: I have some questions
Thank you good sir.
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: Help please.
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: Blame others is always the right thing to do.
I do know blaming is not a solution but hey i hope u get my teammates . example of my ex teammates: tryndamere top vs tahm kench(min 8 tahm was 5/0 no ganks from his jungler killing trynda in turret) fizz mid 2/10,adc vayne afk,support no wards,very behind in lvl,no tanks ,feeders and trolls yesterday 1 guy went poppy adc than my jungler went afk cause poply got his grumo by accident poppy ended up flaming support and ended up with 4/20 xin was afk.
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: Help out with wards whenever you can - If you've recalled and bought your items, but have enough for a ward or two, just grab them. It really does help a lot, other than that I can't think of much else without seeing you play, but we're in different servers :c
Meh i know what you're aaying,I get some wards from time to time but wards are useless if you have a full enemy team feed or an top rive/darius that would just stomp you with or without wards( alot of other champions too but i'm too lazy to write them all)
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: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
Silver 4 ofc i make mistakes too so no i'm not happy i got in here very easly from b5 to S4 my main champion is ekko. Well i'm always cheerful even tough we loose and i get mad almost always,but still i'm trying to support the team by staying possitive. If I would win,I would love to get the pool party graves skin. Happy birthday man!
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUNE] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room
[Server]: EUNE [Summoner Name]: DeathAngel778 [Level]:30 [Additional Info/Restrictions]: bronze 2 almost 1 and I got chat restricted cause alot of people complained and raged than they all reported me for no reason, I am not toxic, I mean if I get toxic I got my reasons but february till now I wasn't and I got chat restricted. x.x I want a team please :3 I will do my best, I can play any role :3
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: Ekko is such a broken champ that needs more and more nerf.
Can you all shut up? This is why this game is ruined,alot of cool champs get released that are not op and some are sligtly UP, yeah you heard me,you keep talking and crying like : omfg Ekko has too much damage on his ult. First of all,no1 knows how to play ekko corectly still,second,he dies very fast,his Q is a slow and I MEAN SLOW skillshot that can miss champions easly,his early farm is very bad,at min 10 berly 30 farm while harassed (my point of view but even with ez at min 10 on mid i am 60-70 farm) his W is very HARD to land correctly,especially if you are focused or you are running from enemies. His E? LOL you realise his 3 without any cd reduction at lvl max it's like 8-10 seconds,so it's a bit big,you can escape him easly,and the damage is good,not too big not to little,and if ekko engages too fast because he's too squishy he dies ,he must use E as a finisher or chase,so shut up. AND THE ULT finally,god you guys are stupid,no offense,but you do realise that : 1. you can see his clone,very easly,so you can try and avoid the ult 2. It deals alot of dmg and heals him but for him to land that ult you : must be chasing him or he must walk around you for like ages and that's very easy to avoid. 3. Ekko is an assasin,having alot of burst is normal 4. counters? LOL veigar can instant him with his ulty xDD same for kata,you all talk about broken champs but you have forgotten about older champs that can easly beat ekko 1 v 1 or in team fights. 5. Now you all please shut up,to actually play Ekko,you need skill,and to play vs him it's same,if you are a noob that can't dodge Ekko Q W or ulty than it's clear that if you are vs other champs that have faster skillshots you are doomed,so stop crying all your life and stop complaining.
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: No. In terms of price>quality, it's pretty much the no1. I wouldn't buy it unless I'm pretty rich or a really really big fan of Ezreal. I'd rather hope for the mistery gift luck!
I tried, alot of friends got PFE from mistery but I just can't get it.. I got ugly skins that suck like : Angler Jax,rocket girl tristana ( I'm not a tristana player, I suck with her,I was never able to learn this champion) Super Teemo ( I already have Omega Squad) I mean really? Alot of friends got PFE from self mistery gift and I got suckish skins x.x Or not suckish (idk if it's spelled correctly) but simply I don't like those skins.
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: Yeah every champion gets a bundle like that when they get released.
Thank you man,btw do you know how much it will cost? Cause I got some rp and idk if i can spend a bit of it.
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