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: Who's that one champion you hate with all your heart?
{{champion:420}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:106}} sooo tanky and soo much damage.
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: Tips and tricks are fine to listen to, same with red and zed... but those are very different to opinions (for example it's fine for you to listen to tips about riven from box box, but you should make your own opinions about riven and not copy his).
If you are a begginer with riven you should listen and copy most of the things pros with her are doing. But after you get to know the champion then you can go ahead (if you wish so of course) and try new things, new build paths, new abilities ranking etc.
: Honestly I stopped listening to red for a while now... I tend to just disagree with him 24/7. Also may I point out this is the same youtuber who makes a judgement of a champion's strength on the pbe (called jhin op, and has called duskblade op after stomping in the pbe with them), then makes a video the day of their release saying how to play them, their builds, and how strong they are despite literally 6 hours of them being live is no where near enough time for any of these (hence why he is frequently wrong). In my opinion, listening to youtubers about these kinds of things isn't the right thing to do... you gotta make your own opinions using your experiences, not someone else's (this also applies to the tier lists as well).
I agree with the part for red. But if that youtuber is a main or even one-trick pony at this champion (ex. BoxBox on Riven or Sirchez on Nasus) you might want to listen to the tips and tricks that they give you. That's my opinion.
: Bug with riven vs rengar when rengar have 5 furry if he use his root and riven can remove your furry with q.
Or maybe he consumed his fury with q and then used normal e. There are no bugs with Rengar's root and riven q. Trust me i played way too many times as Riven vs Rengar.
Gácho (EUNE)
: EUNE team looking for support and top laner plat +
I wan to ask when will the tournament be? Like from now on how much time do we have? btw I added you.
: Potential reintroduction of Ionic Spark [Item Suggestion]
It is too overpowered in my opinion. 45% bonus armor pen + 65% dmg of target's bonus cmon. This is not a good item for me because it will make the game less fun for tanks (no, I don't main a tank champion). With this item I am absolutely sure that my nightmare will become alive - Rengar will be the top tier jungle/top laner. Because he will be able to melt and squishies and tanks. That's what I want to say.
: Then my answer is "HELL NO, OVER MY DEAD BODY" This is the first season when Riven is actually not a top-tier pick you could get picked into ANYONE. It's the first season where going to counter Riven with Garen/Darius/Mundo actually works. It's the first season where Riven does not have her brutally opressive earlygame spikes with brutalizer/15% cdr boots. No. Nope. Nono. Not. Nein. Nicht. Non. Ani za hovno. Nope. Nopenope.
So.. let me start. As much as you hate me I am a Riven main. Yes, Riven doesn't have her powerspike with bruta/ionian boots anymore. But if you are like me and run flat 10% cdr runes, then you will fuck your opponent if you play her properly. Garen is kind of a problem but not if you win at lvl 2-3, Darius is easy after you hit your early power spike of lvl 3 (basically he cannot trade with you if you engage with shield/dodge his q), Mundo is easy if you go with ignite (max q then w and play hyper aggressive because you have to snowball on him). What I want to say though is that Riven will never be dead and if YOU run into a Riven main, welp you better watch out. :)
Mada (EUW)
: no. It should be set to 10.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: [CHAMPION SUGGESTION] Pure utility support
This is an amazing idea in my opinion. But one thing I don;t like it a more OP shen ulti so at least put it on a longer cd :D. Other than that it's awesome!
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