Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NerfZedHD420p,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=nG0Gpwxn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-29T09:17:18.857+0000) > > http://pastebin.com/B8viBBug <- here are 5 logs in their entirety. > > Also I don't think this has anything to do with ISPs, but something else because it has happened to people outside Egypt and didn't happen to people inside Egypt. > > P.S. This problem happened to me to LoL and LoL only. All my other multiplayer games work fine. Thanks for the logs! Your ping and "packet loss" actually show okay, however I'm seeing a lot of these: > 2016-03-02T15-46-04: Network Thread stall for 82 While not packet loss, these are basically micro "disconnects" for whatever reason. Primarily this can be caused by: - Outdated drivers - Wireless issues - Third party programs interfering It can be a bit difficult to track down, but a few things I can recommend to try would be: - Ensure you have all the latest Windows Updates, as well as drivers for your network adapters. Windows Updates doesn't always have the latest depending on your manufacturer, so I'd also recommend checking out your network card manufacturer's website. - If you're using wireless, try wired for a game and see if the issue persists. If you're already wired, try wireless if it's an option - or try another network card. - Try a "safe boot" of Windows. This will disable most background programs and give us a clean boot to work with. To do this: > - Press Windows Key + R to open "run" > - Type "msconfig" and hit enter > - Click the "Services" tab > - **Click "Hide all microsoft services."** > - Click "Disable All" > - Click the "Startup" tab > - Click "Disable All" > - Apply/OK/Restart Then give the game a shot from this boot. If you notice anything not working as intended or simply want to revert this, just do the steps above except "Enabling" :-)
i tried all that and it still won't work, for some reason this problem is only happening with lol and not other online games, any other suggestions?
Notorouis (EUNE)
: Still, this problem is here and I can't even play always stuck and can't move RIOT TELL US WHAT WE SHOULD DO EXACTLY TO DEAL WITH THIS STEP BY STEP!!
hoping some rioter would notice i have submitted a ticket this morning and still no response ._.
same problem in here as well, ping spikes in the loading screen then when the game starts and minions spawn the game freeze and minions keeps dying suddenly and then attempting to reconnect
Pegaz7 (EUW)
: EUW Lagging in all games. (Lagspikes. PING,PFS = OK)
i have the same problem as well, its infuriating ._.
rosen tapak (EUNE)
: Raise in lag and ping
notable raise in ping and then the game freezes and says "attempting to reconnect"
: Some sort of freeze lag
yeah i have the same issue as well
: Who has the best laugh in LoL?
: Help please with connecting to games!
I am having the same problem as well, it just started happening yesterday and i didn't install anything and i even disabled the firewall yet still dc'ing
CranDi (EUW)
: 500 ping and unable to reconnect
i am having the exact same problem as well, by the time it reaches 10-15 sec the ping suddenly reaches 500 ping and attempting to reconnect , i never had such problems before i don't know what the hell happened
Dark Kunai (EUNE)
: High ping and disconnect
i am having the same problem as soon as i am in game pings becomes 500 and "attempting to reconnect"
: Help for a noob adc
uhm, have you tried "attack move click'?
: a marks man that can be played as adc or in mid lane
Ziah (EUNE)
: I'd be interested. However I am just level 24 at the moment. So that might exclude me....
your level doesn't really matter, i will add you in-game
: Thresh is one of the most played champions. Is he beautiful? No he isn't.
thresh doesnt look ugly he looks cool with a badass vibe, galio is like urgot when it comes to looks, he looks boring,his design feels old and ugly .
: but better than you.
i was actually serious, ugly champs are played less often because of that not because of his kit
: I don't get why is Galio so underplayed.
: Best champions to climb ELO with?
well i had a friend who is a support main specifically janna, he was gold 5 last season and he is diamond 5 this season
: match history(web) doesn't load for me
i have the same problem and posted and no one replied, i'd try the NA forums if i were you
Warrijur (EUW)
: Haha thanks alot for your detailed comment friend! So, on bruiser AD Evelynn I take the warrior enchantment I guess? Then build Trinity with maybe a BotRK? Tanky after, right?
no trinity, straight to botrk then tanky,if you need more damage get hexdrinker
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Kappasugi (EUNE)
: Sure, why not
ty, will add you in-game
Takeoff (EUW)
: Starting to main Zed
Check this, I am sure it will be helpful and goodluck ! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUSnJ3s67h75aYRYjudxNGDN0_M7tatEo
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Stàrgirl (EUW)
: LF Cute Duo queue partner (Girl Plat 5 Support Main)
well, i had my pitchfork ready to call you out on the "cute" part but it turns out you were joking, sooo goodluck maybe?
: after a full day of looking at the boards
the HUD update is pretty good, it is just confusing at first and takes time to get used to it. The new MF VU is great as well, so personally i like this patch
: the salty silver player
i have nothing relevant to say, i just replied to the thread because i found the emotes in the choices to be quite funny :D
: Opinions on the new Assassin jungler meta
well, since my fav champ is talon atm, i love it because it makes it easier for me to find a team in teambuilder as Talon jungle
RollingAsh (EUNE)
: MF got weird!
I didn't play MF before, I played her today, i really enjoyed playing her and didn't feel she was weak at all, why do you think she is weak?
: Why do I keep losing Rankeds...
Placement matches are the worst, it gets better after that, so don't worry about it
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Feeling down (Vent)
I know the feeling as well, sometimes i start the game and mute everyone from the beginning and only communicate through pings so that i can play in peace without having to deal with ppl whinning and blaming each other. on the bright side its not always like that, for instance, 2 days ago i played a couple of games back to back and people were chill whether winning or losing not a single flamer and people just playing the game
: And why did you need to mention that? Just because I said I liked to play a champion. It's kinda rude.
getting destroyed by Diana tend to have this effect, it is nothing personal
: Can tf hold 1v3 mid? I don't think that's feasible - I would dive him any day since he got only 1 form of cc. And he's meant to make things happen around the map with his global pressure, and on the contrary I would like something that stalls a game. I guess lulu is a fair suggestion though. And I have no idea how ori fares in this season, but yeah she looks like she can do it imo, but I'd rather maybe pick a more defensive mid like liss over her.
if the wave is still coming towards you in a straight line then yes TF can clear it, however if the minions are already stacked under the turret, then no. Orianna is never a bad pick no matter what meta she always has a place , she might not dominate but she is always a solid pick
: Best mid for safe farming and holding towers
{{champion:117}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:61}}
: Nautilus Support
if a team member started complaining about "ks" tell him/her to stop being a *#$%^
Perilum (EUW)
: ADC early items
start longsword and 3 pots then, the main problem with no item start is that you have no sustain, so you would be forced to back early on, but if you are sure you can stay in lane for 1550 gold without being forced out then go ahead, however i don't see it happening
Economics (EUNE)
: Sunfire cape and Cinderhulk, do they stack?
thanks for the replies, i was curious because i kind of see alot of people building them so i got confused
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