Larry (EUNE)
: it is a very general question you are asking...I dont know about your individual skill but there are many things in this game that need calculation, and clear in your head what situation is better than another. E.g. doing baron and whole enemy team is headed towards you, you should immediately stop doing baron unless you can beat them in combat. I have about 4.000 normal games and another 1.000 ranked from season 1. I own all champions i've played with all champions, all lanes alot, i mained a specific lane for a decent amount of time and i have 1-2 champions i play decently for every lane for ranked games. If i see i win with a champion, i keep picking that champion. I prefer champions with mobility and peeling, and being rather straightforward in their gameplay (malzahar maokai renekton tristana _**janna **_nautilus leona anivia). Do not look at your KDA score, just focus on not dying (be carefull because many people dont want to die so they run and deal 0 damage instead of killing someone) Do some studying yourself which stat is better at this season, what setup do professionals use, but most importantly learn tactics and decision making. I am personally gold III in laning phase but i play support and i am like challenger in tactics and decision making, so i reach diamond.Be aware that when you use your summoner spells to kill someone who hasnt used them in laning phase, will result them being stronger than you until you have your summoner spells back. Also ask questions for yourself about chain reactions and what resulted to the outcome of the game. That poor jungler who is underleveled and underfarmed because he unsucessfully ganked you, is not to blame for losing this game. A big note i would like to make here, there are many silver players with platinum skills in laning phase, they just lose many games because they roam alone and make bad decisions out of laning phase. I was myself stuck in silver when i thought "what does my team lack at the moment" and then my mind made a click and i went like rocket to diamond, in around 100 games. You also have to be a bit of an @sslicker sometimes when someone is arrogant and starts blaming, you should try to calm them down politely and encourage that he will comeback later on in this game
I think my problem is the fact that I don't really know a lot of champions and their skills/capabilities. There's a lot to learn I guess. I'll try to support again as I'm pretty good at it, thanks for suggesting Janna. She's one of my favorites. Anyway, thanks a lot for answering!
Larry (EUNE)
: i reached diamond changing the champions that have a toolkit that my team lacks. For example In silver/gold my team mates were stupid so i picked blitz while thinking: No matter how stupid, if i grab one person its 5v1. The rest is easier. Then in higher gold my team did not do enough damage when i had blitz so i changed into midlane cassiopeia. She can deal aoe spam damage, ulti save someone, and with rylai and torments, have alot of survivability and kite potential. Then in low plat my oponents could counter me easier so i switched to janna because of her mobility and awesome disengage. Platinum people know about laning phase, tactics, but they still make mistakes in terms of splitting so you need a champion to exploit those situations. So imo, find a champion that can peel for your damage dealers, or if you are a damage dealer, exploit the current meta OP champions.
Thank you for posting this! I have a question if you don't mind answering... I've been playing for a year now and there's minor improvement, but nothing significant. Some of my friends have mastered many aspects of the game during this period and I just feel a bit stuck. Did you just play a lot of normal games until you saw improvement? Watch streamers?
: In competitive he is pretty much the next Thresh (god mode supp that brings so much utility). In solo queue he is a powercreep. He's the best performing tank overall and can work consistently wellin Top, Jungle and Support. That says something about how strong he is IMHO.
I actually prefer the idea of playing him as a jungler.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Is that the guy that can eat opponents and spit under tower, or save allies by spitting them across walls and can travel a certain distance with an ally in his belly ?
Well he can eat them after getting 3 stacks. Before he gets 3 stacks, I usually destroy both him and his ally with someone like {{champion:89}} . I never really lost to him. That's also one of the reasons why I posted this. I wonder how exactly can he outplay a 'stronger' support.
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LA Losty (EUW)
: *Cough Cough* :)
For certain reasons I took a break from league and didn't see these replies on time. I see you don't really have time for more people, but I'd like to add you on EUW once I get my account there to lvl 30. Thanks anyway! That post was pretty useful.
brijmohan (EUW)
: First of all, I really hope you aren't playing ranked having known only one role. Yes, it's a game... but ranked is seen as a competitive environment and so a lot of players will consider it disrespectful if you were to join a ranked game being new, and knowing how to play only one role. Aside from what other people will think, since you WANT to get better, it is in your best interest to not play ranked until you can at least play every role. This does NOT mean you are as good at other roles as you are at support, but instead means that if your ideal role is taken, you can still play another role well enough that you do not feed the enemy, and can supply your team with what they (all 5 players on your team - including you) need to win the game. What do I recommend? Play any other queue - blind pick, draft pick, team-builder until you are able to play all roles to a comfortable level, BEFORE you start playing ranked. Now that grounding is out of the way, here begins a very long book on how I think you could get better. Most likely a biased view, but I don't think anything is going to not be worth your time if you truly want to get better. So, you consider yourself to be a good support player. That's actually, a very good thing. If you actually are reasonably good (I'm assuming you understand the ranked system to a reasonable degree) then you, honestly, have more skill and game knowledge, and are very capable of getting better at league, more so than many other players. Being a good support is not only rare for new players, but also seen as very 'easy' which, as you gain more experience, and possibly even when you start ranked and climb up to somewhere like gold/platinum, will be very easily seen to not be true. Support is in my opinion, one of the hardest roles to master... since you require so much more game knowledge, instinct, on-the-spot decision making, and raw thinking abilities to master, than most other roles (to be honest, I'd only consider a jungler to be comparative in difficulty to support for the same reasons). What makes it difficult to play most other roles, as a support main, is the lack of practise in csing and mechanics. Top, mid and adc are generally, heavy in mechanics relative to support, but require little of other skills to do well in them. So, before going on to help you learn these other roles in passages, I'd like to guide you to a website: []( It's a website with a collection of league based videos, easy to access and find areas you want to improve in, from a number of pros/ex-pros/high-elo/youtubers. Regular blogs to help you get better at the game - explaining different techniques and ideas which help you improve, regular podcasts from high-elo players and more. Definitely worth a look at. It's completely free too. :) So, in terms of your other roles. Honestly, as long as you're not in ranked, you should not be scared of playing other roles. Yes you will get flamers, ragers, and in general, toxic players (you will also get them in ranked), but these types of players will look to show their negativity in whatever you do. Lets say you still played support, and you made a mistake... a lot of these toxic players will pick up on it and bash you every time you make a mistake... just because they have nothing else to do in their life. I hate to say this, but it's a part of the game community until Riot are able to clean their player database (which is equally the community's responsibility to help Riot out in whatever way they can). Even then, will there ever be the ideal case where people do not rage, or flame, or be toxic? Not really. At the end of the day, it's a game with an ever-changing player base. Some people leave, some people join. Riot cannot control or for-see someone joining the game, then becoming one of those toxic players. So, yes, you might be raged at or flamed at for picking mid-lane when you suck at it. But remember this. The players flaming at you, are more than likely, not going to be that much better than you at the game/role you are playing in said game. Else, the MMR system is such that they would not be matched up with you, especially if they are more experienced at the game than you. Yes, ranked MMR is different to friendly MMR, but, that matters very little - clearly if they are a high elo in ranked, playing with you in normals, then they are not trying as hard to win normal games... and so they should not be raging or flaming at you... but, like in real life, people love to blame others and rarely accept their mistakes. If all this raging and flaming gets to you, makes you feel bad/negative in any way - maybe even putting you on tilt, then just mute them. As soon as someone says something which is neither positive nor helping your team to be motivated to win... just mute them. Like others have already said, it's a GAME. Regardless of whether you are aiming to be the best at the game, or just play casually, it is still a GAME. Look at popular, and good, streamers/pro-players... you will rarely ever see them rage or flame, because they understand... if they are good enough, they can carry the team, and more than playing to win, they play to improve and have a good time. Something a lot of people forget. Winning =/= improving =/= getting a high elo. If you're still unwilling to play another role in fear of people's negativity. Then go ahead and queue up in teambuilder. Yes, you will have longer queue times, but you will at least have the opportunity to play with people that are willing to have you on the team, with your experience. Just queue up, when a team accepts you and you join, just tell them in chat before readying up, that you are new, and don't know how to play said champion/role very well and are playing to improve. Some people will ask 'why not go play vs bots?' - and whilst this is a good question (and you should generally look to play 1-2 games vs bots before you play a said champion vs real players - to allow yourself to get familiar with the champion before playing against other players), a lot of players will find that they can't get good at a said role/champion vs bots (since lets be honest, bots will not go through the same thought patterns as real players and so are very easy to predict and beat after you've played the game for some time). You can even mention that, and they will 99% of the times agree. Some people may kick you - but at least you know, that even if you had played that game, you were likely to get flamed and raged at since the maker of the team clearly didn't want to put up with someone who is 'bad' at the game. Trust me though, you will 100% find a team that will accept you for being inexperienced in teambuilder, and won't care at all. I remember the days where I used to feed and go 0-4-1 or something on Kalista like 3-4 games in a row. ADC was my worst role, but I really liked Kalista's kit... I just sucked with her xD. But for all those 3-4 games, I played in teambuilder and I think I only had one person rage at me. Which, relative to what would happen in normal games/ranked games, is really good. Heck, when I play normals/teambuilder, I really couldn't care less if I had a brand new player on my team. Yes, that increases our chance to lose... but it really doesn't matter to me (and many other players, sadly scarce for brand new players who queue up solo - their MMR sucks so they end up getting new players, or really bad and toxic players in their games, if you queue up with someone who has played the game a fair bit more than yourself, your chances of getting decent players in the game increases by a good margin). What matters the most to the positive members of the community, is having fun in normal (non-ranked) games, and... to improve and get better in all game-modes they play (sometimes only in ranked). So whether they have a 0-4-0 darius top lane, or a 0-10-0 xerath mid lane, as long as we know that the player is new at the role/champion/game, we don't care much. We might throw a little tantrum and tell you to play safe or something - this is only to make that person easier to 'carry' and possibly win with. Everybody has lost lane before, but there is a difference between losing lane and feeding (go on the website I mentioned, you can learn more about it there). If you don't understand, then ask. Unless the player is excessively raging or flaming, the player will be willing to help you - since they just showed a fit of rage, as opposed to a constant rage. E.g., maybe we're in the same game and you're 0-3-0 or something, just died again. I may be like "just stop overextending and play safe". Maybe you don't understand what I mean, and you ask me... I'd probably respond by saying "Just hug your turret and farm under your turret" (depending on the situation of course). I think I've gone on a tangent somewhere, but I'll stop here lol. I hope it helps. EDIT: I forgot which queue, I think it is draft normal queue, will be full of ragers, flamers and trolls - it is the queue which these people who are restricted from playing ranked games, are forced to play to be able to play ranked again. Will be a good idea to search google/forums to find out which queue it is since I'm not 100% sure if it is draft (or maybe someone else can confirm). Also, about the reports... as long as you're not doing anything wrong like flaming back, raging, afking or intentionally feeding (quite obvious to tell the difference between intentional and not), then the reports really do nothing, so don't worry about them.
Thank you! I don't play ranked and I definitely don't plan to (until I actually learn more about different champions/the game in general). Anyway, I really appreciate the advice! Also, thank you for that website recommendation, I'm pretty sure I'll find it useful.
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ch0pst1ck (EUW)
: > If you act like a captain, you can lead your team to victory even as a support. Note the fact that I said ACT. It's one thing to encourage them with words, and a whole different thing to lead by example. That's what you want to aim for. :) More beautiful words have never been spoken :)
I couldn't agree more. :)
Karmoon (EUW)
: {{champion:161}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:1}} Yes you can! To carry with a traditional support, you need your team to at least have some brains. It's possible, but a lot harder. The results are more satisfying though.
I definitely like Annie as a support! What do you think about Karma? I rarely ever see her, but she seemed pretty strong last time I played against her.
Aes Sidhe (EUW)
: Ofc, the support is the playmaker, engager/disengager, defender, main provider of vision... You are the one that decides when and where the fight is going to happen or if it will happen at all, you can even manipulate the chase paths of your team with strategic warding. Buuuut, there are a lot of buts ofc. - You are too dependent on the adc, a good support can get a potato fed but there are some potatoes that just flat on refuse to be fed. You will lack the assist gold to scale up or tank up, the utility is still there but you will get to your true potential a bit later which sometimes can be a bit too late. You mentioned Janna, imagine being 3 levels behind and lacking the gold to build enough cdr to be effective just cause your adc went on a feeding frenzy with the safest support there is to hold his hand. - If you play tank support you will build Targon with no passive g5p. If you have the luck to get matched with a potato it will take you forever to tank up and lead a fight. I have gp5 quints for that reason alone and it's still not enough. There are adcs in some elos (I have accounts in 3 tiers, yeah, my main is lowest) that don't really realize what Targon's passive does, get buthurt cause you farm and wreck havoc farming with spells making your minions the ones with most cs in your lane... - Oh the flame... Hate all you want but people on EUNE flame more so I avoid the support role there like the plague. You get towerdived and survive with a double/triple while you adc dies without even an assist, OMG REPORT FOR KS! Your adc sucks so you go roaming or at least take a tour to place some deep wards, he dies, OMG REPORT FOR LEAVING ME ALONE. I had a 4v5 game on EUNE where I played solo bot Morg, went full ap with Sightstone (nobody else would ofc) and got insanely fed, we won that game but once laning was over everyone was flaming me for ks cause I am the support... - You will be torn between counterpicking the enemy support, taking a support that works best with your adc or one that works best with your team. The wrong decision can ruin the game so better build up a decent champ pool. Don't worry, you will meet those people in maybe 1/5 games, leaving you with 4 games you can carry. Still it got too much for me and switched my main to mid. Best part about maining support is that you can hand pick who you want to duo with, if you are good every adc you meet will want to duo with you. Out of my 90-ish friends on my main, 20 are people I used to duo with when I mained support and I accepted maybe 10% of the requests I got. Don't go duo bot with irl friends, knowing someone and communicating verbally during the game doesn't magically give you synergy. You are way better off with someone you just met and whose mind you can read without saying a word.
I'll really consider mastering as many supports as possible. I'm on EUNE currently and it depends really; You're right about those flamers in 1/5 games, allthough some people still manage to surprise me with how well they react to bad situations. I really appreciate when someone can give me solid advice rather than start raging and threatening with reports. I was thinking about making an account on EUW in the future though? Thanks for all the advice!
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