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: It's fine, dont worry. Just calm down and think about what you just typed. They have a system which determines your mmr in five men team, that applies to solo/duo or flex doesn't matter it always scores you, so it doesn't matter that much to be scored by one or another because they basically score the same thing and that's one person. They said that in flex it WILL be (perhaps it already is) slightly different but the difference will probably take into account your premades in some way, so if you go solo now it probably scores you about the same as solo/duo queue, if you go now with friends it probably averages something out so your mmr could be ranking up slower than if you go solo. Conclusion: no matter what both systems still score you, if there is a slight influence based on the team it won't matter to you that much. So don't worry, just keep playing it's probably nothing even worth mentioning ;-). Btw: solo queue is solo/duo so how it scores you when you go duo? If there is an influence it's probably not that far from flex queue, perhaps flex is just and extension of solo/duo. ;-)
I have one Question too..Now the solo/due îs again avaible.I played flex before and i got silver 5 from flex but in solo que i'm gold 3 now what queue will affect my new season placements?Solo or flex? I ask that because i dont know what to play more..To improve solo que division or flex one...


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