Warix3 (EUW)
: What you just said makes no sense because you are saying the enemy junglers gank you more than your junglers? Why would that happen? Both you and your opponent are getting a random jungler. The only constant thing between your games is YOU so that's the only thing to blame really. As a jungle main I don't gank lanes that feed or lose the lane hard. So you've probably lost your lane before your jungler could assist you. You can't blame your jungler, because they are different each game and the only same thing is you so if it's true that you are getting ganked more often than your opponent then you are doing something wrong and you are enabling the enemy jungler to gank you easily. This also could be because of the champion you play. Champions like kayle and ryze for example are easy to kill in the early game because they have no escape. It could be anything really but it's definitely something you are doing. Or if this has happened only in a small number of games then it may be bad luck but if it's something that consistently happens over many games then you have nobody else to blame but yourself.
Edited that part about for 2 reasons, people seem to get hitched on one specific thing and ignore the rest, and I typed it poorly. If an enemy jungler builds a house in top lane, there are several things that will happen, and from what I've seen so far, the majority of these type of games are lost. More often than not, junglers ignore top lane entirely, but not always. And there are also games where one jungler ignores top entirely, while the other jungler parks himself in the top lane and causes a snowball there which usually results in a win for them. The first thing that happens, is that the top laner will get tower dived repeatedly and killed, the kills usually go to jungler and he will get fed, they will take plates and tower very quickly, resulting in a strong jungle and a strong top laner, while your own top laner is pretty irrelevant. Just yesterday I've had a game where I froze the wave just outside my tower and downed the enemy laner to 30% hp or less, killed off his vision so he can't see any ganks, all my jungler had to do was walk up and claim the free kill since he ran away from me the second I took a step towards him so I couldn't deal with him myself. Instead, that jungler took krugs, red, raptors, then rotated to the bot jungle, cleared it, then went in enemy jungle. Bot was losing, mid was equal, top was essentially a free kill for the jungler, all he had to do was...walk up. He walked top when I told him in chat 5 times over to come top for a free kill, and just like I told him, he got a free kill, exp, and gold, got him to stay and help me push tower, we easily took it, we both started roaming, bot lane was lost horribly, mid was fine. Just because the jungler eventually listened to me and came top to kill the enemy laner, him and myself started snowballing extremely badly to a point there's nothing the enemy could do. It didn't matter our bot lost, we won easily because I was fed and so was my JG from my lane. Matches like that are extremely rare, 9/10 situations the jungler ignores top lane entirely, even if you are setting up ideal ganks and what is essentially free kills, the jungler will ignore you, I've lost quite a lot of games over things like this. Bot was losing, mid and top were tied, and the jungler instead of helping top and mid to cause us to snowball, he kept trying to push bot and didn't get anywhere except feeding the enemy ADC and support further. Don't get me , it doesn't happen every single game, however, it happens often enough to where it's a problem. Not to mention the fact that asking a jungler to come top for an easy gank is usually met with insults in various languages. Even if he is in top jungle farming anyway and can easily make his way over to get a kill. Another misconception junglers seem to have is that if you don't get the kill, you leave. No, you tax, if you don't get the kill, that's fine, a flash is worth for example since most people will recall, tax the lane, take minions, take tower plates if you can while you're at it.
: Top lane is the least important lane, it’s an island so advantages there tend to stay there until later in the game, where as advantages anywhere else spill into the rest of the map better... so it’s more advantageous to gank elsewhere. Just something as a top laner you have to be used to.
I disagree there. Advantages there don't stay there until later in the game, early advantages top can easily spill in the rest of the match very quickly. If top-lane is in a bad match-up, you as a jungler can easily turn it around and build a lead, take tower with jungler, gold for both of you, kills, assists, minion gold, it's not a case of simply coming up, trying to gank, failing, then leaving. All it takes is to get the opponent low enough to where they have to recall, if we can't kill, that's ok. Take minions, help me push, help me take tower plates, it benefits both of us. The more gold you have, the stronger you get, the same applies to me, the faster we kill the tower, the faster I get the freedom to roam, the more map pressure we have, the easier it is to secure objectives, take towers, push lanes and overall control the map. I've had very few games where my jungler ganked top, helped me push and take plates, in every one of those games we took tower in under 10 minutes, took herald, then proceeded to roam and control the map, establish vision well, control objectives, all of those games resulted in relatively easy victories, all because the jungler decided to help me push top which resulted in both of us spiraling out of control incredibly fast. I've also lost games because the opposite happened. Enemy jungler helped their laner, my jungler didn't help me at all, he helped bot and mid instead, top and JG spiraled out of control, we had no control over objectives, other lanes constantly ganked, and we couldn't deal with the enemy tank simply because we didn't have the damage for it. All of that could have been avoided if my jungler would have either applied pressure top, or applied pressure in other lanes to force the enemy jungler to respond. People like to always say that top lane is the least important lane and that it's an island, that's really not true. It's an island because people **ignore** it and make it an island. If you as a jungler can push your laner ahead far enough to where they can take tower solo or even better, you help them push the enemy and the lane and take tower, you will both get fed, and you both can roam and help other lanes.
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Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinful Succubus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9T6o89eg,comment-id=000100000002000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T13:44:32.309+0000) > > it's funny how so many people think high iq translates to high intelligence when that's not what iq actually measures > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} True, I have met people I would consider more intelligent yet they score in the high 120's. But im still intelligent
If you are so intelligent why do you not understand something as simple as the banning system here for poor behaviour. It's really not a complex system to understand {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCampingOwl,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9T6o89eg,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T14:03:20.572+0000) > > You deserved it, you spent the entire game being toxic. I wrote the riot support, the person working at RIot said, that my behavior was not toxic
I doubt that. Mind sharing the email so we can see Riot themselves admitting that isn't toxic?
Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCampingOwl,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9T6o89eg,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-27T10:19:09.558+0000) > > Show the chat logs. Game 1 Pre-Game SZN Kaze: bot SZN Kaze: fiora take smite SZN Kaze: ... In-Game SZN Kaze: not your lane SZN Kaze: nah SZN Kaze: STOP PUSHING SZN Kaze: Fiora SZN Kaze: you sleeping? SZN Kaze: you are straight up trolling SZN Kaze: lmao SZN Kaze: you mad? SZN Kaze: iron scrub SZN Kaze: we lose game because of your small brain SZN Kaze: thanks SZN Kaze: and you troll SZN Kaze: never understand why people troll SZN Kaze: hope your having a good sleep fiora SZN Kaze: toxic? SZN Kaze: and learn english SZN Kaze: no SZN Kaze: you angry? SZN Kaze: lmao SZN Kaze: true SZN Kaze: im being trolled hard SZN Kaze: at least I can speak english SZN Kaze: no SZN Kaze: I am intelligent SZN Kaze: 137 IQ SZN Kaze: I have won national maths and physics competitions SZN Kaze: unlike you 2 I at least achieve something SZN Kaze: not some scrub with a sub 40 winrate in silver SZN Kaze: LMAO SZN Kaze: and you flame me for playing bad SZN Kaze: I know SZN Kaze: I have those every game SZN Kaze: but I can still 1v1 SZN Kaze: Havnt been toxic to you either SZN Kaze: I havnt sworn once SZN Kaze: thanks kayle SZN Kaze: lmao SZN Kaze: im being trolled SZN Kaze: 38 % wr SZN Kaze: sure SZN Kaze: 1v1 if you want to SZN Kaze: you dont? SZN Kaze: because im being trolled SZN Kaze: cant read? SZN Kaze: fiora SZN Kaze: you didnt ult me SZN Kaze: good stats doesnt mean you dont troll lmao SZN Kaze: had all my spells u SZN Kaze: see SZN Kaze: troll SZN Kaze: 1v1 if you want to SZN Kaze: after game SZN Kaze: then you can talk shit SZN Kaze: not because of some twisted game SZN Kaze: Not true SZN Kaze: but ok SZN Kaze: come 1v1 SZN Kaze: prove me wrong SZN Kaze: you choose champion SZN Kaze: answer my question SZN Kaze: Report kayle toxic SZN Kaze: And me SZN Kaze: We both are SZN Kaze: no 1v1 SZN Kaze: you scared SZN Kaze: ? SZN Kaze: ? Post-Game SZN Kaze: accept inv kayle SZN Kaze: report kayle and me SZN Kaze: both toxic
You deserved it, you spent the entire game being toxic.
Zakir (EUW)
Show the chat logs.
: Yeah you are talking platinum when Garen is facing someone who knows the matchup... When you are in silver and the oponent is clueless garen gets 4 or 5 kills good luck dealing with that!
If the game gets balanced around clueless players you nerf....the entire game. Literally everything. After his E nerf, he's perfectly fine.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Imagine having a good computer and a clean operating system.
Clean OS, fresh install actually, RTX 2070, Ryzen 5 1600X, 16GB ram set at 3000mhz, the new client is unstable as hell, slow to load, and has a variety of problems that were not here before the new client update. Tell me more about how it's my problem even though this wasn't here before the update.
takman FTW (EUNE)
: you must be trolling me
Agreed. My last 2 ranked games got decided by these people. The first was decided by an inting ADC and support, and a trolling mid. The second was decided by an inting jungler, flaming and trolling mid, mostly AFK support. This really needs to stop. A good chunk of ranked games feel like it's decided by who has more trolls on the team rather than a difference of skill. I especially hate it how people troll, afk and int, and don't get banned, but if you happen to insult them for ruining the match, you're the one that gets punished. I don't get this logic.
CJXander (EUNE)
: It is the worst part of the year to play ranked
It's always been that way, not just now. Besides, it's entirely possible to win 3v5 or 4v5 matches, I just won one actually, sure it requires a bit more effort and knowledge, but still possible.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: I'm tired of this game
Riot can't really fix humanity. Also for some people masochism is a fetish, maybe that's why they're here{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Vladimir is way too powerful right now.
He's a horrible champion late-game. I've only found a few ways to reliably stop him from winning the game single handedly. The first option is to go to his lane, it doesn't matter where he is, I will swap lane with any of my team mates and deny farm at all costs and I will make sure the jungler is aware he needs to stay close to my lane so we can kill vladimir over and over so he can't farm. The second option is to pick something like Irelia, Swain, Malzahar, something like that, they can deal with Vladimir solo provided you pick ignite and you know what you're doing. A quicksilver sash is a must have against him to cure his ultimate. If he's allowed to farm, it's very likely that you lost the game. Don't get me wrong, you can still win, but the odds are pretty stacked against you. Edit: When I say "horrible champion late-game", I mean it's extremely difficult to deal with.
: Remember this the next time you will say that everything Riot does is a cash grab. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Na, I never say riot does cash grabs, I have always said that their matchmaker is horrible and I will always say that though. Up until it changes or I die.
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Voidplume (EUW)
: Why isn't there a Gnarfield skin? :')
Copyright. That's why.
ImSweeney (EUW)
: too many smurfs lately
Smurfing needs to be made punishable with a perm ban on the main account. Im in a match right now against a smurf, and I honestly cannot consider people who smurf as humans, I don't give them that much worth. Nothing I can do, not even play under tower as he just dives and kills me, this is not fun, this is not engaging, this is extremely infuriating. Smurfs should lose their main account permanently.
Vas34 (EUW)
: This is how laning vs garen this patch looks like. As anyone.
I'm sorry but how do you lose against garen as Sion? You can easily counter him. Also, that's how my lane looked when I played Teemo. Just picture my Teemo in that place of that Garen and the Garen in place of your Sion. Garen isn't that difficult to deal with if you know what you're doing.
: Cause that is a common occurance in the developed world, next time don't forget to mention you are playing from a straw hut in Africa where your electricity comes from a diesel powered generator.., which your mum forgot to get fuel for.. A simple 3-strikes and you are out would suffice, because if all these lame excuses happen so often, the problem isn't Riots or the millions of players who experience this once in a blue moon.., but yours. The only real question is if Riot wants to effectively deal with the problem or not, and to do that they need to put the afking issue up next to every other penalty that triggers account closure eventually.
Hi, I'm from a developed part of the world. My power dropped for the 4th time this year this morning for 20 minutes, and I lost internet because of a tool with a semi went on my street when it's illegal for him to do so, and effectively ripped the power and internet lines straight off the pole. How is my electricity provider cutting the power for no reason my fault? How is a plant driving a semi through an illegal place for him and ripping off electricity and internet wires from the pole? How exactly do I control **ANY** of this? Yes, AFKers are extremely common now, what you are suggesting would have an **extreme** amount of collateral damage.
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Hexxor97 (EUNE)
If you're in low priority queue, just play enough games to get out of it.
Hexxor97 (EUNE)
If you're in low priority queue, just play enough games to get out of it.
: I don`t think he necessarily needs a nerf. Garen has been an useless top laner for too long. Also, that change on his E was made so he can use Conqueror more effectively. The thing is he benefits the most from Conqueror when he uses his E. And that ability doesn`t hit that hard anyway considering some minions will be nearby. Yeah, if you are "isolated" and he uses E on you he will deal 33% more damage i think but overall he isn`t a problem and he can be countered easily. It`s just a matter of perspective. If you ask a Riven player if Garen is overtuned in low elo he will say that he is. But if you ask a higher elo Riven player he will say that he isn`t overtuned at all. Also, you have an entire pool of champions that can deal with him incredibly easy like Darius (his main counter, that bleed damage will render his passive useless even after you stop fighting him, you can pull him back when he tries to escape with your E. also slow him with W.), Gnar (if you ask me he is the most fun to play against Garen and Darius. They simply can`t touch you if you are smart.), Teemo (he is the bane of any melee champion), Tryndamere is also a viable option with all the sustain he has and his ultimate. Garen isn`t overtuned, it`s just people that can`t manage him properly. Vayne, Riven, Draven, Leona, Sona, Tryndamere, Darius, Jhin, Ryze, Thresh, Rengar, Talon for example are all champions that have been in strong positions for ages. Maybe with the exception of Ryze considering the amount of re-works he got and Riot still haven`t figured a way of balancing him properly. Garen is no different. You can`t expect to play Twisted Fate into a Zed and win the game. It`s the same with Garen. Good luck!
He's being nerfed next patch, riot agrees that in high MMR garen is pretty in line and not at all strong, Riot wants to nerf his armor next patch due to non-stop complaints from low elo players.
: again, i don't use teemo, i was using rumble and i picked before him
Ask your jungler for help. Rumble honestly isn't that good and gets countered by a LOT of champions.
: that's the problem, i couldn't do it. new garen charges conqueror in 2-3 seconds AT LEVEL 2! this is incredibly unfair. i couldn't farm because he would just silence me and then spin to activate conqueror and kill me. i'll try teemo more but i just don't like him that much :\
I'm sorry but if you lose to garen as Teemo, that's entirely a player problem, not a game problem. Teemo is a massive counter to Garen, to a point you can render him entirely useless during the laning phase. You get E at level 1, stay away from garen and farm until get you level 2, get Q. If garen is in range, press Q and walk away. Rinse and repeat, you can easily keep him away from minions like this and there's nothing he can do against you. New garen is still horribly countered by a lot of ranged champions to a point he's useless and can't even farm. New garen however can easily delete players who don't respect him. Something he couldn't do before, which is a good thing. A lot of champions you HAVE to respect their skills or you will die. Tryndamere, Teemo, Vayne, Kayle, Karma, Irelia, Natuilus, Jinx, Caitlyn, Kled, Bard, Shaco, Leona, Talon, Jhin, Blitzcrank etc you get the idea. All of them you have to respect their abilities or you will die. Up until now you could pretty much ignore Garens abilities and kill him away.
: Keep getting disconnected
Disconnecting constantly after patch 9.20 as well. What the %%%% have you done RIOT.
: garen needs a nerf
Counter him with Teemo for example. Or trynda, or Gnar, Yorick, Darius.. People complain that garen is too strong now, we've had champions that are THAT strong for a long time and the response for those is "well just play their counters." It's likely gonna be the same deal here.
: Rito, Dark mode when?
Use sunglasses OP. No, really. When I launch this client I need to put on my sunglasses to fix the problem.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: I know for a fact that people like you, Owl, would start moaning: Look at your stats! They are horrible! Of course people like you lack the knowledge to understand that even if you were doing well and winning lane (or winning anything, being on the positive side of KDA etc) you eventually end up on the negative side, because the enemy team has been fed too much. So again: People like you will ignore the topic, and start ranting about (without using their brain) that he sucks and is part of the problem as well. Now, it shouldn't be a problem either to create a post regarding an OBVIOUS problem on another account. People have 10 different accounts, why post on the account that is being screwed over? What will that gain you? Besides brainless people missing out the point (like you just did, since you jumped on his match history instead of even bothering to answer the TOPIC) and just jumping on your match history to point out something that's flawed. If you wish to see how screwed this game is and how bad it is, take a look at the forum. Or have you already forgotten about riot recieving death threats, because they screwed ADCs over so hard, the COMMUNITY was sick and tired of it. lmao.
Riot is a business. Businesses only move based on statistics and data. We can complain all we want without showing any actual data to back up our claims. People blame the matchmaker left and right for being horrible, but very few give actual examples of matches that are in fact horribly made and should not happen, I don't care if he was doing poorly or amazingly well, what I want to see is those 15 games in a row that were horribly matched and a complete stomp for one side, I couldn't care less about his individual performance. I've complained about the matchmaker before, and every time I complained about it I backed my claim with match history and the data from every player being available to underline the fact that those type of matches **should not** be made by the matchmaker. You say to take a look at the forum, the overwhelming majority of people struggle to put two sentences together and still sound coherent.
: You obviously didn't read what i said. You just wasted a part of your life typing something that got completely debunked in the comment you replied to. Let me quote myself: >No one says that it's only his fault That's what i said and yet you still somehow manage to claim people think it's always your fault. Wake up. >you people You seriously need to stop using this phrase as it can sometimes have a racist meaning. >Oh please, you people act as if team mates are never to blame for any loss. It's always you that should take the blame. Again, no one said that. You need to stop with your delusions.
> You seriously need to stop using this phrase as it can sometimes have a racist meaning. This here says everything I need to know about you, "you people" is now racist. Alright then, I'm out of this conversation. Have a good day man.
: Nothing odd about that! Quit trying to find something wrong with my account and focus on the topic. Another riot is a boss and u sheep will take it even if you dont like it sheep?
You keep saying sheep, if you spent a tiny amount of effort and looked at my post history, it's pretty obvious I despise this matchmaker and in turn I dislike riot for not doing anything about it, but hey, whatever floats your boat. If you want people to be on your side about this, show some matches that this actually happened. I can easily show at least 5 recent matches where the matchmaker completely shafted me and I am still annoyed about it. You on the other hand are bashing the matchmaker for the sake of bashing it. This is part of why Riot will never listen, people yell matchmaker this and matchmaker that, but very few show actual proof that it's messed up. You have not played in 10 months, and even back then you didn't really have any sort of horrible streak of matches, your complaint is pretty much invalidated by your own statistics.
: I enjoy loosing 50/13 at 18 minutes this asures me that we can still recover!
Odd, your last match seems to have been 10 months ago. https://blitz.gg/lol/profile/eun1/littlesunshinez https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=littlesunshinez https://u.gg/lol/profile/eun1/littlesunshinez/match-history So you're either playing on alt accounts and commenting on your main, in which case post with your main so we can see your games and how often that happens, or you're a troll.
: One last Big goodbye to league
You probably used the same username and password on on multiple websites. I use the same username on all websites, my passwords however are made in an 128-bit hex generator and stored in a database that's protected by a master password and a file which acts as a key that's only on the computer when I need it, otherwise it's on an external HDD. I would recommend getting an application like KeyPass to generate and store your passwords. It's pretty useful and good.
: You are missing the point of those comments by a mile. The point is, he should improve his own play because his teammates are a random variable that he can't control. What do you expect them to do? Tell him to eat 3 pears every day so he can start carrying? No. Git gud is the only medicine.No one says that it's only his fault but they are pointing out what he could have done better. And yes, a champion choice is something that does affect your chances of winning. You can't cry that a game was uncarriable before you did EVERYTHING in your power to make your chances of winning as high as possible. That's just an undeniable fact.
Oh please, you people act as if team mates are never to blame for any loss. It's always you that should take the blame. Half your team feeds? Your fault. All your team feeds except you? Your fault. Jungler refuses to gank your lane even when you prevent them from warding and set up perfect easy ganks? Your fault. ADC and support feed their hypercarry? Your fault. This is what really annoys me about you people, it's always your fault. You can control some things, you can control your own gameplay, you can control your decisions, you can control the objectives to a degree depending on who you play, you can control 2 lanes at once so both are won. The only way to carry games reliably is to play a hypercarry and get fed, which usually involves either having an amazing support character or the enemy team making really stupid plays, or in some cases, both. People that usually make these type of threads already ARE doing everything in their power to win, and they still lose because you get matched with window licking oxygen thieves. Tell me, why should I not be allowed to win because I don't play hypercarry characters to accommodate my team being useless? Why does that mean I should lose often? Why does that mean I should lose LP and potentially rank because the REST of my team is doing horribly and feeding? Why am I being held accountable for SOMEONE ELSES mistakes? In what world do you people live in where you hold person A accountable and blame him for persons B and C mistakes?
: How am I supposed to rank up
Don't worry, someone will say that this great matchmaker is completely your fault and there is no on else to blame but you. It's not the matchmaker giving you horrible team mates, it's not the fact that half your team is feeding horribly to a point you can't carry, no, it's entirely your fault.
: What are you scared of ? :o
People that are either too stubborn or too stupid to learn something when all the facts are given to them. Instead of learning something new, these people say they know better, Anti-vaxxers are a prime example of that. The best thing I've heard from them is that Bill Gates is the one who created the Ebola strain as a side effect to the vaccine for Malaria. The second best thing is that you can inject yourself with **COCONUT OIL** and it will have the same effect as a Flu shot.
: no, first thing is that its almost impossible unless you play an op hypercarry, secondly if team does bad then they should lose the match and lose lp as they are too bad for this elo so no reason in making a 5v5 moba game a 1v9 carry simulator
Pretty much everyone here will tell you that if you don't play specific hypercarry characters and carry every game, you don't deserve to climb and it's your fault you lose. It can't possibly be that the team is feeding their jungler and ADC, no no, it's your fault.
: > assume I'm talking about ranked. Hmmmmm >Why do I get placed with bronze 2 and bronze 3 players, while the enemy team has 3 gold 4-3 in it? Then you are talking about normals ? (do specify next time , i cant read minds)(as far as normal games go i have played with 2 bronze one unranked and one silver vs a team thats full of plats. that is if we are talking about normal games) ________________________ > I can carry myself, what I can't carry are 4 plants. Can you carry 3 plants then ? (if you have a friend to duo with :l ) >I've been matched with people that have a win rating of 25% and have overall the stats of an iron 2 or iron 1 player. Do tell why he's in my ranked game against Gold 4 players. oh are we talking about ranked now ? or should i assume something else :l ? (1part)As to why you are getting them well if its promo games those people pop up pretty often. (if not i will go with that your play style is the same as them(2part), i could be wrong on the second part) improve at the game > dont get those people :l I was playing annie support once ,,, ya know to try it out ,,, somehow i got to plat on soloduo / flex for like 2 days or so,,,from gold 3 flex , gold 1 solo duo . (6 wins in a row .. 11 wins on a roll . 7 wins in a roll , there were some losses on those lines ,,, i cant win them all ,, but my point is that i didnt rely on my team to do anything, my goal was to kill the enemy back line with flash stun combo < and win games.) I know i know some people have different play styles(tho if they cant carry ,,, why not try to change them) I use to play soraka support a lot but the support items kinda got nerfed and i changed to playing mid veigar.(since i was not able to carry games, i canged). THO if you hate change and all of that. tip >watch a guide for your main role to improve :l {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Played 3 ranked games, terrible team after team, then normal games, just so that is a lot more clear. The ranked games, every game, all lanes fed except mine, including jungler, so I went into draft, same pattern. Every lane feeds, 10 minutes in, my lane is pretty still, JG refuses to gank top, they can't gank me because ganks are easy to spot and avoid if it's just 2 people, I can't get fed, their top can't get fed, but that doesn't matter when their jungler, mid and ADC are fed. 3 plants, I can deal with, I can carry that depending on who I play and the team comp, 4 plants, I can only carry if i'm on a hypercarry character and I am fed. If I can't get fed because the enemy laner is playing extremely safe, JG refuses to gank, and the other lanes are losing horribly to a point I can't gank them because they are too strong, at that point I have a problem with my team. And in my opinion I think I'm quite entitled to be frustrated with the matchmaker when I get people with under 30% win ratios on my team that go 0-5 within 7 minutes. Or ADC/Support combo that go 0-12 between the two of them in 10 minutes. But clearly it's my fault that they are feeding right? That's how this community seems to think. Oh and for the record, in regards to your statement "because you don't belong higher", I am climbing, I have been climbing for a month now, I have been carrying games regularly, I am still climbing today, so nice arrogance, sums up this community well. What I am pissed about is that seemingly the matchmaker decided to throw me in with the worst of the worst that you cannot carry no matter how fed you get due to the fact that by the 10 minute mark, enemy ADC is on 6 kills, mid is on 4 kills, and JG has a bunch of assists, while my jungler, ADC, mid and support are suiciding as if they are doing a ritual to summon a satanic goat. Please, by all means, tell me more how it's completely my fault that everybody else on my team dies almost as soon as they get to lane, because I can't figure out how them suiciding is my fault.
: How to deal with bad teams?
Rip your hair out, smash your keyboard with a hammer, punch the video card until your hands are numb, kick the monitor until it's broken or your leg breaks. Or take a break. Whatever fits you best.
: Need chat log opinion (dont really care about restriction)
Meanwhile a guy I reported yesterday that said and I quote "you should slit your throat" is still playing today, and still spamming chat so he's certainly not received any sort of penalty for it. I really question this automatic system sometimes.
Quınn (EUW)
: funny thing is this never happens in TFT HUH but its the THIRD TIME THIS WEEK this bug happens to me in ranked
Wanna swap? I can play ranked but I can't play TFT, I almost always get stuck in loading screen for TFT, but everything else works fine.
Quınn (EUW)
: Tilted for the day tnx riot
Don't worry, some fanboy will say it's because you don't deserve to climb and it's clearly your fault.
: >Why the actual ** am I being matched GAME AFTER GAME with truly useless people that belong in Iron while the enemy team is Gold or higher? because you dont belong to be higher ,,, since you cant carry *your own self< and not rely on anybody else but your self*.
As expected, ignore everything I said, assume I'm talking about ranked. I can carry myself, what I can't carry are 4 plants. I've been matched with people that have a win rating of 25% and have overall the stats of an iron 2 or iron 1 player. Do tell why he's in my ranked game against Gold 4 players.
: Matched with teammates with 50% or more -> All well and good, great matchmaking {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Matched with teammates with 48% winrate or less -> WTF RIOT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MATCHMAKING!!!?? {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
When it happens 10 games in a row, i've even been matched with a few people with a winrate of 25%, i'm sorry but what? As long as I get at least one team mate that doesn't feed horribly, it's fine, I can find a way to turn that into a victory, it doesn't matter if the other 3 are useless. However, when ALL 4 players are consistently useless for about 10 games, at that point I have a problem with the matchmaker.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCampingOwl,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=odUElgt5,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-10-09T18:45:21.301+0000) > > You died at 1:33 & 2:22 & 4:03 & 4:44 & 6:25 & 7:29 & 8:03 & 9:31 & 11:56 & 13:42 & 15:11. > > I'm not surprised you got a ban for inting, that's a lot of deaths really quickly. Not to mention that looking at other games where you do poorly, you tend to die again and again and again and again in 3-4 minute intervals per death. > > That's an extreme amount of deaths man. I am pretty sure you haven't watched the replay so you have no idea what happened besides the times of the deaths. I will also point out that the Yi he was facing in lane was likely a smurf. Level 36 account with a 61% win-rate.
Keep in mind I'm not saying the ban is justified, what I am saying is that he died a lot in small intervals, so it's easy to see why the automated system decided to ban him, especially since those type of deaths are across multiple games, not just one. I hope he gets unbanned, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tell him no just by looking at his track record.
: I got banned for inting when I wasn't
You died at 1:33 & 2:22 & 4:03 & 4:44 & 6:25 & 7:29 & 8:03 & 9:31 & 11:56 & 13:42 & 15:11. I'm not surprised you got a ban for inting, that's a lot of deaths really quickly. Not to mention that looking at other games where you do poorly, you tend to die again and again and again and again in 3-4 minute intervals per death. That's an extreme amount of deaths man.
: People going afk
Leaving ranked games often should result in a permanent ban from the whole season of ranked play. You don't get a retry until next season. Same for going AFK for too long, if it happens too often, permanent ban from the season, you get to try again next season.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I'm a bad player, supposedly!
It doesn't really matter what you do, you are always bad. I went in a game, tried to carry, couldn't because literally the entire team fed except me, I can't really carry that much trash, so naturally the jungler and mid started blaming me for everything. You single handedly carry the game and win, but your jungler is 0/10? Your fault. You're bad.
: League of legends new region
It's possible, looking at how they're handling it and the fact that it's created recently, it does give off a vibe that there will be a server specifically for Arabs. And before someone calls me racist, if you have a better term for it, do tell, cause all I can think of is arabs, as in people who speak arabic, no idea how many nationalities there are or if that's a racist term.
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