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: Aurelion is nice champ for me but this Q is need nerf XD{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Why does it need nerf? :P
: I think that Riot made an error, he is too weak even more in our meta, first we have a tank meta which make him useless against the most powerfull champions, second his damages are too low and his W is just useless it deals 0 damages and it doesn't help you farming at all in contrary it's more like a malus. His ulti isn't bad but he has a high cooldown and a very low early damages just like his whole kit, which makes him too easy to gank and bad during laning phase. His Q is good but just need more mid/late and damages and a bit more range as for his E I think it's a good spell, the most important in his kit. I hope riot will change something in this champion kit because he is useless many AP mid outrange him and can easily CC him and kill him too easily. My verdict, the champion is not worth playing (except if you like losing).
I've managed to play him effectively but i get the feeling he is weak too.I mean his Q is easy to dodge and it doesn't feel very rewarding even if you land it.You can deal nice damage with his Q-->w combo and 1 auto to trigger decree but that's it.After that he is very vurnable.I like him but i feel he is weak.Also the fact that you can't make Q explode immediately after cast makes it impossible to escape from melee champs with some cc or most champs with lots of gap closers.
: And he is way too strong out of melee, so he's balanced
That's true.If you can't reach him he is quite the problem.
: I think he's in a good spot right now. He has solid utility (q stun, growing in size too, his speed and flight, ult knockback and any on-hit effect from his passive), solid damage (passive, q and ult) and he can build and scale with builds fairly decently and rarely gets so out of hand that nothing can be done about him. I think RIOT did a good job on him.
Well his q won't hit at melee range due to what i said and his movement speed ain't always active(you have to run in a straight line to get it).I agree with you about his ulti though.But it has a long cooldown.
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Sup bro?Can't communicate like a proper human being?
: I believe q is intended to have a second cast to detonate, and it worked like that on pbe, but I'm not sure...
It has a second cast but you can't activate it immediately after the first use like Anivia.
: I think it'sbintended... aurelion has a clearly visible weak point that is the melee (he has ulti to counter this, but ulti can't be up always) If you could activate Q as soon ss you start it melee is no more a problem for him, but it has to be Fiora, le blanc, akali should and must tear him apart
That leaves him completely defenseless though considering his ulti has a big cooldown and he has no escape.I feel he is way too weak when someone manages to reach melee range.Also his passive(without W activated) doesn't deal a lot of damage so basically you are toast....
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