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Charibasa (EUW)
: Ah. Great.
If you don't have anything none retarded to say might as well not comment
: Good afternoon, Did you verify your e-mail? If that's the case, you can click on your name in the right top corner of the boards and go to settings. In this menu you can change your passsword and your e-mail. Sincerely, Sander599
Hi, I did verify my email , but both e-mail and password are changed, because my e-mail got exposed, so I can't change anything because I do not know them , I was only left logged on my computer and that is the reason I can post this here, but I can't play the game and I need the account really fast...
Kageryu (EUW)
: 2 days? Not gonna happen. It usually takes a week+
Well, yeah could be, I'm not familiar with those things.
3rd Age (EUW)
: in 2 days he can play 20+ games and straight feed & be toxic on purpose in 10 mins he make a large purchase on your credit card in 5 mins he can waste your refunds in x mins he can enjoy himself with your hextech tab hmmm lol
I already lost the refunds and I never save my credit card info online so It's safe, and he didn't play any games yet thank god .
3rd Age (EUW)
: your account got hacked and the most worrying this is getting into a tournament? i'd be worried about quite a few other things ;s
I am not worried, I know I;m getting it back through support because I know all the information, but I need it really fast, like in 2 days.
Kageryu (EUW)
: Wait for Riots response. Shouting on the forums will not make it go faster.
Well yeah m8, but I hope so because I need it urgently for a tournament :/
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DF SeXpeke (EUNE)
: Building A team!!!Looking for plat+ players for ESL Tournaments
IGN: Azor Ahai country: Serbia Main Lane: Jungle/Adc Main CHampions: Jungle(Lee,Nidalee,Rek'Sai,J4) Adc(Ez,Corcki,Lucian)


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