Smerk (EUW)
: You mean ranked stats, right? If yes, then you'll have to wait a bit, they aren't implemented in the new client yet
Exactly ! Oh so they will eventually be implemented right ?
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: So you didnt roam top or camped the shit out of that garen for shutdowns when you saw your lategametoplaner getting demolished? How where you winning in every aspect than? edit: And G1 isnt P4, im sorry.
There's always one dude like this dude. Whatever you'd say, he has a better idea of how to do things better. But when put in that exact situation he'll be a potato. I did gank that garen and killed him two times as kindred, but sadly he ended up being too fed for me to be able to do anything. And edit, this is not my acc
Perilum (EUW)
: Yes you were toxic. That also has nothing to do with political correct behavior.
That's exactly my point, hf being in a game full of betas talking about hentai and wanking to their ahri waifus.
: This community isn't getting any better
Because the whole community is just like my last game's 1/13/6 Nasus that single handedly lost us our ranked game ! After he did that, after he was intentionally flashing into 5 enemies, he was saying sorry to not get banned, and when I started telling people to report him and telling him that he's a sad dumbass that only queues up to ruin people's games, he said that i'm toxic. And i bet 80% of this childish sissy community would agree that I'm the problem with this game because i address the problem to those who f*ck up my game experience and not those that intentionally come in and say " I don't give a damn about those other 4 dudes, I'm gonna do whatever I want, even if that means I'm gonna feed like a piece of turd " Enjoy your politically correct community, in which trolls are protected and people who fight against them are considered toxic because they use swear words towards the trolls. WP WP
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Axisdeus (EUNE)
: Thing is, I play better than you. Thus, based on your logic, I would be entitled to raise and eyebrow or two and ask about how you play this about that...1%-er?
If you play better than me mate, good to you, you can choose your own path and your own people to play with. I don't see what the hell is your problem with my club ?
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: EUNE tryhard club for the true 1%
Keep the hate coming guys
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: So you basically invite people to a club made out of those not abiding by the rules? I see...a short lived club.
That's exactly why i created it, i feel like 99% of the community is formed of sensitive little sissies just like you, who comment on every single tiny thing that they feel is "toxic" . I don't want that, i want people who care about winning and playing good. Because that's all it matters in the end. That's the ultimate definition of fun, kicking ass with people who like kicking ass. I don't want polite nooblets who give their opinion on everything like it would actually matter. Cause honestly, if you're doing a thing wrong you are not entitled to have an opinion about it. Like, if i make a lot of money and i'm rich as hell, and you are poor af , you are not entitled to tell me how should i manage my money, just how if you're a bad as hell player, you are not entitled to tell me how to play and what to do in this game ;)
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: What do the 1% stands for? I am just curious. Is it Division standing?
Well i got the idea by watching a discovery documentary about bikers. There was a biker gang ( Some outlaw motorcycle clubs can be distinguished by a 1% patch worn on the colors. This is said to refer to a comment by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, implying the last one percent were outlaws. )
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Why are you making a club that you don't fit in? Are you planning to leave it right after it's made? for example, you're in top 11%, you don't fit KDA requirement and you have negative win ration on your two most played champions. I don't fit in your specified category as well, yet I wouldn't duoQ with you.
This ain't my account buddy
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yakamushi (EUW)
: for me it's consistent fighting my lane opponent even if i know it isn't the smartest idea.
It may be fun first two deaths, but if he eventually gets fed and you're losing a lot of gold, it won't be fun anymore, so you're telling me that you're basically having fun about, hmmm 5 minutes every game ?
3tyson (EUW)
: flaming does not messes with you that much like honestly its your choise to react to this ( and its the flamers fault deffenetly ) this is what happends you die i say bot you suck stop feeding now you take your time to read this you take your energy to get anoyed by this and think of reactions and probertly even react to this! if i would have sayd nothing to you, you would maybe be putting your time into helping the tema by pinging watching the map,, thinking why youd died and making sure it wont happen again or w/e
Exactly, someone who understands !
yakamushi (EUW)
: some people actually play for fun you know {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Enlighten me, what does playing for fun consist of ?
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: EUNE -racism,players refuse to use English in game
Actually as far as i know based on population, servers are : 1. Korea 2. EUW 3. NA 4. EUNE
Rismosch (EUW)
: Just playing better does not mean that you are better. In the end you have to win. If you don't, then you aren't good enaugh.
>Just playing better does not mean that you are better. hahahah, dude please you make no sense... > In the end you have to win. If you don't, then you aren't good enaugh. The game is not made in a way that you can win 1v5, because it is made for teamwork and teamplay, it's enough for one of your teammates to intentionally try to lose the game for you to lose. Stop the BS please
: He's right though.
If you constantly do better than your teammates, you kind of have the right to be suspicious.
Rismosch (EUW)
: When you blame your teammates instead of yourself, you will never improve.
You say that like you're some kind of guru and i'm some level 2 chap
MasterKota (EUNE)
: bro all i said was your talking about players over reacting when the freaken company acually bans people for flaming. So if you say players are over reacting what can u tell me about riots decision to ban toxic players?
Well if you had a company, and most of the people that give money to your company want your employees dressed in bunnies, wouldn't you dress all your employees in bunnies ? That's the same here, people overreact and complain about a thing that it ain't so important imho, because as APDO, or DOPA, said, everyone besides him and faker is trash in this game. Everyone fails, everyone has a big ego, unless they are cultivated and acknowledge their mistakes. People hate someone else pointing their mistakes or questioning them, so here you go
MasterKota (EUNE)
: Anways listen man the best thing to do in this game is to not talk to anyone and your problem is solved. Mute all. You dont need to communicate with your team to win since the game doesnt even have voice chat so its like they are telling you we dont want you talking in this game. Just use pings dont talk and enjoy your gaming man.
I do mute all, but that just happened because the guy was a premade, and i do not mute premades, cause i thought he was a cool guy
Rismosch (EUW)
: You do realize that the Enemy has Feeders too?
> Did you win the laning phase? Uhm, well, what if i play a late game champion that is weak early and good late, or if i get countered, or if the enemy jungler camps my lane ? I guess i do not deserve higher ELO because i play late game champions, unlike most of the players that play early game champions, win their lanes and when end game comes they wonder why they start losing and start blaming others. Plus I have a 4.8 death ratio, playing mostly support/ad carries. Oh but wait, when you main the two bottom positions, you kind of rely a bit on your other laner aswell to do good, so i guess that if i do not win my lane 1v2, I do not deserve higher elo. Dude, if you want to give simple answers to complicated situations, don't make it sound like you're all knowing at least. Cause with this post you're basically calling everyone that has a problem with feeders, losers and not worthy.
: Well I would do the same thing (talking about pinging), but I didn't saw how this happen thou, you might done something wrong and don't recognize by yourself, or just he is too, '' sensitive'' , then you have nothing do. But tilt could affect this too, maybe he lost line, maybe he thought you insulted him (even thou you didn't). After a match with ''dumbass'' players when I should stop playing I still play, even thou I'm tilted, and every ping effects my insane and drive nuts to me and that make me do stupid things like ignoring my team. So yeah... You just have to deal with it. Sometimes you are like that riven and don't even notice that.
He did lose his lane, but no one said anything about it, at least not me cuz i muted all the rest. But still, it is in no way acceptable to intentionally lose the game because someone said something to you. That's the real toxicity that should be handled out, not the " x player is bad" type of toxicity.
MasterKota (EUNE)
: you think players overreact when the company of the game bans people for toxicity?
Yes, it's an overreaction to whatever people say when they fail, because they lack the ability to accept their mistakes. So instead they focus their attention on whatever someone else says about their failures trying to make it look worse than what they did. But in reality they may have just lost a game with a dumb mistake like not listening to a ping or not helping the team at a certain point. So yeah, you may consider asking questions about a stupid decision toxic, but I consider it waaay more toxic to not pay attention to your teammates and help them thus losing the game.
: It's all about how people read the message, me for example: After a dumb teammate death I write like ''omg, wtf'' , and by writing that, I'm totally chilled/no emotions But the player who reads the message might read different way like '' OMG, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!'' . So you have light the dude, that he made a mistake, but that's ok, everyone made them. Cheer him and never, never spam ping. That's annoying and can look to player you spamming the ping that you are toxic/mad on him.
Well, when it's late game, and all the enemy team is missing, and our Riven is on their second top tower, and you know they are going for him, with a Bard that has his magical journey, Frost Queen and ulti, plus Twitch, Lee sin and Syndra, you actually have to spam pings on certain players. Unfortunately this dumbass didn't back off and we lost cause he was so amazingly hard headed
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: Plat elo is the worst experience I've ever had
People on boards won't understand you mate. People who post here act like they're all saints and challenger 1 so whatever you do, you're toxic and it is your fault in their opinion. I'm in plat aswell, it sems that in gold people at least try, to get to plat before the season ends. But once they are in plat they do not give a damn anymore, and they do stupid stuff.
: Is it impossible to get a friendly, cooperating team in ranked?
It is due to immaturity/cockiness. I see that a lot. You know how when kids are small and they have siblings, they get mad cause their younger brothers get more attention and they start doing stupid shit ? It is exactly the same stuff here. Little kids/cocky dudes play this game, they see that they fail at the game, and someone else in the team gets the spotlight and they try to do stupid shit just so people can notice them. That's usually why most immature/cocky players play champions that usually are capable of making highlight movies like yasuo/zed/lee sin/riven etc. And fail badly at it, then start feeding, especially when someone else is doing much better.
Me as a midlaner, whenever i see enemies in my jungle, i go and help, no matter if it's the toplaners the junglers or whatever. Because if it's in your jungle it means that you have an advantage there, plus at early levels you probably have an ignite that pretty much helps.
: u dont always engage sometimes enemy team engage and u r not always with premades their is always stupid team mates specially adc and sup .. u have to see ur elo and team lvl before u split push ... if u see they are pushing as 5 their is no reason to stay on top.. today i lost a game we win 3 lane we were to stronge in tf as 4 vs 5 but we lost a tf and lose coz yasuo was split pushing all game.. and if u say to join team they report u for flame... annoying team mates sometimes
Exactly, i feel like most of the guys that enforce split-pushing like that are just selfish cocky assholes that want the spotlight. They want to say that they won the game. And most of the time they are the ones losing it.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Why are u getting into teamfight if u are 4v5? Thats thing that annoys me the most when i play top, team constantly getting in fights for scuttle crab or red buff or freaking pink ward and then blame me for not being there to defend pink ward...
> Why are u getting into teamfight if u are 4v5? Because out of those 4 people that remain, one of them might just be really dumb. And easily get caught. Or The enemy team might have team comps like it had in my last game : Leona / Nautilus / Ryze / Quinn / Jax Now what do you do then ? Because it is sufficient to get caught by only one of their abilities, and not to mention the fact that Leona might activate her righteous glory or flash ult, or nautilus flash q or shit like that. To you it is so very simple. But it is simple only because you don't think about it
raps1355 (EUW)
: Prob the same people who take on a 4v5 fight and blame the split pusher for them dying and then scream for reports because they cant defend 1v5 rip.
Ok let me put it straight cause you seem a bit cocky with your response. If you decide that you're gonna split push all game long, you force the other 4 players to play a certain way or lose the game. Now if i'm among those 4 players that must defend 4v5 because you're split pushing, it doesn't mean that i do not know how and what to do. Okay ? But, you have another 3 dudes with you, that may, and most of the time do, get bloody caught !!!!! So you're telling me that i'm supposed to school the others to play a certain way and be careful for engages from the enemy team while u just sit there alone pounding on turrets ? Excuse me but that's pretty toxic behavior. Enforcing a way to play on 4 other people because of your sole desire is toxic !! Plus in a game that you're already winning from the start, there is no reason for you to split push in the first place, because we would already win 5v5 teamfights and we can push after still.
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Stell (EUNE)
: What do you try to achieve by typing to the enemy team about your team's problems? Sympathy? All you are doing is feeding intel to them. The moment i see enemy flaming at eachother in chat, it only boosts my own morale because now i know that their morale is shit. Also your enemy couldnt care less whos at fault in your team and who in your opinion deserves futile reports
Well i'm trying to laugh it out most of the time. Saying stuff like " Oh hey, look at this, i think my support's trinket is bugged cause it's stuck at 4 stacks all the time " Or " Hey, it's good to know that x teammate is on your team this game "
Ozuraak (EUW)
: For sure. Permabanned but not yours. Nice Try.
Ozuraak (EUW)
: Ok, here a the stats of some of your games: 0/5/1, 5/11/8, 2/9/5, 3/9/11.
Lel this account is permanently banned since a couple of months ago, i only use it to post on the forums. It wasn't even mine.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Losing my mind, just trash...
Got demoted 2 divs and almost ended up in gold from plat, due to this. All my last 3 days have been like this. The only solution is to play supports, especially soraka. Every single one of those braindead teammates know how to do damage, so if you can protect them and make sure they do not die, or that you make your enemy team focus you instead of them you pretty much win. I find that at my elo support is the easiest way to carry. If you do it right ofc. Because in plat, everyone wants to carry, they all think that they're gods. So they basically only play damage champions and expect the game to be won by itself. They don't give 2 cents about team comps, counterpicking etc. They just think that they wanna play a certain champion and they do it, even if everything in the enemy team counters them. So if you try to help their sorry asses from not dying you have better chances of winning it.
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Farce (EUNE)
: Transfers are expensive to prevent massive migrations imo. It makes people consider transferring only if they find their accounts so valuable that creating a smurf and getting it to the original account's level would simply take too long. If you had like suddenly half of the EUNE transferring to EUW cause something like a 1 hour maintenance happened, both servers would have collapsed. It's simply a filter of how much you actually do want the transfer, so that the playerbase remains somewhat even on the servers. And the obvious reason - $$$.
Well, make it extremely expensive in IP , or make it only be available at the end of each season .
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Kurbeh (EUW)
: Wait, Titanic Hydra isn't viable on Sion? Darn.
It kind of is and it kind of isn't. You see, Sion grows his hp with his passive on w, having more armor/mr or even more hp benefits you so much more than having a bit of damage, especially early. Cause if your early goes wrong, and you're stuck with a titanic hydra built on you, if an enemy is fed, you won't have any defensive stats to be able to tank that, and what you're basically doing is just postpone the moment in which you can basically hold his damage, which can come too late. Like it happened in my game. And if you also build titanic first and early goes bad you will have no time to dish out the damage with it except lane phase, when lane phase is over you can't get close to them cause you'll die. Now ofc you might say that titanic offers a bit of tankiness aswell, well compare that to a any full tank item and consider having it instead of tianic.
: Worlds Group Stage in a nutshell
Group 1 : Rox / G2 / CLG / Albus Group 2 : SKT / iMay / FW / cLOUD 9 Group 3 : EDG / Ahq / H2K / INTZ Group 4 : RNG / Samsung / TSM / Splyce 100%
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: So you want to stomp bronzes and gain elo until you are challenger? How does that make sense
Your comment seriously reminds me that some people just reply to threads for the love of replying, and do not actually read what you have to say.
Elstir (EUW)
: What i'm doing here? O.o
Gotta love the matchmaking, everything that is f*cked up here is blamed on the mmr, that you basically cannot see. Just like in the real world, when a miracle happens it is God, that you also basically cannot see and you only have to believe in it.
: Yasuo has one gap closer so anything with a dash can usually escape... trist is particularly good as if you get hit with a knock up you can use your W to buffer it so you dash during his ult. Besides that the ones with hard cc like varus or ashe work. Kha has one gap closer and is weak to cc, so anything with any combination of them work... vayne, trist, and ashe spring to mind Ekko has one gap closer (he has two dashes but they are tied to the same ability so waste the cooldown and he has nothing), so dashes and cc again (just look above) Rengar is a bit trickier but his burst combo relies on you being hit with th d leap... So things which can stop a leap (I think the only one on an adc is knock backs so vayne or trist) can stop him cold if your quick on the draw... besides that instant long ish ranged dashes can get you out like ez or flash... but that requires you having a fast reaction so you need practice. Or wait for his rework at the preseason and see if that helps. As for multiples... well trist has 2 self peels so she can do it, ez can punish people with only one gap closer so if both come at the same time E and kite away, twitch is surprisingly good as he is far enough away to make getting to him an issue plus he tends to shred people like these, vayne is good with her invis and condemn, kalista is good at kiting plus can just throw her support at them, and when all else fails a GA works wonders in these situations.
I love how it is all simple to you, maybe because you consider it as an early game,cause late game it is sufficient to get hit by one q and one auto from yasuo to die same goes for Kha. Rengar is basically insta burst, and Ekko will just stick to you no matter what. And you do not take into consideration the flashes, it is you, with one flash, vs two people that hunt you. Even if you use flash once, they have 2 + their gap closer, plus kha's refresh, plus yasuo jumping to teammates then to you etc... It is all simple man, thank you, i will just pick vayne and condemn rengar in 0.00001 seconds while also predicting from what direction he'll jump on me. It is very easy <3
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