Duckyfer (EUNE)
: 14 DAYS BAN!
So I guess it's okay to troll someone,provoke them,make them rage on purpose. I'm kind of confused how the starters of the problems are pardoned of their deeds but the victims,in this case me and the other 2,we are just supposed to take it. You know this is just messed up,that dude was flaming back,how come he didn't get a two week vacation? This community is just morally wrong,how come am I beign punished for trash talking in a video game?I can totally understand beign banned for intentionally feeding,refusing to cooperate,but trash talking? And he was so obviously doing it on purpose,as he threatned me with a sadistic smiley face emoji to report me as soon as I got fed up with his bullshit.(oh goddamn,used a swear word,my bad) Riot's PUNISHMENT system for trash talking shouldn't be more than 5/25 chat restricted. %%%% me,no wonder why randoms never socialize,they're afraid of starting a trash talking,Riot literally traumatize people and you people look at it as "Deserved". And there's a mute button there,but there's no "Stop trolling,I want to have good game,don't waste my time,you can't buy it back" button,care to explain this?
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