Perilum (EUW)
: Last game>>>s<<< And if you're only in for KDA, you didn't understand the game at all. If Riot grants you your nonsense wish, you're the first who gets locked out from ranked. You're an Albert Einstein mate. High respect.
No, I am not lock only on KDA, but KDA is one of the first think how you can mark players (another is cs, dmg dealt, etc). But if you have 0/5/0 on lane (and not only at one game), is somewhere problem with you.
Perilum (EUW)
: Watching your last games tell me, that you're a feeder. You want to get punished? I mean according to your logic you're one of the people you want to get thrown out of ranked. Also your argumentation and conclusions make absolutely no sense at all.
You think my last game with 2/6 Rengar? My mid was 0/4/0 at 10 min (lose turret too), my bot was 0/5/0 at 10 min too. Thats all just from 1v1/2v2. What can I do, if my team can lose game in 10 minute? I didn´t do so much (I agree), but at that game I could not do so much more. By the way Karma have average deaths on game from last 20 games 8,8, Ashe 7,5 and Leona 7,7. I have just 5,8 (I won only 6 games from last 20). I still have so much better deaths ratio then they all.
Strigina (EUNE)
: >10+ deaths - You're dying often totally for no reason ( = feeding) Ok, here are some of your most recent games 7/11/6 2/11/14 Are you going to stop playing rankeds yourself or do you want Riot to disable it for you?
Yea, i have some bad games too. I didn´t say I am perfect or everybody must be perfect. But my average number of deaths on game is 5,8 from last 20 games (i won only 6 game). If you want check my acc, maybe start checking my teammates too. :)
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: you can separately turn off music and leave the other sounds on in your client.
Yea, but at old client you just could minimize client and all sounds was muted. I think it isn´t so hard to add back and that was pretty cool.
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