need4blood4 (EUNE)
: My game gets stuck every time at same minute
Greetings need4blood4, I had to ask around and do some digging, around a year ago there were an influx of these cases, and it was related to some Anti Virus definitions at the time, therefore I cannot guarantee that these suggestions are going to work. If unsuccessful, I recommend [submitting a ticket]( to Player Support. Please notice that this was meant as a temporary solution, and that you should make sure to have an active Anti Virus program running on your computer at all times. ***** ***** #Part 1 Uninstall your Anti Virus temporarily (Norton, Avast, Avira, AVG, McAfee etc.) then restart your computer. Go into a custom game and check if the problem persists. #Part 2 Another related problem is Windows Defender, I'll explain how to disable it so pay close attention, if you need to, copy these instructions down onto a notepad. If Windows Defender is active, I'll explain how to disable it. Press these keys: > Windows + R Type in 'regedit' and click the 'Enter' key. Go to this specific folder: > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender There should be a file called 'DisableAntiSpyware', make sure the value is set to **_*~~1~~*_** If you do not see it, right click on the background, and create a new file, make sure to use the DWORD (32 bit) version, and that the name is identical, including the capital letters. Restart the computer, and try it out once more in a custom game. *** *** That's it, that should solve your problem, if for some reason it doesn't I highly recommend that you copy the link to this thread and then [submit a ticket]( to Player Support, where you include this link. They'll be able to further assist you with this issue as well as giving you some more recent information about this. Let me know how it works out! ######[source](
Shamose (EUW)
: Petition to make me the night's watch.
The irony is not lost on me.
Mada (EUW)
: I think it would be awesome if tft automatically deleted threads about tft
If that game mode is to stay up, I'd prefer we made a subboard for game modes instead, cause right now they're all over the damn place.
Enguienne (EUW)
: so.... there actually is apps like that?
Enguienne (EUW)
: Report unapproved third-party app?
Greetings Enguienne, If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
: I think he already submitted a ticket, but I will make sure to let him know. Also, sorry for asking so many question, but is there a way to refund all RP and BE purchases made in the last 2 days? Just in case that his account was ransacked during this period while the account is still active.
Don't worry about that, once the account retrieval procedure begins, everything should be handled accordingly. Since this is a delicate matter however, I can't really tell you anything else.
: -snip- ######Moderators note: Got it.
Thanks, tell your friend that if he hasn't already, he should [submit a ticket]( and choose the 'recover my account' category, while it may take a few days for PS to respond, that should start the process to get his account retrieved and any misuse taken care of.
: His old summoner name was "Halfwhite", and the current one - given by the hacker is "I am Tank" I believe that the ticket ID can be found in the screenshot, but I cannot get the link atm since my friend is offline, I'll try to send it your way when I have the chance. As for the match history, just need a couple of mins to upload the screenshots as links, and then I'll reply again with those :)
I just need a single link of a match he was in, and the specific summoner name of the player. And server.
: Quick question about customer support
Greetings BOBthebubble, While I don't understand the first part, could you tell me the summoner name of your friends account, or give me a match history link, or perhaps even a ticket ID of his request? While I can't guarantee his issue will be addressed faster, I can probably ask around to see if the account can be locked until the verification process goes through.
Vulpine (EUW)
: Wow, you can just say that? This will be my favorite quote from now on. If I knew that earlier I wouldn't have to make like 5 tickets about the same problem :)
If you make 5 tickets about the same problem, I guarantee the agents handling those tickets are not going to be pleased. By creating multiple tickets you're making your case significantly more difficult to go through, and odds are they're going to ask you in 4 of those tickets that you stick to the primary ticket. The goal is to get your issue resolved as expediently as possible, and in order to do that, you need to be as concise as humanly possible. Appointing blame, going off topic, dividing the focus or similar is not a viable solution, if you're the least bit interested in getting your ticket resolved with a satisfying answer.
: Yes it is that, here's the ticket ID: 41245400
Thanks for clarifying, before I proceed with this, I want to make sure all avenues have been exhausted first. Can you rebump the ticket, and simply say: > I was told by a Wrenchmen to let you know that you've provided me with a non relevant answer, that didn't address my ticket. If the ticket is now locked, let me know.
: What kind of support is this?
Greetings Sinful Mistress, Let me get this straight so there is no confusion what so ever. You created a ticket about the token stash on the missions tab, and their response dressed something else entirely? If the answer to that question is yes, please give me your ticket ID. If the answer is no, you'll need to explain a bit more precisely for me to help you.
: Yo ! Rito ! Implement an option to remove the chat box from your screen !
Hello everyone, Over time, the reasoning behind choices like these are often forgotten, so I thought I'd chip in and tell you a bit about the reasoning behind why Riot have considered this before, and decided not to go this direction. Another popular suggestion that often comes up, is to group all the negative players together and let them play with each other. This is commonly referred to as: **Prisoners Island** Unfortunately, both of those suggestions suffer from the same underlying dilemma. > It does not encourage reform. A very long time ago, Riot researched the impact negative players have on the other players in the game, and they discovered that it had a very significant ripple effect, which is why the need for a fast acting system was implemented to catch them directly afterwards, now the current punishment system. This system however doesn't curb toxicity, it only goes into effect after the damage is done, so Riot have taken extensive steps make players reform and become a force that drives a positive player environment. If Riot were to block the chat in some way or form, they'd only be allowing the underlying toxic issues to fester, giving the player even more chance to wallow in the toxicity rather than giving them a chance to overcome it. ######tl;dr Blocking the chat as a feature, only hides the underlying toxic issues but does not address it.
Raymaxe (EUW)
: This is ridiculous
Stay on topic please or we'll be forced to lock the thread.
: Qiyana Bundle took my RP but got nothing.
Greetings lightboy111, Sadly, this is an issue we can't assist you with on the Boards. We suggest you [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to further assist you with this issue.
BeastKong (EUW)
: Riot games scamed me for rp
Greetings BravarTravar, Try relogging into the client to see if your issue is fixed. If not, in rare cases there can be up to 24 hours delay, so if you haven't received your RP after that period of time, I recommend that you [submit a ticket]( to Riot Support.
Greetings everyone, While we encourage players to express their opinions, it has to be done in a civil manner, which this thread is not. As such we've opted to lock the thread.
ImJolly (EUW)
Greetings ImJolly, While I can see that you're upset, there's not much I can do about it without any sort of information to work with, and based on your description I'm not even sure you would be interested in help, none the less here is a tool that's quite often used to solve a variety of issues. Hextech Repair Tool (HRT) is a program that quickly compiles information from your game folder relevant to the issue at hand. You can download the tool [HERE](
Nävë (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Declined,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=TaoLezKH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-26T12:54:35.705+0000) > > Greetings Nävë, > > As Shamose pointed out, there's currently some issues which impacts players, unfortunately there's not a whole lot that can be done about that. > > If it wasn't the case, I would've asked you to have a look at [this]( article for more specific information into your case, but as it stands there's not a whole lot you can do other than waiting for the problems to be resolved. Alright then. But, am I gonna be punished for being disconnected when it's not my own fault? I mean other than losing 1 promo game. Thank you for the response.
Well.... as I recall, for you to not get punished there's a function which is called 'Loss Forgiven' which has to be enabled. Activating this is a HUGE deal as it impacts every ranked player on the server, and has the potential to impact the ranked balance severely. I assume it's been activated, albeit after you match ended, so depending on the timeline, you may or may not have a chance to get it changed, however in order to do so, you'll need to submit a [submit a ticket]( to support, and hope you'll get lucky.
Nävë (EUNE)
: Technical Support please answer me. I'm kindly asking.
Greetings Nävë, As Shamose pointed out, there's currently some issues which impacts players, unfortunately there's not a whole lot that can be done about that. If it wasn't the case, I would've asked you to have a look at [this]( article for more specific information into your case, but as it stands there's not a whole lot you can do other than waiting for the problems to be resolved.
Shamose (EUW)
: LMAO yeah you did. Added me, flamed me, deleted me. Maybe I should dig up the screenshots since you can get banned for flame in dms.
Thread submitted 5 months ago, while I can't say for certain, I do believe there's some form of statute of limitation, which would make it null and void. At least in the sense of verification and punishment.
Hi iM NaB (EUW)
: Iran's got restricted !
Hey everyone, Unfortunately I don't know anything specifically other than Iran and Syria cannot connect to League. There are a couple of likely scenarios, but I have no idea whether they're correct or not. * The Governments in those countries have blocked certain types of connection, which also affects League of Legends. * The US Government has imposed sanctions on Riot, forcing them to block those two countries. * (highly unlikely) An Internet exchange point (IX or IXP), is experiencing issues for that region. If you have any official information, please share it. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to your ISP or Player Support for a statement you can share here. edit: Because of politics :/
Wex0r (EUW)
: hi can you get me access back to my pbe account , i had a support ticket open for 3 days with no help so far.
Sorry your best option is still going through support. However, I can tell you that every time you bump your ticket, it will be sent to the back of the queue which means that you're essentially resetting the response time. 3 days is on the higher side of things, but nowhere near uncommon, if you haven't received a reply after a week, give me a poke and I'll see if there's something to be done.
: beep boop
Proving a point, however considering the topic at hand, we may be getting a bit off topic. I was explicitly told not not show my own number of replies, as it could be seen as gloating, but truth be told because I am able to locate the responses so fast, I barely if ever need to use the reply function.
: My computer at home beeps at me whenever I get a response. It's very satisfying.
If you leave your computer on at night, hearing beeps at odd hours stops being satisfying at some point. Although I do admit it has certain advantages, being able to react almost immediately to a situation can be quite beneficial.
: still shows as 2 for me but I guess that doesn't matter lol
Copy the link - ctrl + shift + N (if using Chrome) - ctrl + shift + P (if using Firefox) Paste the link into the address bar. That should show you that he's level 8 now. *** *** Short version, is that your cookies are showing him as level 2 so you'd either need to wait for that specific cookie to expire or delete it. There's a chance that reloading the page could fix it for you, but.... that isn't always the case.
: Bananas Are Coming
Greetings The Banana Queen, Not sure why it didn't work, but I did some behind the scenes magic to fix it for you, from what I can tell, you're now showing as level 8 instead of level 2.
Godgory (EUNE)
: Piece of shit game
Greetings Godgory, While I would love to help you, there's not a lot of info for me to go on. I'd need a better and more accurate explanation of what's happening, so I'll know which logs to ask for, or possibly solve it a specific solution. In the meantime, I recommend using the hextech repair tool, and let me know if you continue having these issues, as well as any relevant information. Hextech Repair Tool (HRT) is a program that quickly compiles information from your game folder relevant to the issue at hand. You can download the tool [HERE](
: No nibba kayle is my main dont nerf ultra late game champS thread closed edit: and reported edit2: dont downvote me
I don't get the report part either, care to explain why you think someone might report you for this?
: Pravim clan za Srbe, dodajte me, igramo normale
There's no subboard for Croatia, so this is the correct place to put it.
elbon (EUNE)
: oh, sorry. :D * Which website did you take that picture on? * Where does the link go to?
Interesting read, it does provide some insight into how the system is structured, and it would appear they're discontinuing the use of the prize out tool for future contest. Any previous and current contests will still be prized, so it shouldn't have that big of an impact. If for some reasons players are not receiving their prize, I'd need to know very some very specific details. * Which account did not receive their prize. * What was the prize supposed to be. * Which contest was it related to. * Details about the contest, start, end, links, and any ID if applicable. * Event organizer.
elbon (EUNE)
: if u have any information how long pause it will be? thx :)
Ehm.... I'm going to need some more information than that, like I said I don't have anything to do with the tournament scene what so ever, so I don't even know where to look without more information to go off on at this point. For instance: * Which website did you take that picture on? * Where does the link go to?
AD Teddy (EUW)
: Refund
Greetings AD Teddy, Sadly, this is an issue we can't assist you with on the Boards. We suggest you [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to further assist you with this issue, or at the very least clarify the situation.
: Riot tournaments removed prizes?
Greetings Odyssey Kanye, I'm personally not up to date with the tournament scene and battlegrounds, could you give me some more info so I can look into this and hopefully provide you with a more adequate response?
: Riot leaked a potential new champion
There's been some valid points in this thread, while this leak could be genuine it's difficult to say without some sources. Another thing to remember, is that Riot have hundreds if not thousands of champion concepts lying around, and for obvious reasons not all of them get put into production. Let's not forget about the timeline as well, coming up a champion design can be done relatively quick, however a fully fledged design with visuals, a model, skins and mechanics is another thing entirely. If we look at Vel'Koz as an example, the technology simply wasn't in place for the 3d rigging in his tentacles. Riot had to build the tools and foundation necessary within the game to allow these complex features, something which from my understanding took more than a year to accomplish. Now that I've clarified some of the misconceptions please remember to keep it civil.
: now i have riot in my name lol...
Greetings Rıot Jahrına, Sadly, this is an issue we can't assist you with on the Boards. We suggest you [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to further assist you with this issue.
Flavius S (EUNE)
: EUNE Server hacked?
Greetings Flavius S, For any and all account related matters, especially those of a sensitive nature, you'll need to [contact]( support. Not only can't we help you with this particular issue, there is a risk you'll reveal account specific information which will compromise your account.
EldoDargo (EUW)
: Dear Declined, do you also have any idea/info as to why so an increasing number of players are experiencing lately this critical error issue (which also seem to be not solvable since it re-appears every now and then)?
I have no clue, my main source of info is actually here on the Boards, and with that being said I haven't seen the increase you're referring to, so if I were to troubleshoot it, that would make it a whole lot more difficult for me.
AlenaLuna (EUW)
: Third Party Incompatible Software Bugsplat
Greetings AlenaLuna, Can you tell me a bit about why you believe it to be 3rd party software and the associated error messages you're receiving? If it truly is 3rd party software, could you tell me which programs you have installed or are running, and then I might be able to narrow it down for you.
: i need 36 rp for pass 2019 josemynator ;(
You might wanna [submit a ticket]( to the friendly guys and girls at Player Support. Chances are, in return for a little effort of you, they'll be able to grant you the small amount of RP you're missing. What that little effort includes? Well, try to be original! But we heard some fanart never hurts ;)
: Ripped off by riot games after Prestige Skin Purchase.
Greetings Jannanomana, Sadly, this is an issue we can't assist you with on the Boards. We suggest you [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to further assist you with this issue.
: So Riot can ban people for spoiling a movie but cant ban People trolling and intentionally feeding
Greetings PaG VentusKing, I believe you have a misunderstanding of a vital part in all of this. Riot is technically not allowed to tell you what type of punishment other players have received if any. On top of that, for them to evaluate cases correctly, they need to take into account their previous history and current toxicity level(if any), details which we are not privy to. We as players are simply not qualified to determine the outcome of those reports.
trasguk (EUW)
: My account has been blocked 5 days ago ... and no answers from RIOT
Greetings trasguk, As Chaocontrol64 pointed out, all you have to do is sit tight and wait for them to respond, last I checked average wait time was a couple of days at most, if you still haven't received a response 5 days after your last bump, give me a poke and tell me the ticket ID.
Sliro (EUW)
: i Got Scammed by a gift card. HELP!
Greetings Sliro, Sadly, this is an issue we can't assist you with on the Boards. We suggest you [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to further assist you with this issue.
: Also, Riot is legally **not allowed** to say what happened to the reported players. That is why you won't get a response on reports through tickets (and just an instant report feedback message, not displaying the names). The only way you could know this, is to just check the match history of those reported players.
Pretty much this. I'm surprised there's such a big discussion going on when you've already addressed the core of the issue.
: League of legends
Legends of League?
Rathew (EUW)
: That's a genuis way to bar the game to new players as most games out there allow for some wiggle room for banter. (This is what you call toxicity). It's a team game, people will gloat, people will flame. It's fun. Anyway, my point is that I ain't paying you.
Paid? You do realize I'm a volunteer. Still waiting for that chatlog though, I have no way of evaluating your claims without something tangible to base this discussion on. What might be considered banter in some places are way out of line on others. For instance, did you know that swearing was so common in World War 2, that when the officers wanted to convey a sense of urgency they didn't swear? It's all about perspective, so without that chatlog there's not that much more to discuss.
: I am not going to attempt to update firmware idk how anyways just want to see my router page for now and yeah i am sure because i could access it before using that address which is weird sometimes i can access the router page but often times i can't also this is what ipconfig says ?
In that case, do what most people do, plug out the power for 20 seconds and plug it back in. If it's in a bad state, that should reset the current settings and let it start anew.
: Iget this when i try to acess the router page (dont mind the downvotes i have two haters who are following me and downvoting everything)
Are you certain that's the specific IP address? For instance mine is so if you expected it to be the generic 1.1 at the end I'm afraid that's not the one you're looking for. Now assuming you could access the log in site for the router, do you have the username and password on hand? I do NOT want you to do anything rash without making sure you have those papers first. While you can easily reset a router to factory settings (there should be a button somewhere on the router that you have to hold down for 20 seconds or so) you NEED those papers to reconfigure it and get your network up and running again, if you're unsure about those details, I could also recommend you reach out to your ISP and ask them for guidance.
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