: no it cant be banned but if your account still exsists but is banned then the email would already be taken your need to ask for your account to be deleted to use the same email.
That's false. I can still use email despite it being banned. Please don't spread around false information.
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MiiDoViic (EUW)
: error in updating the new patch
Uninstall the game and install it again
: Just a thought for Thornmail
You should put a TL;DR. Seriously, this post is long to read. Ain't nobody got time for that!
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: If you write "gg izi" or stuff like that at the end of the game, open this thread
: Custom game.cfg file
Why do you want to disable it anyways?
duckarp (EUNE)
: Only the part where it sounds as if the more you report people, the lesser your report value, which is untrue. ONLY the validity of the reports matters. The amount matters only when you post false reports, but that is not obvious from your post. Some people might misunderstand the system if you word it like this.
Is there a way to see what my report value is? Can you check it somehow?
meowsuo (EUW)
: You can't get punished for not talking, don't worry. They can report you and it might trigger a "warning" but the warning is meaningless in that case. The warning is to let you know that you got reported and not that you will be punished or did something wrong. {{champion:157}} meow
duckarp (EUNE)
: No, of course you can't be punished for that. People can report you, but it won't do anything (except for lowering their report value).
what is report value? Is that limited number of reports you can send per month or?
duckarp (EUNE)
: This is just a pre-season. Ranks reset only when the new season starts. So, in 2016.
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H2K Adon (EUNE)
: One trick poni problem's
If you say 'pref jungle lee' or something like that. your chances of not getting the role you want are higher then when you aren't saying anything. people will pick your role or champion on purpose just to piss you off.
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Riryz (EUW)
: because you are to blind to see that jax is banned on both sides so that its just a visual bug -.-" thats how its possible
LOL! Just noticed, thnx. :D
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Godzixe (EUNE)
: Can someone relate to this?
I'm pretty sure everyone could relate to that.
FoTonS (EUW)
: problem sending and recivging 100 IP icons in store
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chill22518 (EUNE)
: Should I continue to be nice?
"Treat other the way you want to be treated". But in case they're a total asshole to you, just mute them. And don't flame. What I do is I take a piece of paper and write 'PERMA BAN' and then stick it to my ENTER button. It helps a lot. You don't have to be nice, just don't flame. Type in chat ONLY If you want to say something about in-game situation (e.g. top no flash, baron in 2 minutes etc.)
Coraxo (EUNE)
: there isn't such a thing as a stupid question :) you can find them when you click on a champion on the store, there's like sections (abilities/lore and something like that) and if you own the champion you can find the champion on your profile, hope you understood ^^
What's Jennifer Lawrence's name? See, there are stupid questions.
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: A name for Vi Main ?
FistedByVi (If you know what fisting is ... ) It's like fingering ... but with hands ...
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Looking for some gangplank advice
{{item:3078}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3065}} OR {{item:3036}}
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Raentwo (EUW)
: Graves clear is amazing and his passive "True Grit" gives him enough tankiness to survive. He can gank as he is able to slow with his smokescreen then just blast them from behind but it does require your mid to have decent cc. I would only pick him jungle for counterjungling.
Okay. He might be GOOD, but definitely not OP. And It could work in high ELO (e.g. Challenger, Master), but in low elo it just sucks because people can't play him properly. I am diamond 3 and I've never seen a good graves jungle. It's just overrated.
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Oglaf (EUNE)
: Don't Nerf Tanks Even Further, Rito
please DO nerf them more. I main irelia/fiora and the most annoying thing is seeing MALPHITE or SHEN top. Tanks are annoying to play against. Delete tanks!
: Nope. otherwise i wouldn't of got the boarder, I'm just confused why it just disappeared
Two things could happen: 1. You will receive the rewards by 17th of November 2. You won't receive rewards at all.
: Nerf Nasus
nah. he's fine. just end the game ASAP. he's easy to kite and he has only one damage ability..
: Silver Boarder.
Did you have 2 week ban in last 3 months? (since 10th August)
KillAllz (EUNE)
: Help me..
You will receive your rewards by 17th of November. Have a nice day.
: Riot does care, and that's the reason why you were excluded. Riot cares about the community, they want League to be a friendly place. Therefor they demotivate bad behavior (excluding from ranked rewards, CR, suspensions, etc) and motivate good behavior (Free skin for good behavior). Again, take it as a lesson ;)
I have been punished with chat/ranked restriction / 2 week ban and now this? We've been punished already. It's not okay to take away our rewards. Players whose ban finished at 9th August receive rewards and players whose ban ended on e.g. 11th don't. this is dumb
: I understand it might be a harsh and you're very frustrated about it at the moment. But try to learn from it and don't let the same mistakes happen in the future. Nothing prevents you from getting next year's rewards ;)
but I really like victorious sivir.. and diamond border.. riot doesnt care
: If your ban ended after the 10th of August I fear that you've been excluded from this year's ranked rewards.
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} :( =( {{champion:32}}
: Hey DraskoGames! The general rule for rewards from previous seasons is: * The icon, victorious ward skin and the victorious skin will remain on your account. * The other rewards will be replaced by the new ones from that season.
I was diamond 5 in time when season ended. first 2 days after season ending I still had old silver border from previous season. and today I had no border in my games. All of my friends got the rewards tho. I was banned during season 5 but don't know when exactly.
Bombardox (EUW)
: dont pick late game champs
My games last 10 minutes untill enemy team says 'push mid' :D
Rioter Comments
: but u shouldn`t of lost your silver banner from season 4
well i guess i lost my rewards. thnx alot riot. I've played with player so toxic it literally made me want to quit the game, they still got the rewards.
: Calm down, riot have said this: "Rewards will arrive by end of day on November 18. A previous version of this post stated that rewards would be handed out over 12 hours. We apologise for any inconvenience." So righte now there is just a handful of players that have been given there rewards- just wait and your rewards will turn up to :)
But why did I lose my silver border from previous season?
rozoulini (EUNE)
: did u had punishments this season?if u finish ranked season with CS u cant take rewards for example
I did get banned once for 2 weeks. but I don't remember when.
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: New masteries are garbage.
New masteries are great.
: Hey DraskoGames, There are some FAQ's made to answer all this kinds of questions ;) * [The 2015 ranked season draws to a close](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/2015-ranked-season-draws-close) * [The end of the season FAQ](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/9J3EyJGN-the-end-of-the-2015-season-faq) To give you the 3 fast answers: 1. Ranks only softly reset at the end of preseason 2. Yes, you rank was noted at the end of the season, what you do in preseason won't have any influence on the 2015 season rewards 3. Look at question 1
Thank you very much! One more question tho. When is the end of preseason?
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: More samurai themed champions
These are amazing! Great work. The last one could be the skin for Zed. Your drawings are awesome.
: Oh :/
It seems like it's back up again tho!
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