: 30min penalty for dodgeing game but i didnt dodge, it just lagged at ennemy last pick...
Same shit over here with me....main Question is who is gonna repay all the dmg done to our accounts ?
xxcrazyxn (EUW)
: Hello there PureProKO ! I would try to delete my game and re-install it again if i was you that's the only thing i can help you with, and be more specific when you say "lagg" or "game crash" lagg is related to your internet, means your ping is high and the gameplay is actually slow for you, (such as your champion reaction in game ...) and any problem in game should be basicly from your computer / your game files, you can also check your FPS, If it is 30 or higher means it's enough if it lower it wont be good ! good luck man !
That's what i was thinking, but then i uninstalled LOL, downloaded it, installed it and the same shit happens -.-, frustration lvl : over 9000....any answers?
PureProK0 (EUNE)
: Freez at champion select.
I have the same problem like u, all the same, lost my promo aswell, now my question is RIOT WTF? i havent changed anything on my laptop...


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