: random lag spikes, need help
Same friend, i think it has something to do with the current situation of the servers having problems in Bulgaria. I guess we'll have to wait..
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Do you happen to be situated in or around Bulgaria? We're aware of some issues in this region and are continuing to investigate.
Yes. My client acts weird and whenever i get to play a game im disconnecting/lagging while having 30ms. What a joke.
sulfiie (EUNE)
: Hi, thanks for reply. this issue started a couple days ago. occurs at evening like after 6:00 PM. In the morning it's fixed
i have the absolute same problem and the times when it occurs are the same too.
: Unfortunately due to issues preparing for season start, there was a period of time where games would not be counted towards your preseason progress. This is the same issue that caused you to play unexpected placement matches. We've fixed this now, so you can continue grinding your preseason rank until Season Start!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 29
I'll keep it as simple as possible. Lately i enjoy playing Zac, Vi and Karma since i usually play jungle/support. I find all 3 of them really fun to play and also suitable for my play style. They have been doing great meta-wise as well so carrying/winning games with them is working pretty fine for me. ( my win rates on all 3 of them are above 60% ) Thank you for the opportunity and also good luck to everyone! ^.^
Just Cat (EUW)
: no this is awfull i got 20 rune pages i dont want anymore ..... getting S on champion getting 3 pages for useles rune page no ty
well not everyone has 20 rune pages + you might own the champions and skins you get anyway and in this case you just disenchant or combine them. You will be able to do the same with the rune pages and get essence in return.
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: The whole point of Braum is jumping in front of your team, right in the face of the enemy team and ult 3+ people and help getting the last hit on your stun by throwing an AA or two towards people in range. Either that (you engage) or you wait for them to engage, jump to the front and ult 3+ people.
I totally saw that comment coming but im clearly not talking about the situations when you are able to do that. I'm talking about when you are trying to for instance chase down your enemy bot lane for a gank and you're like ok let's go boys time for some savage braum plays and you just like flash and ult and its like ALWAYS 5 inches close to hitting them but nah. This literally happens to me all the time.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:201}} - I think they should buff his R range since im sick of Braums (including me) missing 98% of their ultimates when not in the face of the enemies. {{champion:57}} - I will simply lie if i say that im confident enough with Maokai's ability to win almost any matchup top lane or carry a game. I think he needs his stats to get high enough so that he's not really the new op thing but good enough so the champion is rewarding. {{champion:9}} - Fiddle is imo straight underpowered right now, maybe even out of the meta. When played in the jungle his early level clears (if not experienced enough, but even then) are straight hell plus the fact that if he gets invaded and later on counterjungled he's simply out of the game. But even when ahead i think it's just way way way too hard to do anything with this champion right now since he can be shut down so easily. Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone.
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: I don't know anything about it either. Was it there last year? I don't even remember.
Nah, i think it's a new feature. A new feature that apparently we can't use. :|
: I'm kinda worried tho, because if the PC restart won't guarantee the solution, then I'll have to leave more and more matches which might end up me getting placed into lower priority queue or further punishment. Not to mention the fact that I'm leaving my team 4v5.
Well, that's what works for me. If it happens i just restart as fast as i can and yeah, i might be a minute or two late, but this bug rarely shows up so i don't see it as a problem. I hope there's someone who can tell you more about this tho. Hope you get it solved mate. Good luck.
: An unknown DirectX error has occured and League of Legends cannot start.?
Don't worry. It has happened to me twice and all you have to do is restart your pc. It's some kind of bug.
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings AintFair, don't worry! The category you submit your Ticket in, does not mean it gets ignored if placed in the wrong one! It will get forwarded to the right people :) It may just be that over the Weekend Riot Support had a lot of Work, and just did not get around to answer you yet ^_^ If you have a little more patience, im sure they will answer you shortly. Good Luck with your request. P.S. If they reply, and grant you your wish, be prepared to draw them a little something in return, rumor has it they like that. ;)
+1, they really do appreciate art. {{champion:202}}
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: Didn't recieved trimmer.
If you have been toxic(chat restricted, placed in lower priority queues etc.) you don't get any rewards. Hope that helped.
Bongripped (EUNE)
: They should atleast put a restriction for only ONE skin for ONE champion. It isnt fair to see 3 skins for the same champion, especially if you dont play one.
Thats exactly my case. I've never mained Ashe, barely played here and i got 3 of her skins. -_-
: It not bug you main ashe I main vayne and it gave me 3 vayne skin bro.
I do not play ashe at all. :D
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