Declined (EUNE)
: It is what is it, I did what I could to help as many people complete the missions as possible but I'm only one person, and even if I'm the best player on a team, I can't win on my own. So I learned that the most efficient way to complete the missions was by communicating a LOT with the team, in order to help them improve their chances and follow strategy. For instance, did you know that if you have a Jinx on the team, then the 3rd map is by FAR the easiest? All you would have to do is sit at the starting area and defend that, while Jinx kept firing her Rockets all across the map. It's easier said than done, because you'd need your team mates to follow the strategy in order to not split up.
We are thinking the same way. Most of the time i dont have mental energy for whole team..
Kringe (EUNE)
: That is the exact reason I never finished the last two missions and lost all will to play the mode and try. I have been playing with 2 augments for the last 15 Odysseys or so (not in a row, but a huge majority was with 2 augs), just cause people were like 'ye, ye, we help you next game'. We won once and they were like 'nah, got to go'. And I've been trying so hard to help people but they either troll you, go afk on purpose, or spam the surrender button as soon as you lose once without rethinking tactics or anything. People are really like that, and that sucks a lot. I wanted to get that Odyssey Gem, but I guess I'll have to wait for another opportunity.
I feel your pain :(
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Keep in mind that people doing stuff like that might have been people like you too. It's up to you if you keep trying to be better than them or turn to one of them yourself.
We managed to win in last minute.Sun Tsu said put people on the "dead ground" and they will fight with courage. It comes down to who has empathy.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >Three of them left after they got what they wanted even they said they gona help me next game. >I have learned the lesson.I would never again be this kind of polite. Good lesson learned. Don't believe human at all, not only in the game but also in the outside world. Many of them will only think how to use you and then ignore. But Riot really created an "awesome" missions, that completely destroyed the mode.
I have been naive most of my life,started to open eyes.Good thing is that we managed to finish 2 aug mission in last minute. I agree with your statement <3
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Rohirrim (EUNE)
: Which change are you referring to...
Corkis BOMBS,Graves passive,Caitlyn traps,Kog Maw 5.0 attack speed
: Smaller adc changes...
To me this change is realy bad...It makes game more MINI game oriented and noob friendly. We dont want more mini games.It feels like we are playing super Mario stuff...Game will be unbalanced and not skill oriented. We dont need more noob spells like Nidalees empowered W(she jumps from 2103921039120 miles away and its in 90% situations succesfull jump with little to zero counter play)
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