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: Looking for a nice group for dynamic queue bronze-silver :)
Hey I added you! I also made a comeback at the end of the season and was in Silver. Now I am in bronze but aim way higher.
: Snakes on a Lane looking for any elo members! EUNE!
Username: Dunlop Most Played Champion(s): Malphite, Lux, Leona Most Played Lane: Top/supp/Mid Current elo: Bronze IV Last elo: Silver IV
siemekk (EUNE)
: Adc Looking for a supp for duo game :)
Hey, I was in Silver last season and now got placed in Bronze and trying to get out of there. So I made a team to rock the rankeds, I will add you if you are interested then hit me up in game.
Skywarth (EUNE)
: Looking for a gold team(EUNE)
I was Silver last season, now bronze but adding you if you wanna play together! My aim is gold also.
: Jungler LF dedicated team EUNE (Finished S1)
Added you. Starting a team because going solo isnt that pleasant. So if you wanna play dynamic im up for it.
DrBryan (EUNE)
: Top/Mid/Jungle Looking For A Team [Bronze going for Silver]
Hey! I added you, if you would want to play dynamic together. I was Silver last season now got placed to bronze. I'm starting a team for people like us if you wanna join!
Reanay (EUW)
: IGN: Reanay Skype: ya Age: 22 Rank : Now - S4 | last season : S1 ( was close to getting into gold) Main roles: Supp>Jungle>Top>Mid>Adc Pref Champs: Supp: Leona, AListar, Soraka Jungle: Yi, Shyva, WW Top: Garen A bit about myself: Well im 22 years old and i am studying industrial engeneering and management. I speak Dutch, English and German.
Are you on EUNE though? I am, as you can clearly see.
Dunlop (EUNE)
: Creatting a team for Bronze-Silver players to climb the ranks.
Or shall we say I want a group to play dynamic with, not a team because the 5vs5 doesnt exist whoops.
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Dunlop (EUNE)
: Finnish players
I am on EUNE tho.
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qp Pepsi qp (EUNE)
: Finding people for full teams.
koakimeri (EUNE)
: Perma Ban Solution
"ur pathetic pls stop talking before i wreck u and make u suicide :D". You think this is acceptable behaviour?
CG Skumbag (EUNE)
: Need Silver Players To play with.
Hey add me! IGN: Dunlop. I was silver last season, now I haven't played the ten matches to get placed.
: Finally a Finnish person on league boards! I will add you soon.
The problem is that I play on EUNE.
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Dukekillem (EUNE)
: LF guys n gals to play with
Hi! I'm looking for some relaxed playing too with nice teammates. I'm 21 and from Finland. Only Silver IV but if that doesnt bother you lets play together. In-game name: Dunlop. Adding you.
Chogatha (EUNE)
: {EUNE} Looking to create a team (Silver +)
I'm really interested so add me dude!
Radiation27 (EUNE)
: Team 5 vs 5
I'm interested, gonna add you.
: 5 years experienced player creating/searching for team! [Top lane]
Hello! I'm a Finnish dude who is returning to the League. I used to play a lot like 1-2 years ago. And now I'm making a comeback. I have been playing for awhile and I'm currently in Silver IV. I'd like someone to play with and just have fun with someone and to become a better player. I don't currently own a mic, but I'm buying one in the near future(within a week) so I don't mind a teamchat. Also my english is quite good so that wont be a problem. I main mostly Lux, in mid and in bot. Add: Dunlop (if you wanna :D ).
: EUNE - Creating a Team - Silver/Bronze
1 - Skype: Dont have mic yet, but will soon have. 2 - Non Toxic. I'm really calm person. 3 - I play league maybe 1-3 hours per day. 4 - Do you play league more or less than 7 hours a week(1 hour a day): Yes I do. 5 - Your main Roles: Main mid and supp. Good at top also. Main Lux mostly. Rank: Silver IV In game name: Dunlop


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