Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How many Worlds Pick'em points do you have so far?
Maybe somebody wanna trade mystery skins??? invite em inf riends i amfrom eu n&e. Nick Elgstant
Azters (EUNE)
: And then how should I know you're not a traitor?
I not traitor, i just wanna trade skin, cuz cant gift myself ;)
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Croquis (EUNE)
: You have three choices. 1. If they'll mid top or troll... go to another lane and let them play what they want, maybe it'll turn out better.. or not.. who knows, still it's better than playing with an intentionally feeder troll. 2. Dodge the game, I know LP is important, mental health is more important imho. 3. Go with the game, do your best even if the other guy sucks. Then report him, and move on... Just... DON'T FLAME!!! It'll bite you in the ass, and the other players who trolled ya, will laugh their ass off at ya... serves them right eh? You're the one with 0 brain if you can't understand the reason of your ban. :D
I always can go all lane couse no noob. But another guys pick mid or top.. Idk in silver if first pick never see supp or jungle only mid or top.. If only dodge u lose lp and have suspended. If u play lose and listen how they saying i feed u all are noob.. so i can beleive but riot don't do anythink...
: When toxic People are worst then Feeders/Afkers
Joke... No surr? Why? When in pick room somebody saying mid/top or troll and they do it in game. I have a lot of match when somebody go feed enemies in ranked because don't go mid or top. And riot don't do anythink..
Croquis (EUNE)
: You no understand why rito ban you ~eh? You flame (no matter the reason), you even come to the borads and call Riot idiot, and you think they'll release the ban? For real? :D Just so you know Riot owns your account (basically you just rent it) and can do anything with it. And after your post I really think you've deserved that ban. Try to improve your behaviour and maybe you won't be banned after.
Man how u can no flame when somebody in pick room said mid/top or troll and they do it in your series? What about bought new champ and i go try it in ranked? Maybe i have lough when they troll? 0 brain with your post. U only hear what u want...
: > .. idk why they ban me in ranked I already explained that. Do you have any questions about this explanation?
When they troll we have laugh?
Elgstant (EUNE)
: Banned in ranked games and chat
moderator note: Screens removed due to naming & shaming Omg.. nice riot.. but ban left me... idk why they ban me in ranked.. It forces thinking that i better leave lol and go play dota 2 or cs.
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: Riot please give me chat restriction again... Please 140 games or something.... maybe even 900....
I have 75 games chat ban and 35 ranked games ban, because me team troll. In pick team they say mid/top or troll. And if somebody pick them lane they rly do it in ranked. I hard flame and riot can take me 1kk ban on chat, but why in ranked games ban? I think riot don't see where is real problem..
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