: Item Sets - Yay or Nay?
I absolutely LOVE this feature in the game, I am sad to see it not be promoted in their newer launcher
Neonchan (EUW)
: Sure, having whoever is lastpick be forced to be support must have been such a better concept -.-
I don't think those are the only two options in the universe though, I sure hope not
Adama (EUW)
: I get the feeling that autofill gets worse the lower elo you are. Not that ''oh I got filled now I troll'' or something never happens in higher elo but I bet it happens much more often in low elo.
I share that view, at least it seems to get better, but I still don't know if it's good.
: Maybe, you can try to find a friend who mains support and then do duo que.
Problem there would be if you already have a friend you wanna play with and he/she mains something else. And you cant always play with a friend because of different schedules or whatever.


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