Gebba (EUW)
: But what if popping the shield and using the windwall at 0 passive means the duration is lower, or maybe you dont get the maximum width that you are able to? There's things you could do around it, so you have to choose between the shield or enhanced W, which also makes proccing the shield a counterplay against the W but maybe that is also unfair cuz its not like W doesn't have counterplay right now.
Yes! This is what I wanted. Something we should be playing aroud his passive, not just defensively, but also maybe attacking-wise. Maybe if you have 0 shield, your tornado only does damage, but not knock-up (since you don't have enough "wind" in it). His E is fine tho, maybe make him so he gets some of his "passive wind" back when used on champions.
JeNaiKe17 (EUW)
: What I see is come complex stuff, but I get the point. The best would be that his shield only comes off when his W is offColdown. So if he deploys W to defend somewhere he shouldn't get a shield even if ulting.
Yeah that would work too. Something like that. Just a bit of a detail in his shield thingy to make him a little vulnerable, he has way to many options from which he can choose to attack and defend as well.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Rerolling guarantees that you will not get a skin that you already unlocked. You can of course get a duplicate of a shard.
Oh, yeah. Sorry, misunderstood that. Of course you can't get the same permanent skin twice, but I meant the shard of an already owned skin.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Have you ever heard what "random" means?
Hey there, Arnoter! I know what "random" means, but I mean it could be improved, not exactly how I said, I just wanted to express my idea on it! I wanted to see if it was possible to add something more "rewarding" due to the rarity of the skins that you have. Or perhaps increase the amount of possible skins to be added into a re-roll, so it would be like "As many skins you re-roll, the better the reward!" Something like that :D
Smerk (EUW)
: Current system is completely random, each skin has equal chance to appear, excluding those that you already own of course. Current system allows to reroll cheap skin for something better. With your suggestion 3 520 skins will give you guaranteed 520 skin, which is bad.
Hey there, Smerk! I agree with you, but I got a skin that I already had, so it is possible. It's not the Kayle skin in the photo, but I got a Rengar skin that I already had and I went up and disenchanted it.
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