He ganked bot 1 time in think in minute 15-17. He did not ganked mid ( yasuo was flaming him because of this) and he ganked 1 time top. Control Ward(or pink ward how is called) is less expensive as a sightstone and does not occupy a slot after you use. He was 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3 all the time. He has those assists from teamfights.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Defeat at 0LP usually results in demotion. That's expected behaviour. But the fact that client automatically started repair means that it could not start properly. From my experience new client handles disconnects better than old one. I had bugsplat during champion select, I was ready for the dodge penalty, but instead got back to champ select screen and game started normally after that
Thx for the explanations. I hope this is how you said, meaning that this thing was a problem from me. In any case if this happens again is nothing i can do about it. \\\_( ^.^)_/
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: They are buffing his teamfight potential.
Yes and at the same time No, i will explain why: Q-nerf, hard nerfed W-almost the same E-less penetration+slow R-pretty the same(refunding mana -> 0 mana cost) passive-buff but, there is a but Magic rezist cost less and it's more - greate Armour cost more and it's less - not so greate Also health cost more- again not so greate Now you must build something very strange- you need to be tank so you will buy tank items but you have no longer the damage so you will be forced to build in the same time some damage. So you will be a pseudo-tank with a bit of damage. The movement speed passive it's gone too.......Now if you need to run from the enemies pray, you can no longer spin with the Q and get a bit o movement speed, so you are Dead, you can't out run anyone in this game : Nassus-w, Teemo-w,Aatrox-e,Mundo -q and so on, every top laner have a slowing ability or a grab closer or a jump or movement speed increase. Q:How hard is to get the BloodRage passive work? A: Pretty hard, or hard enough - after you get it, you have a window of 5 seconds, which is a short window to do stuff in the team fights because Q it is nerfed and has that delay,also 5 second cooldown,W -8 seconds cooldown,E-even more , attack speed is not his best advantage, so in team fights is almost the same Darius with a hard to get Q. And in my opinion it is very hard , only a stupid player will stay near new Darius so he can get all the stacks that he needs to enter the in the BloodRage. It's very easy to dodge the Q because of the delay or by simply get into Darius because Handle do almost 0 damage and does not apply stacks to the passive. So you can get stack by auto-attacking , by W or by a lucky Q. Q- the best ability of him, now is just .... gone?! - Damage from Q it's in the air, you can't find it it's gone. The delay is even more stupid - the enemy will have enough time to get out of range or to get near you Handle now do almoust 0 damage and don't stack the passive. So my conclusion: Riot says that the buff Darius when they nerfed him. I will throw him to the thrash


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