpose will be punished harder than with a leavebuster. But why let people like them destroy your day? You saw the game is actually full of nice people too. That Taric is the proof and I guess you liked him. If you want to start again, try to be the same person as he is. Good luck in your journey.
i did not knew the community this way... not people like you most of the people that i have played with would join here and said "get cance" or "deserve it" "noob" you saw that for youserlf many times these people are blaming you and the blamed me all the time that zed was bashing me constantly non stop... and i got cocmpletely mad by it instead of muting him but iam very happy that people like you still exist you have my honor
: Do you think cancer is funny ? Not to sound harsh but we dont really want you back. Just to point out that wouldnt of been the only game just the game that triggered your ban itself if riot posted players logs for every game leading to a ban there would be quite a few but i've never seen them reveal more than 3
i hate it i was quoting it enemy zed was flaming me to get cancer etc. you can see in chat that i was acusing him for flaming me jus because of thse type o kids i got frustrated... and completely off the grid why do you think i would even wrote something like that in the first place have you even read the text ? no offence... but i think you only red the game chat for which i got banned and to be honest like i said in the beggining haters like this are not welcomed to this post ask these people who commented this... btw like i said i nthe text i got 2x benned before... now you only confirmed to me that you havent read it at all... thse peopel here red it all and know what iam asking for iam not asking for unban but also for a diffrent aproach in the game... with this you only confirmed us that you are indeed ignorant and you came here only cause you saw word "cancer" which i was quitoing i nthe game ... i also do sondier myself to be toxic for this and like i said i do deserve this... but youre just stupid and you ask question only to provoke cause you did not read it and you made people here to look at you like at some kid who lvoes to see people burn i do not like this aproach and i always was against it... even riot itself was so before you write something like this next time think twice and read wish you good sunny day
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: Wour wall of text would make even Donald Trump proud.
i tried to update it so sorry about this iam sorry
: Press Enter after a while. Makes reading more enjoyable and doesn't destroy the readers eyes as this wall of text does.
oh iam so sorry about this completely forgot about it while i was writing so sorry dident want to make it hard for you
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