: You mean to tell me that players in Bronze die a lot ? WTF.... I'd have never thought of that. It's almost like all the good players got out of bronze, and chances of getting a poorly performing team-mate are sky high .... makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Oh it's the ''It is your fault you get teamed up with 4 other people who literally do nothing but feed the enemy the entire game, it doesn't matter that you can play, you can't actually play, because I said so and it's totally your fault and Riot can do no wrong.'' comment. I'm not sure what I expected, it's the same moronic reply every time. I guess it really is my fault, expecting some semblance of intelligence on these forums. I don't really know what it is, the fact that it's free, the simplicity or the pretty colours, but this game seems to attract the stupidest people on this planet, it's fascinating. Anyway, I'm gonna be the smart one here and just uninstall this piece of trash of a product and do something proper with my spare time. This community is a joke, this company is a joke and this game is a %%%%ing joke. Peace out, wankstains.
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: Are people working at Riot actually uneducated idiots?
Well I'm not saying it with intentions to insult, I'm just saying that buffing an OP character seems like something an idiot would do. Or someone who just wants to fuck with people. Also people here seem to ignore the fact that I said after the latest patch. Before it he was manageable depending on which champion you used, and right now he is ridiculously OP. He can literally go 1v5 and kill 3 people all by himself. I don't see how anyone can defend this nonsense unless he plays nothing but Teemo and this is fucking heaven for him now.
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