Zefirez (EUW)
: Maybe because other 4 roles can solo carry unlike supp, and when you get a kill you're honored not hated.
No role can solo carry anymore unless there is a massive skill difference. Besides, only a clueless player would hate the support for picking up a kill.
RaduCr (EUW)
: Instead of TOP go BOTTOM
It's not apparent what your issue is here. Do you not like how sometimes you see guys like Jarvan and Pantheon in the bot lane, or is it something else? Also, you're calling yourself a "newbie", so why are you caring about your rank? If you are new you just need to care about having fun (and if you wanna be competitive then you can keep learning the game).
Soanoyu (EUNE)
: Toxicity
If the issue is really that bad, my suggestion is to /mute all at the beginning of every match. If somebody spam-pings, mute their pings too. It doesn't matter if you lose 1% more games because you missed a critical message in chat, it's not worth being flamed at every game.
: Most chill/relaxing champ to play nowadays?
A laid-back support like Soraka or Janna could do. Plus your teammates will straight up LOVE you because for some reason a lot of people refuse to play support.
: ADCs vs APCs - burst vs sustained or mid-game vs late-game?
Both are correct. Burst champions can deal large amounts of damage very quickly but will need to wait a fair amount of time before being able to repeat that. Sustained damage champions will deal damage at a steady, slower rate but can do so on demand. Generally, AP carries can scale even towards the lategame if sufficiently ahead and often it will be their job to "burst down" the AD carries before they have a chance to do much.
: Champs
Pick one to suit your playstyle. Renekton is a melee lane bully that can jump in and out for damage, punishing overstepping enemies quite hard. He has a strong early game. Vladimir can harass from range and can afford to take short trades as he slowly recovers health afterwards. He has a strong late game and can be quite powerful when farmed well in teamfights.
Mada (EUW)
: make ie impossible to buy if you don't have any crit
Tryndamere can work well with IE even without additional crit.
: Need help with Katarina.
Yasuo is still very strong in the right hands due to his beastly scaling if not hard-counterpicked. But to the point, against Katarina, it helps to get used to her dagger slash range so you know to stand away from them. You can't really avoid her Q since it's point and click, but if you expect her to use it, you can counter with a WEQ combo. The blade takes time to drop so if she tries to dodge your combo, her combo will be a good deal slower and/or riskier. If the jungler isn't around, you can teleport to your shadow for additional attacks and/or to avoid having Katarina blink to her blade for damage. If she tends to use her E to dodge your shuriken, start waiting a bit until she blinks and use them after. Once you are level 5, seek to get a good trade in and once your rotations are up for 6 you can try an all in. You're gonna have to be fast with your R, Q, E, ignite and electrocute so you can blink back before she can retaliate with her ult and daggers. Finally once your Q is doing a big amount of damage, you can try baiting her into blinking to a dagger by walking up to her a bit and then aiming your Q at the dagger.
elin990 (EUW)
: Player went afk in the first minute, we couldn't remake? ( Ranked )
It seems like the Lux connected again but never moved (and perhaps disconnected later). The system only works if the player has never connected or disconnects without reconnecting for the first few minutes. Or it could have been a bug, which would be unlucky. Don't let an LP loss drag you down either way, you'll likely rise back up in no time.
GeorgeGia (EUNE)
: Fix Darius E pls
The indicator should be what you should base your effective range off of, not the animation. Not to mention, ability animations in general are almost never 100% precise, for example you can be hit by Ahri's Q even if it seems to not quite touch you.

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