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: Location and Relationship of Runeterra Champions
{{champion:268}} The main character from Shurima is not there. :(
: What is the most annoying abillity ingame?
{{champion:25}} Q = Report me for afk.
: Riven 1k shield at lvl 1 and huge damage
There is lot of posts to nerf riven, everybody (almost) hate this champion. But here comes riven mainers: Riven is balance, riven need mechanic, riven is easy countered, blah blah blah. Thats why i think riot still dont nerf her.
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eisteh (EUW)
: Community, please, help me to enjoy this game again.
The only fun i got with playing this game was at URF. This game is not bad but the community is bad.
Northmund (EUW)
: Daily post to nerf Riven
I think riot will ignore this i never saw even comment from riot under Nerf post. I agree with u.
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: None of the champions you listed are tanks. A high amount of HP does not a tank make.
No, so when he got 6000 HP (yea thats possible) u can shoot him like 30s and hes not a tank?
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Shatzi (EUW)
: Another nerf to irelia
Buff irelia are u srsly? {{item:3070}}
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DahakaGG (EUW)
: Can jinx finally get nerfed?
I think same as u i main adc i almost but i still dont found way to kill her in early/mid/late game. But u can expect negattive comments from jinx mainers like : thats not true, jinx is balanced, u just play bad vs her. But i totally agree u. ***NERF JINX*** {{champion:222}} {{summoner:11}}
kortik425 (EUW)
: Probably not his best video...but here is my answer you deserve to wait 20 min for game! I hate people that worship meta as the God's word... {{summoner:11}}
1. Well i dont care about that 20mins but i care about lose. 2. I know this guys he make good videos (but i play ranked for be better in LoL, for reach some point like challenger, for fun from game i play normal games when ppl dont care about lose or win, just have fun)
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