Smerk (EUW)
: Low quality rant, it's not even clear what is your problem exactly
who are you again ? and why you are insulting me kid ? do we have a problem or what ?
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Ill just try to change my behaviour 360 degree That implies just turning around and keep going on the same course as you currently are. You probably want to make a 180 instead. =) --- > this is 2nd account which was shut down by them The first thing you need to realize is that this is the 2nd account that was permabanned because of you. Not them, but you. Nobody forces you to behave in the manner that got you permabanned, that's all on you. Everyone meets the same type of players you do ingame. We get angry at them too, but we don't have to stoop to their level and behave just like they do. We're better than that, so we choose to ignore them and focus on playing the game we're here to play. The sooner you realize that it's your behaviour that has to change in your cases, the better.
you will find out these season when riot feed the trolls whit this ban wave , it actualy did not scared them only made them angrier and you know what there anger is focused on us , and if a report nothing happend if i tell them to stop i get banned couse i used provocative word , if i tell them to stfu i get banned couse "asking for report" your rules are just too benefit the company not the game itself
LArgiplex (EUW)
: How is this possible?
keep playing game make them money and stfu about it couse it wont be diffrent riot makes alot of cash from frustrated kids whit personality issues , too put it shord you kids broke the game now deal whit it
sirDarts (EUW)
: Perma bans are needed because some people just don't learn. They are bad for the game and need to be removed. It's a last option, nothing else helped, so the player is deemed unreformable and removed. That's why permabans are a thing. Flamers lower the chance of winning just as inters and trolls, they need to change or need to be removed. And just because someone else needs to be punished doesn't mean others, who are also breaking the rules, don't.
yesterday i won games just by tilting enemy team couse of me stomping my oponent couse of rank resets and stuff like i said they broke the game chat is useless should have a option to remove it mute in unrealiable you can unmute fast you won even miss 1 cs
sirDarts (EUW)
: Perma bans are needed because some people just don't learn. They are bad for the game and need to be removed. It's a last option, nothing else helped, so the player is deemed unreformable and removed. That's why permabans are a thing. Flamers lower the chance of winning just as inters and trolls, they need to change or need to be removed. And just because someone else needs to be punished doesn't mean others, who are also breaking the rules, don't.
well people who are bad at the game dont get remmoved , only people who call others noob ban report X and stuff like this from what i seen wich is stupid to ban someone for beening toxic and after hes banning , if someone reports him for idk saying some random shit like telling somone to stop feeding they will just retaliate on you and you will get banned perma , i seen that in alot of post , i`m actually disgusted don`t even play anymore, couse some random emo can randomly report me for point hes mistake , and if i ask a player for example to report someone who flames entire teams and the real flamers whit cancer to familys and shit , i will get perma banned aswell so why should one play
Suffer (EUNE)
: You do not get to decide what a person is. Also, this was never about banning people. Do not put me in the same group as those. As for personality issues... maybe I do have them, but maybe you should look in the mirror.
excuse me did you actually read your title and post ,, how you call i see it in emotionally unstable , you don`t need a freaking algorithm to get gold just use hands maybe ? and stop reflecting your inability to do it on others . you will never improve that way and you will get people in trouble fueling flame .
sirDarts (EUW)
: What do you still have with your money thing? As said, Riot does NOT permaban people to make them pay more money! If you get permabanned, make a new account, don't change your ways and still spend money, then you are pretty damn stupid because you are just throwing it down the drain. As for your example: There is absolutely no reason to flame in the first place. You are just making your victory chance even lower. The guy you flamed might tilt because of it. The guy might start arguing with you. Or they may just stop trying because why should they help you win a game when you flamed them? If you actually care about winning, flaming is the second worst thing you can do for your chances, right behind trolling. As for "bans don't work": They do, people who come back are an exception, and they usually get removed before even getting to the point where they can play ranked again (you need 20+ champions, that takes a while). Also a big part of people actually does reform after getting a chat restriction or a 14-day ban. You just don't see those complaining on the forums because they see what they did wrong.
i stil don`t see a reason to perma ban someone just becouse hes argument partener played him and not using the mute button as for marketing plot it works but i dont understand why people alow this perma banning spree and don`t take there side anyone can use mute it solves the flaming. they can ban more serious stuff like all the game dose , for example i know someone who boost while scripting in high diamond / masters the time between ban waves he can boost 1 or 2 accounts wich is seriosly wierd they just alow it , and bots aswell banned in waves serious problems who dont get the spotlight but a guy who need to grow some dose couse hes crying on forum , this dude head good ideea a option to remove hes chat .were are the riotiers !?
sirDarts (EUW)
: People don't flame for "no reason" (most of the time), but the vast majority flames for some completely stupid reason, like someone else making a mistake. If you can't control your temper, even to the point where you have to TYPE in chat to tell the person your feelings, you have bigger problems... Why would you do something that doesn't help you at all? Something that lowers the chance of winning even more? Something that's even against the rules? Imagine if your colleague at work makes a mistake that costs you some hours of additional work. Will you go shout profanities at him? No you won't, because you would get fired, not him, the one making the mistake, YOU. In many social situations you will get angry, but you are not allowed to show it. And once again, a permaban is Riot telling you: "Please don't play this game anymore." Yet you go out of your way, create a new account, and get it banned again, and again, and again... Is this some sort of Stockholm syndrome situation?
well i see your point but you don`t compare irl when its money involved whit a video game , but that same situation for a kid who`s dream is to get gold , when they see a player making that dream shatter they will break in that time if one calms them or just help there lane this problem is usualy happends in low when you can do stuff randomly whit noone capitulating on your mistakes , you have chance to actualy get a kill and he will stop flaming i seen people stop flaming when they see a win condition apear and transform into leaders giving calls some verry good , and the point is im not saying that all people who flame are ok , they are some who wish cancer and stuff and decides to int those deserve idd a ban so can think it over , but imo perma banning them is not option , it will only fuel the hate .they will even troll going like wtf im getting banned anyways , plus idk but imo the que sistem works teaming up flamers in the same or some shit o.O , idk but going full bich mode on forums and in game reports left and right wont do nothing look what it has evolved now the bans are too many a freaking script is doing that job now
kroncriz (EUW)
: ***
idd your right and riot needs to stop banning people permantly for chat arguments , i totaly agree whit you there , a mute exist reports are for serious stuff like insulting ones family in hard way or stuff like that , people tend to mess around i seen people become friends from flaming eachother lol
sirDarts (EUW)
: Everyone has a choice not to flame. Yet some people choose to flame and break the rules. Same way with muting some people choose to not mute, and argue back, and then the game is done, you lost, two people are focusing on arguing instead of playing. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to ever flame, the person won't start playing better, you won't feel better, you are not more likely to win, actually you are less likely to win, etc. As such there is no reason to allow any sort of flame.
why are you condemning players who fails in controlling there tilt they will never lern if you keep banning them they just make a new account and just do it even more , plus i never seen anyone flame for no reason most of them start from junglers not coming to counter gank and ignoring him both ingame and chat and you know what streamers like nb3 teach that to tax peoples lanes wich iduces til i will flame a jungler if i takes a wave from and after pinging him b aswell , not insult the guy but just point out that hes moron for doing that wich is a problem , now imagine tha situation when the jungler gouse "muted " and never comes to help enemy jungler will camp here more seening hes tilted team will start flaming aswell couse of this problem and the hate circle is all around again . simple remove chat problem fixed if they chose to troll thats a difrent problem . simple put as a player who plays since fiora im saying that the banning for aggresive slurs and argumets are pointless and disrespectfull to the player and community it only fuels the fire as you see more and more post are comming whit perma banned . if truly think they should just remove them exept help them you truly are more toxic then them
sirDarts (EUW)
: Actually Riot would prefer if permabanned people would not make new accounts, even if they might spend more RP. Riot is losing way more money by toxic scrubs disheartening new players than they could EVER gain from those few permabanned ones.
ye thats the marketing i never seen so many people getting banned for small things and perma bans like this year ever and i`m casual plaing since fiora people really need to stand up and tell them to stop doing this everyone has a choice to mute someone and your flaming is done but who am i to talk , i have my account since s3 i think even i got punished couple of times but the ideea of this marketing thing whit new banning bot , and honor , and essence is just stupid , if you people accept it do it but remeber one thing one day it can happen to you and you will come here and ask for stuff just like everyone else getting banned and there right the victims have a mute button that they can use but they abuse the fact that your angry to force a punish on you , idd insulting people family and stuf wishing cancer and stuf is not ok needs to stop but aggresive slurs like noob bad bronze report X are easy to deal whit and not need to be perma banned i will prefer a flamer over a feeder or a nobrainer goody good all day. imagine if half of eu ne just stop loging in 2 days and some makes a decent post like this ideea to remove the chat wich a good ideea couse it helps whit the urge to retaliate wich younger people can`t controll , and i cant see insults like wishing cancer to family and stuff everyone is happy the think is sure the summ code needs to changed im not saying that players should make it just submit it to a o vote just make a strawpool see many people will agree that perma banning for chat things is stupid
: You are quite angry... No good for your health... Bottom line: "they wont do that ever more bans = new accounts = more RP spendings they avrage alot of bans per day "
if people stop playing there game like alot of them for a couple of days they will imediatly respond
: I have self-control. And In the real world, I can walk away. In LOL, if I walk away I get a penalty. Even if I was being bullied. I love the people like you. Like giving more options is bad. I am offending you asking for a "disable chat" option? Could you bring up solutions and ideas. Or just typing self-pretend irony? See... I even respond to you... Are you happy?
they wont do that ever more bans = new accounts = more RP spendings they avrage alot of bans per day , a girl wich i never seen frustrated got called a whore he asked all players to report that guy calling her a whore couse didn`t wanna give her fb what did riot done shes banned never seen her again , they are making provocative shit every time like emotes and shit , if you play whit someone in aggresive play not letting them only insult you its called retaliation now , and there saying to mute , and then they wanna make voice chat and promote people socializing its the players foult sticking not sticking togeter and hating on forums one on another and thats how they make us do what they want and there making huge $ from this and there apreciation is were unbanning t1 but banning all other players imo this system is broken in soo many ways a player wo is banned for 14 days is doomed to mute chat every game couse of the cancer and if you tell someone dude stfu you idiot stop flaming we can win and you win and a player report you its over perma ban and on forum they will be WELL DESERVED i rink in your honor phatetic comunity that accumulated over the years they should just remove all bans , and change the rules so everyone votes for who dosent have slimy keys in it so they can ban you for everything if 1 mil players stop playing for 2 days that will sound the alarm and will prob forced to lisen to players who wont happend couse generation of slaves
: I can tell that I might be sharing an unpopular opinion here, but I don't think allowing people to permanently disable team chat is a healthy idea. Social interactions are an essential part of any multiplayer game, people understandably mute negative things to not get dragged down. So when you mute everyone from the start, you automatically assume that all you're going to read is negative, and completely shut yourself off from the possibility to even see a positive interaction. Saying that you need to mute all is quite an exaggeration, games where everyone is displaying toxicity are very rare. I'd rather mute a hundred negative players myself than to miss out on a positive one.
what social stuff is a moba you have them 30 min once , its not a mmo noone uses cat private chat exist for that wanna socialize go outside this game is the most toxic everyone is toxic even if admits it or not even you , they promote this crap made spamable emotes so that can spam it after a kill to induce til to adversary the end game is always gg easy , everyone dosen`t give a shit about there team couse thats how stremers promote the game you made this way deal whit it and stop banning people for the mistake you done riot , you can mute there chat they can`t type anymore problem solved , people can troll whit char or whidout chat like i said before chat is useless this game entire comunity is toxic you can see it on the angels here , you see the happyness in there eyes when someone comes here i said why did he get banned when he can get mutted banning people for yelling report X or calling X bad and shit is marketing not fair the the players who spend there time in this game for a chat , you have a mute button that can be used but you even promote this banning shit yourself but people who break the game and trolls 4 people are saints there just having a bad game or 5-6 . shit system shit jury who they are .
Magneset (EUW)
: Or just mute them after you see their first message? I don't see why thats such a difficult thing to do.
why people prey on response so they report you even if they insult you or feed int etc why not show them what they truly are a reality check i will smash everyone who disrespects me , the internet window is getting real %%%%%%ed in this generation , so if they don`t show respect force them , i`m some slime trying to get someone banned i never report people just when they insult , or int , or ragequit riot way of banning is just pure marketing , i seen players banned permanetly for telling someone there going to report them ofc they insulted him and guess what the insulted player got banned what ca he do , absolutly nothing .just wach how there $ goes down the drain prob most kid don`t afford it now there looking at there account permabanned for stuff like shoting for reports in eason 4 every palak wished cancer to your family and noone reported is was even a meme , so no tanks i will just punish every nerd who preys on others misfortune wanting them banned and shit when they can USE THE MUTE as you say there at least 100 bans per day only eune for this crap so il just enjoy miself wile im here and kick kids ass`s show them the reality \
: He said he got banned "immediately", I assume he means that this was his first punishment and that he skipped the chat restricts, If this is what he meant by "immediately" then that means that he was indeed banned for quoting "%%%" which does not warrant a ban since he was simply quoting what an other player told him Report calling is indeed something people can get banned for but it will never cause anyone to skip the first two levels of punishment _____ Also OP, next time that happens, don't ask other people to report, just report him yourself, that's enough to get someone banned for teling you to %%% And if you do want to talk about what he told you to other players in ALL chat for whatever reason, adapt it to fit context, don't just copy paste "%%%" but say stuff such as : "telling someone to kill **him**self is an insta ban" or (don't actually report call but this is just to quote what you said) "Report zed for telling me to kill **my**self" Not only is is more visually pleasing to read but it would also make it easier for the support team to see that you didn't actually do anything ban worthy, if anything similar to this happens again Now I'm not saying your ban isn't justified since I don't have all the data they have, what I'm saying is that if the ban was indeed because you used "%%%" I don't believe it to be warranted, and you should contact player support about it
this ban wave is exagerated , that the fck they want if someone is a noob il will call him a noob couse thats what he is , he picked ranked que so if hes bad deal whit people flaming you couse you are bad , normals exist for a reason people should just stop playing to teach them a lesson , free speech is our way in EU and liberty , take korea for example you make a account using your social number and they know who you are that removes the mask and people are more natural they trash talk all time there but noone insults and bans are rare , but noo in EU if you type the word report its offence , how we talk then Hello team pls assist me , support pls ward , like you have to fcking beg for someone to play there roll or play the game , no if there bad there noob if there break the rules your right to chose to report or not but you have a mute button aswell before reporting you can mute but nooo you kinds wanna harm them , the amount of reports in eu are disgusting , and if someone couses 4 players to lose a game is compleatly right , if someone trolls is compleatly right , but if you call someone bad and point there mistakes so they will know your toxic aswell why don`t they remove the fcking chat , but no they want voice chat a new kids toy the GAME IS FCKING SIMPLE SOMONE ANNOYs you mute them dont report them only for serious stuff like inting leaving (rage quiting) hard insulting on familys and cancers and stuff ,look at fcking streamers they talk trash all stream thasts good , look at how eu droped in good players couse noone good actualy likes the game anymore , look at korea there they have there own system far superior ,all these kids need is a good beating
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