: The key to being unaffected by toxicity
I've been telling this to people forever but they are still like,,I don't want to mute cause his insult made me sad and I will not mute him so he can insult me some more for some weird angelic reason.,, Seriously...Mute and move on.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I really dislike seeing someone such as OP (Silver 5) complain about champion balance when they know very little about the game. Im not trying to be offensive or anything, but its simply a fact, if they had better knowledge they wouldnt be silver. But i guess its easier to complain about it than learn how to deal with it.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: Can we get a solid nerf for ZED and YASUO at last?
I have never had a problem with Zed.Ever. With Yasuo I did when the critical mastery was on but after it got removed I am back to being fine with him. His W may be a bit too much but everything else is fine. I know it is tempting to complain about snowballing champions when you are lower elo like everyone does but when you get better you will see how easy it is to deal with them.
Metworld (EUW)
: LoL community too sensitive?
Yes they are. Being alone and insecure does that to you.
Magneset (EUW)
: "bunch of kids reporting me" That's considered toxic and will get caught by the system. Maybe if you spend more time educating yourself, instead of being sarcastic you would know.
Here. You'll have some fun here. http://www.nick.com/games/
: What do you think about riots ban system ?
If the chat logs you gave here are true than it would be apsurd to even give you a warning or chat restriction,let alone a ban. And to all those 13 year old moral warriors out here.Grow up. It's sad how many people are unable to think for themselves rather than copy pasting the ,,right thing to say,, in order to seem smart.
Magneset (EUW)
: You were being toxic in those logs. Of course i dont know if you edited them or not even though it hardly matters. The amount of reports you get in a game doesn't matter. 1 report is enough to trigger the system. If you say you got banned after this, you must have had plenty of warnings already. Its really no one fault but your own that you didn't try to reform after the warnings you have had in the past. The system works just fine and it did its job this time as well.
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH for saying that was toxic. If you think this is toxic there is a game more suitable for you called Super Mario. Play it,you'll like it.
Rismosch (EUW)
: My Opinion about Permabans
There shouldn't be permabans at all,at least not for flaming which most of the times is just frustrating talk and rarely something serious. In the end you can just make them chatless in game and they couldn't flame any more. Face it.Chat is not needed at all when you can ping and chat bans should replace player bans.
: This endless discussion around punishments and bans seems just so pointless, a waste of riots own resources and the time and money of the person getting permanently banned. Just use the mute button and carry on, bunch of sensitive sissies. (I have never been banned in any game, including LoL, just my honest opinion)
Yeah well most of the community cry when someone insults them on the internet. If someone is bothering me I mute him and it's done and so should everyone else.
Strikerz99 (EUNE)
: Any Tips for Irelia?
Practise and find a build/playstyle that works for you. Don't copy people,create a runepage/mastery page/build that suits your playstyle as well as the summs.If you plan on snowballing and get good with her take ignite.
: I've never been a fan of the "tanks oneshotting everyone" mentality
Remember {{champion:113}} in the tank meta...She was literally bursting back lines while having 5 k hp.
: Seriously, why don't people want to play as premades?
Play normals with friends. It will be the same amount of fun for you. Play ranks solo cause if you can't climb solo you don't deserve to climb in the first place. EDIT* Just saw you are level 10 so I guess you are playing normal games,sorry I didn't see it. Keep going.
: Zac top?
Almost every champion can be played everywhere if you know how to play it. Just practise and see what items work for you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Santastic APR,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7igkOThJ,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2016-09-17T01:15:08.977+0000) > > Which is exactly why you are bronze 5. > {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:4}} I am Silver 4. Currently in the process of going into full montage mode and just getting cancerously good at Leona and manipulating the hyperboosted ass monkeys that I get instead of teams into actually playing well. Shot-calling, map awareness, morale manipulation, initiation, force-feeding my retarded adc the kills that he should have gotten by himself. If I post salty comments link me to this post as a reminder to **_~~STOP FUCKING PLAYING ON TILT YOU SPONGEY CUM SOCK~~_**
http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/EUNE/M4DN35S/champions Your best stats on a champion are 6/18/18 kda on AAtrox with who you actually won a game.Please don't talk about ranked system.
Infernape (EUW)
: Either your MMR is very high or their MMR is very low.
His MMR is was high at bronze V 44lp? Or MMR of gold V players is at bronze V level? No logic here.Don't try to justify it.The system is just broken
PPR Indi (EUW)
: Is Ranked match making "scripted"
Absolutely. Winning streaks and losing streaks,that's all there is. Some silvers are put in every platinum match for the purpose of feeding their asses off.And what's funny is that they are always playing in the same team.
: 34/0/1 is not an S score.
Actually for a TT game his farm is actually good and his k/d/a is incredible.Getting A + for this is just stupid. But i guess you can't expect S grades on inferior game mods .c
: ***
Just look at what Connor Mccgregor is saying before every fight to his oponnents.I disslike him for it but if he is allowed to do that in MMA press interviews then someone saying crap at someone else in a online Moba doesn't seem so bad.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: I'm pretty sure LoL matchmaking has a secret tilt tactic
Yeah I can relate to this.I've had winning streak where all I had to do was just play average and win and I've had losing ones where I would go 24/6 and still lose games because I was playing with completely clueless people. I hate both streaks.It feels like I have no impact on the match in either way. I don't know what the exac MM formula is but putting a gold 3 first time Ziggs vs plat 2 300 games Lux doesn't seem to be a good thing to do.And it happens all the time.Someone is always getting completely trashed in every game. I haven't had a game without at least one huge feeder in mine or enemy team in a while.A balanced game happens like once in 100 games.
: I have an Idea how you could nerf Yasuo
About adding cost to his abilities. I agree completely,a great idea. About the crit damage reduction. I don't agree,would be an overkill.
: I hate lee mains personally
Story of a Lee Sin player in low/mid elo. Instalocks Lee when its his time to pick,has level 7 and makes sure everyone knows it by spamming it every 3 seconds especially when he happens to actually hit his q. When he hits q on an enemy tank,mid flight he uses w on a ward and spamms his mastery emote thinking he is cool. But when the teamfights start he misses q,ults randomly at anyone he can,dies and blames his team for being useless. ***Lee Sin,the blind,bold headed flash maniac***
: Lee can still kill carries with Q R Q in late game. But hey what do I now..... I hate Lee too, mainly due to how popular he is. But there's a few good reasons for that pick to happen. And again, Lee can always make picks. Kind of like Rengar. AND IF YOU WANTED A TANK SO BADLY PLAY IT IN YOUR ROLE DON'T FORCE OTHER PLAYERS TO DO SO. Top tanks: Maokai, Trundle, Shen, etc. Mid tanks: Galio, Swain Tanky adc: Urgot Support tanks: Leona, Braum, etc So, again, if you were a selfish asshole with your pick, don't expect other players to make the team comp work for you. I'm selfish and pick Diana mid or Akali top most of the times. Guess what? I don't blame my team if we end up with no tank. I don't control their lives and don't tell them what to play. Result? 60% win rate
I agree with you completely.I hate it so much when people tell me that I have to play a tank.If they want a tank they should pick it themselves.End of story.I don't force them to play what I want and they should extend me the same courtosy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Diamond Ace,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eIoPO6ag,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-09-06T19:20:11.497+0000) > > And your 6/12/70 cs defeat game with her is the proof that she is OP? > > If that Annie you speak of destroyed you she did it because she was better not because your champion was weaker.Deal with it. Playing on tilt makes you play bad, and Annie is about as entertaining as prying rivets out of a rusted car. Boredom+Tilt= Bad Play. Even today, I tried playing the Yorick rework but I played him wrong (even though I won through splitpushing), got tilted because I had to go against some fucking subhuman that decided that I do not get to play League of Lego today and picked Fiora. Then some %%%% picked Illaoi. And then Xin Zhao. I regret ever stepping foot into the tryhard cesspool of ranked.
: Man if the 6th best MF in the world has a win rate of 54% and a KDA of 2.85:1 and is only in Gold V EUNE, I'll eat my hat...
: ***
You are not 8th MF world.Not even close.LOLskill yourself http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/EUNE/VEELEN/summary Try learning how to play her better because you aren't playing her as good as you think.You can have 100000 games on her and someone with 10 can still be better with her than you. If you keep thinking you are perfect with her you will never get out of gold v.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Having a ruined game is having someone constantly being negative while you're enjoying something. Muting them doesn't solve it, because if you need to mute someone, it means the bad is already done. A flamer increases the chances of losing due to his negativity. A bad player increases the chances of losing because of their lack of skill. The difference is that a bad player can only improve over time, while a flamer will stay an asshole all the time, causing the defeat of many more teams.
So you are actually saying that the feeding guy has a less chance of causing you to lose than a tilted person that plays well? A bad player can not improve because he can't play the champion/role he took or sometimes the game itself. He gives enemies gold and does nothing for your team making him an asset to the enemies only. A tilted person that plays average/well is not a problem at all.If you find it one,you can mute and about the damage has already been done part.How is that?How has he damaged you?An insult in a online game where you know before you que up that you will most likely get some can't possibly cause you emotional harm. Bad players will very rarely improve while a flamer can't stay and asshole when you take his voice away whenver you like.
: You avoid the question: Will you take responsibility and delete your account? You told everyone that there is no excuse for feeding and "a mature person will never be 0/7". Link to your profile: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUN1/205086529
Continue with your bot games and arams.Suits you well.
: Diamod Ace score: **1/10** Jax (Jungle) 5/28/2016 Will you take responsibility and delete your account?
Link? If you had to search till May to find one feeding game in my history congratz.
: And give the guy his armor bake let the tank j4 come back not the assassin top English rip with j4 tank
He is fine as he is.Balanced.People don't like playing balanced champions though but that's not a reason to get them buffed. He is one of my mains.
: So I got fucked by a hypertoxic Annie mid and decided to play a game as the pyromaniac loli trash.
And your 6/12/70 cs defeat game with her is the proof that she is OP? If that Annie you speak of destroyed you she did it because she was better not because your champion was weaker.Deal with it.
W0ochi (EUW)
: i have said this many times, and on the forum as well, all i got was flamed at.
Not surprised. Many of these guys are silent in game but holding a surrpressed rage inside which they seek to unleash by writing threads and making not so valid points about them being victims.
: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ranke
The more you play it the more you will eventually care about your rank.Trust me on this.
Helblindi (EUNE)
: It's just the form of tea bagging. In my opinion it is unsportsmanlike and the same category as saying gg easy after the game.
So now people are offended by spamming mastery emotes? It's so funny how anyone can be offended by anything nowdays.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Bad people don't ruin games, they just make you lose in the end. Assholes ruin the experience of gaming for the whole duration of the game, which is way worse. Stop making excuses for being a dick in a thing that is a mere game.
No one can ruin your game experience by flaming when you can mute them and if you don't then don't complain at all. And about bad people not ruining games? Seems to me your definition of a ruined game is getting your feeling hurt by mad people on the internet and if that is the case I feel truly sorry for you not being strong minded enough not to get upset by anonymus internet users in a online moba game.
: you are making scenarios and being counterlogic. please for your sake stop embarrasing yourself :)
Being counterlogic? You don't even say anything but yes to comments you support. Also you can't embarras yourself in LoL forums,it's anonymus and it's seen by only tens or hundreds of people at best,still low numbers. Anyways if you want to make a meaningful argument go ahead if not don't respond at all.
: Why would you build tiamat? and max E second? wth. Also great example of 'winning any matchup' since you got 2 kills and an assist in some lvl 1 clown fiesta.
Because it fits my playstyle.If you think you could do it better than by all means go ahead.
JakiStow (EUW)
: The feeding may be intentional, but unless the guy clearly says "I'm gonna troll" or something like this, you have no guarantee that it is in fact intentional. So you're flaming a guy who may genuinely be bad, simply because you assume that it is intentional ? You're getting worse in every comment ^^'
He can't be simply genuinly bad if he is in my mid platinum ranked game.If he is genuinly bad as you say then he is boosted which is as bad as intentionally feeding is. Stop making excuses to ruin games and then blame it on others who shouted at you.
Najns (EUW)
: Yeah, it could be that you have no experience with him... OR they can be an unskilled player. And I have to disagree. A mature person CAN go 0/7. But a mature person will not flame the 0/7 guy for feeding. A mature person will know people make mistakes, and that League is, as competitive as it may be, just a game. > A Jhin who has 3 games with his champ can go 0/7, but a good player never will. No. If you face a player who is simply better than you, you can easily go 0/7, even if you hug the turret the entire game. No matter if you have 3 or 300 games on that champion.
I disagree with that. If you hug the turret and know how your champion works you won't go 0/7 that is if you are not 2v1ned or 3v1ned and that's a different story about the jungler pressure.
: He would actually get picked up for intentional feeding for that build.
: It is not anything to do with being competitive. I know about competition from my days in athletics. People confuse being competitive with being a toxic a-hole. Being better than someone else does NOT give you the right to flame them. Everyone who plays the game plays to win, it is competitive but not everyone feels the needs to destroy the teams's motivation (and hence, their chance of winning) by flaming.
Actually very few really want to win. If someone wanted to win he would have picked champions he is good with and try his very best every game,ranked game that is. Normals you can do whatever you want. But people still pick champions they have no idea how to play cause they feel like it and do random,clueless stuff without caring to think about what is it they are doing. Very few want to win. Never said players should be a-holes but they should really play their best if they are going ranked otherwise what is the point.
: Don't know why people are downvoting this it's correct. Some people do buy accounts, get boosted, or are premades in normals and legitimely plain and simple shit at this game.
People just want excuses to feed when they feel like it even though they are playing ranked games.
: well they have the full right to be assholes when they are performing in THAT particular game, giving their ALL. And similarly when They are under-performing and making mistakes they deserve to be flammed at. Btw, making mistakes is one thing(like missing a skill-shot, missing smite, missing ONE or TWO kills) but feeding like a re+ard sh't, and doing same thing over and over again knowing full-well what it will result into, DESERVE TO BE FLAMMED at. Doesn't matter, even if Ronaldo, is being a re+ard and missing 10 goals in line he either needs to be replaced or flamed at, WHY? cuz he fkin deserve it. Issue is, sure flaming need a ban only when the fkin feeder/afk/troll is also getting banned. (Btw, not permabann, because its harsh in both cases)
I agree with you. It's like someone picking a champion he can't play and just destroying a game for everybody acting clueless is being accepted as ok by the community but people who actually care and bash out one too many times cause they ACTUALLY CARE about the game are bad. I'm not talking about hard core flamers but if he is 10/0 and doing all he can to win you the game he is allowed to say whatever he wants and you who are 0/10 shouldn't complain. Take this Yi from my last game as an example.Didn't say anything bad to him but he shouldn't be allowed to do this. http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1507105320/205086529
: You are not allowed to be unskilled at this game. Whether you are being outplayed by a better player, or you just haven't learned the game well enough to play better then you are going to get flamed. It is sad but if you don't instantly become a competent player in the first few games, there will be someone who just can't wait to tell you how terrible you are. League of Legends is not a game that supports new players or allows them to develop their skills, it throws them in with the toxic kids who are hell bent on destroying their confidence and enjoyment.
If you think LoL is too competitive try other MOBAS like Dota 2.You will then see what competitive really means.
Larry (EUNE)
: So my country just removed law of obligatory prayer at schools.What is your opinion on that act?
I really agree with Jesperr101 when you form your own personality and are mature enough to have an opinion of your own you can chose a certain religion if you want. It shouldn't be obligatory anywhere because you are just pressuring children to do something they don't understand because you want them to. Religion is a choice and people obssesed with it have been the root cause of so many wars and killings thruought history.
: Does DynamicQ improve chances on climbing?
It does. It is very unfair though.
Najns (EUW)
: When someone feeds it's usually not on intentionally. Sometimes the enemy will dive and kill you as soon as you get to lane. Sometimes you will get camped, and you won't even get a chance to place down a ward. Sometimes you will get counterpicked. And sometimes the enemy is just better than you. People always forget that perhaps the 0/7 adc didn't just run to the enemy ang gave them the kills, perhaps they were outplayed, maybe they couldn't escape when they were cought. Like you have never fed in your main role. We all did. And while feeding is not intentional (I'm not talking about the "hahahhahahaa idgaf I troll and feed newbs" players), flaming is just being rude, and there is no need to be rude.
Nor is there to pick Yi into a ranked game even though you have no experience or skill with him. You are responsible for your performance period.Ranked is competitive and 0/7 is not allowed and a mature person will never be 0/7. A Jhin who has 3 games with his champ can go 0/7, but a good player never will.
: > [{quoted}](name=Diamond Ace,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wAPvANrY,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-05T16:07:59.942+0000) > > I don't prefer the apologizing 0/8 guy because if he had picked what he knew how to play instead of something random which he doesn't he would have played better. > > Also you can't go 0/8 without doing it intentionally but ofcourse you don't recognize it as such and classify it as a ,,bad game,,. > He got killed 3 times?OK. > > But then he got back to his lane and atacked his laner again and died the 4th time?No excuse for that. Dude, s**t happends. Let's talk about this again when you'll be an Ashe against an hard lane like Draven + Blitz or Leona. Sometimes people just dive and you can't stop them. If you flame the feeding guys he surely will tilt even more, so stop flaming and start carrying.
Ashe main will destory every match he is up against,someone who randomly picked Ashe will get destroyed against anything. A good player will win in any matchup,stop making excuses and btw I shouldn't have to carry you in the first place I would just need to perform above average for my elo and move up but that is not what happens cause I have to carry first timers along the way and it is becoming really hard to do.http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1507105320/205086529
: K.. 14 day banworthy shizzle i guess..
This shouldn't be bannable.You having disslikes on this just shows the state of the forumers atm. They are all acting like angels but want to punish everything they don't like with a ban.I'm sorry about you man.But you won't find friends here.
Gviduks (EUW)
: Lol you deserve to get banned. Do you know what is intentionaly feeding? When they just feed. People can play whatever they want, who are you a mom?
If you are bad at something playing it at ranked makes it intentional. You knew you can't play and you picked in in a competitive mode anyways.Go play normals.
: > [{quoted}](name=Diamond Ace,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wAPvANrY,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-09-05T12:43:24.286+0000) > > You can't help the unskilled person,no matter what you say to him he will still be unskilled. > > It's not hard recognizing a truly bad bad player and someone who is having a bad game and I see both a lot and the first one I should never see at my elo. > > And about the 5/1 flamer easy mute him and it's over.You can't undo a terrible player with an action like you can a flamer. If you flame a 0/8 guy you can't expect him to play better. I play to win and I play because I enjoy it, and flaming someone will not help me neither to win neither to enjoy it. Yeah, I prefere the apologizing 0/8 guy than the flaming 5/2 kid also because when the 5/2 kid will start flame everyone will lose focus on the game. p.s. sorry for my english.
I don't prefer the apologizing 0/8 guy because if he had picked what he knew how to play instead of something random which he doesn't he would have played better. Also you can't go 0/8 without doing it intentionally but ofcourse you don't recognize it as such and classify it as a ,,bad game,,. He got killed 3 times?OK. But then he got back to his lane and atacked his laner again and died the 4th time?No excuse for that.
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