: Lets start with this. Anytime Ivern frees a camp, the creature in that camp could make a little dance/bounce like they're happy/pull out some strange treasure and then disappear in some strange way. How about having each creature do Ivern a favor? Wolves go and sniff out camps in the enemy jungle. Raptors help out with drake and herald. Gromp goes and jumps over a gliff or something. Scuddle crab gives free vision in river bushes. I have no idea what those rock things could do... Daisy first needs a functioning code. Right now it's a mess for many players. Maybe the rock things could provide her armor/extra health?
Love the dance part. Totally agree with u.
: This is actually very interesting and tbh i have never thought about it. i think this idea is amazing and that it does make sense to get bonuses for his good deeds. i'm thinking that when he "frees a camp" he should be able to summon it to help him kill other heroes/ push or whatever you want to use the camp for, just like herald but mini version but they should focus on whatever you want them to focus
We need a Rioter to see this stuff.
GodlyApe (EUW)
: OHH wait guys amazing idea? Make one of the camp thingies follow him and help him :O Mhmm good idea yes?
It doesnt need to be a visual expression. Daisy becoming stronger for each camp you release is pretty much the same, without the adding effort for riot to make the visuals and a more complex coding.
: Buff Ivern for real
Iverns' goal according to his lore is to travel the world and learn its inhabitants. He creates a new bond with every living organism he meets. This is how he befriends with Daisy. His in game play style is based on this characteristic, freeing the camps with his passive. However, while he gets xp and gold, the concept of creating new bonds does not show in game. He gets the same as any other jungler who kills the camps in order to farm. It is as if he travels the map for the sake of traveling. The concept of bonding with the world is a key feature to Iverns identity as a champion and it needs to be shown. Players should feel that they are doing something good while freeing the camps. You need to feel the bond, something that will stay with you for the rest of the game, something more emotional than xp and coins. Something like Kindreds and Bards playstyle, because right now Iverns interaction with the jungle is just a different way to farm and not so much a different way to jungle. For starters I think we need a visual effect when Ivern is freeing a camp, showing their sharing bond and appreciation. Could be colorful hearts above the camp or something else cute, refreshing etc. The basic question is what you get from freeing the camps? Why free and not kill? Where does your good actions forming a bond show? You need that something little extra as a reward, more like as a satisfaction. One suggestion is to make Daisy scale with the number of camps you free.
: Ivern’s job isn’t to make bonds... he’s already done that. He’s friends with all of the jungle creatures and knows them all on a personal level, hence why in his quotes he litterally catches up with them Ivern’s job is to become the new god tree, protecting nature and helping it with its issues. When he traverses the jungle he doesn’t attack instead he talks to them and gets them to hide from the hunters (everyone else). As for bonuses he does get to ‘clear’ the jungle remotely while doing other things, is one of the best at stealing camps in the game, and easily the fastest level 4 possible... he gets enough bonuses and what he does fits well with the lore
I see your point. The thing is for some reason Ivern has very low pickrate, I was wondering how to make him more enjoyable for more players.
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