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: Fizz should still be hit by damage coming his way if they were targetted on him previous to E'ing
Nobody cares about Fizz, he can 0/10/0 and still quadrakill if good positioned. You cant fix him, he must be deleted.
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: So if you walk into a brush a bronze player will think you've disappeared off the face of the earth.
Bots intermediate clearly see you walk to the bush, do some research
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Real Ahri (EUW)
: I demand more souls {{champion:103}}
No more souls, I ate them all {{champion:17}}
: You could try an all bot custom game. The bots are pretty dumb though, and its not really good practice.
Bots play better than most bronze players
WigDilly (EUW)
: Why would you first pick a Leona anyway. You're just asking to get hard countered by Alistar, Thresh, Janna (all very strong popular picks atm) Same reason you wouldn't first pick a blitz without knowing the enemy has atleast 2-3 champions you can grab easily and effectively. You shouldn't be banning your counters, you should be banning champions which are game breaking and too influencing in the meta. Learn how to play against your counters instead of just hogging both first pick and all the bans for your own selfish gains. Widen your champion pool, learn to play champions which either are hard to counter (or play well into their counter) or champions which can multi-lane so you can lane swap or only have 50% chance of being countered.
You are right, I use to ban my mid counterpick all the time, which was... my old main.. And very regreting that because I could always pick him too!
Driros (EUW)
: Forth ban for draft mode
Maybe you right, but... Think about if you ban 8 X champions there is easier to pick the champion that the only counters to it were these 8 banned champions, this will cause armagedon
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Rehab (EUW)
: Duskblade of DFG 2.0
: 6.3 Soraka Changes.
Wow good to know I was about to main Soraka, good to know she sucks now
Tbearz (EUW)
: How to not win a rank game!
Happened to me many times, I use to to take down Nexus to 20% hp and then die and my teammates instead of finish are waiting under fountain and get wrecked (thats obvious) and we loose. If I dont have tp and some minion around its a lost case
DrunKalista (EUNE)
: I can't pass a day without thinking that I should kill myself
You got mother? You got father? You have 2 hands? You have 2 legs? Can you move? Can you speak? Can you work? Can you eat? Can you sleep? Do you have house? Is there a war outside your house? Well, look at you then! Now imagine many people dont have these things. AND THEY'RE NOT B#^TCHIN ABOUT THAT EVERY DAY. Oh boo hooo , grown ass man cryin because he have no friends, what you need friends for? You need a goal, if you left school already - thats okay, many top 100 richest people left school too. Go to work, get money, you know two countries, some people never left their home city, now thats retarded. Get money, money can buy you happiness too. Dont do drugs. Every day ask yourself - Hey karma you b^%tch, what you got today huh? BRING IT ON OR STFU!!! Suicide is the way too, but you can do it only once, so maybe save it for later?
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: Silver vs Plat (5v5s) Is this still a thing?
How we suppose to know some random plat guys? Just play a lot and make friends, many people from real life also play or know someone in higher division, just talk and set the match. I played many games 5 vs 5 SIlver vs Diamond, ofcourse they murdered us many times, few times we won. Mostly people from real life or other cities with Teamspeak on
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: His spamability makes him always root you with his W. You can't escape him once he got you and his DPS was insane.
Trynda ult was on 16 second CD and he wasnt banned thou he could just stand at fountain and kill everything before it respawns ult was ready
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Flare Neos (EUNE)
: this game is trash....
LoL is okay, except for the new champions, Rito really lost it Bard - useless piece of shit Ekko - never dying fa ggot Kindred - what the fck this ult Illaoi - garen ult on Q
EmEx (EUW)
: Something needs to be done about Yi...
Yi is very good and balanced champion, the dirty work always pitch on him. That is the reward for being so useless when hard CCed like Lux q he cant do nothing, but when you let him free, there we go. I had pentakill with master today, so he is balanced good.
raggnir (EUW)
: i agree: passive: total gargabe Q: completely useless compared to old Q W: highly situational E:nerfed R: it's like you loan a BMW and when the guy gives it back, it's a fucking lada! poppy had a very unique and intersting ult, for me, that's what made her, her ult! and they completely changed to to something like? throw back? and not even in the fucking direction you want, NO PLAYS ALLOWED! you can only fucking throw back towards their base.
You can also use this ult to knock up like alistar, and this is also gamechanging, this ult have two ways
: What Poppy does right now: Changes 5v5 team fights into 4v5 team fights for ~10 seconds. And, she provides very good peal for the carries. That's my understanding of Poppy. Edit, fixed typos + I understand your loss. I lost my Fiora and the new one is completely new and different, nothing like her former left. Its annoying when Riot deletes champions and replaces them with something else :(
~10 seconds. Average teamfight lasts 9 seconds
ChrisKayMan (EUNE)
: I play all roles! These are the 10 champs left for me! I have never played them even on free rotation! So u say tahm....
I think from these 10 champs, only Tahm and Lulu are interesting. Lulu is fun too, she can change you into a puppy and you cant do shieeeet. Also Lulu with 100% crit is just .. oh god lulu 100% crit
Charibasa (EUW)
: ok maybe she is like xin zhao a bit
Irelia is more like Katarina but bulkier and stronger burst without any tricks, and thats the trick, you expect some tricks from her, and you get wheels on the face
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ArTanis4 (EUW)
: Finally we found a way to counter Rengar
But you didnt countered Rengar, you took damage from his jump and did nothing to him So its still 1:0 for Rengar
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allexx20 (EUW)
: Fiora vs Renekton
Renekton - A heavy unmovable object, that nullifies any ganks, thanks to double dash and stun. Very intimidating. Whats good about him? Normally you never focus tank in the teamfights, but if you wont focus Renekton first, you are all dead. Fiora - Is just a female yasuo, one bad combo and you dead, insane damage but very limited skill spread, in teamfights she rather focus one enemy and finish of before drop dead.
GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: Kill History
Well, thats true. Sometimes Im top and so focused, i dont even notice we loosin 0-10 "WTF I didnt even died yet and we loosin 0-10 already, what are they doing over there!!!" But again, you wont have time to check the history, maybe except when dead. But then, you will be busy blaming on people instead of just go out and help. Like: *3..2..1.. Respawns* "AHRI YOU MOCKERCOCKER WTF YOU DID THEN 3 MINUTES AGO" "REPORT FREE WIN SIN WHY YOU WENT THERE???????????" "VAYNE YOU FEEDER I HATE YOU" *Still at the fountain and flaming, meanwhile they took your top turret* Its not the best idea, just get over with this, dont store memories about who killed who.
Xaximbo (EUW)
: mmmmm being objetive i think the best junglers right now are: 1.- Dr. Mundo 2.- Rammus 3.- Jax 4.- Vi 5.- Lee Sin
Are you kidding me? Best jungler is Kayle, one hit monsters burn + ridicolous slow (more than mundo) + selfspeed + heal + immortal Perfect for ganks
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Um.. normals are way more rage inducing than ranked. Even if it's preseason. Recently switched.
I dont even have a rank yet, I play normal blind picks and many times I have gold-silvers in my team.
Jarwan (EUW)
: To early quitters in ranked.
I think, sometimes when the game is lost, its better to give up than - wait for it - making a comeback and die infront of enemy nexus with your dreams crushed , then you go like "I told ya from the beggining its lost" =) Cannot tell how many matches we end up like this, we were loosin hard and then one teamfight changes everything and you BELIEVE, thats the worst. When you believe you can win yet, and die in front of them. Of course, my best game we won at 20-80, but thats like 1/100 matches
: Why bard's e don't give an assist
because sometimes enemy uses your teleport to kill your teammates, so it doesnt reward with assists, because then u would mindlessly spam it and cause your team to get trapped. self prevent.
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Strigina (EUNE)
: reported your jungler for picking a champion, that was made to jungle, because you didn't like his pick? Wow, that's stupid.
Im always reported for pickin the champ that I like, so I guess thats normal on EUNE, why should I give a pass on anyone for that?
Gualeb (EUW)
: tryndamere is weak.
: I commented something similiar few days ago so I will just copy paste, dont mind if its a bit out of thread: {{champion:10}} She is APC for sure. Used to play her mid/top last season. She is weak early, because you have to build AP+AS. Max E, not Q and keep your opponent harrased by E. It has AoE effect so you hit minions and it hits everything nearby. Its really strong champion late, but very unpopular, same with Galio (thank god ^^) {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3085}} Example build I used to build. It just two shot carries in late, unstoppable E with low CD & Q will take +- 50% adcs HP. {{item:3157}} can be exchanged for {{item:3100}} if you dont want to take front line
Yes, many people say "omg no Kayle" or after first blood (I play her as support(?)) "report Kayle" they expect me to do 5000 crit at level 1 and heal 300% hp every 10 sec wtf Maybe on EUW, you have some FUN, but on EUNE you are reported before the game starts, big pressure. Kayle is monster late game, I run 40% AS mastery + Nashor = Monster with E. If people cant stand for themselves first 15 min-20min, they cant blame me. They just weak. All I do is R + Yasuo = Pentakill But they dont want to wait. What is the best role for Kayle?
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Igglet (EUNE)
: Top 10 Strongest Champions (According to Lore)- Redone!
According to the lore Annie is the strongest in League
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raggnir (EUW)
: except for vayne, you literally ignored all the other OP champions.
If you have another picks, tell me, I will read :) OP =/= broken on fed OP champs , you mean, champs who are OP from lvl 1 yeah Yauso, Illaoi, Zyra, Renekton, Nasus, Zed, Mundo, Diana, Cassio, Fiora, Volli But none of them can 1 vs 5
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