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: Rank Issue
So as I am in process of ranking up i can give you some tips as 5 days ago i was in silver V . Now i am in Gold VI . All those tips that guys gave you are true , as i want to add something to them. First thing is just simply talk to your teammates , but not in a toxic way , be kind and pleasant even if they are 0/3 in lane and flame , try to calm them down cuz everyone has bad games. Second , As you play you have to have kind of a game plan , just as you have in lane (for example ..freezing wave to get control over your opponent and recive a gank) Same applies to the whole game , as you kill enemy in lane what you want to do is comunicate with your team about position of enemy jungler and if hes not near .. you push , take into account splitpushing while your team wants to take baron , tell them when to take it , same goes for drakes . Basicly everything thats baseline game knowlege. Third is just stay calm when something bad happens , dont tilt cuz tilt = loss . Remember every game is being played by humans(even tho sometimes you might not be so sure about it) but with that being said ... All humans are making mistakes (especialy those animals in bronze , silver and gold, even low plat) you just have to abuse those mistakes and try to do less of them . Watch some streamers that are high elo , and go in depth when it comes to league. And once again , dont tilt cuz if you tilt , you cant think properly Cheers
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