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: You can name the person in the ticket if you wish as it goes directly to Riot and they can do something with it. Members of the board cannot see this and so the persons privacy remains intact and as such there is no risk of witch hunting. Naming them on the boards, however, is naming them in a place where no action can be taken, as a result you are doing nothing more than bullying, as you are, in effect, personally attacking the player in question by naming them for all to see
Thank you for the possitive feedback im just sick of poeple like that and i feel like others are to. Something needs to be done. Enjoy your weekend {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: What's the reason for this board?
Ok so what you are telling me is, I can send a ticket and in the ticket I can leave the persons name in it. Otherwise whats the point of the ticket then ? And i mean comeon i know that you dont want to shame 1 person for something 10 million others do but there needs to be a beter system on how to get rid of people like this. Im still on a low Elo and i have been for a long time now mostly because i stop playing league when people start harrasing so badly that it's in every game. But really being racist towards someone you dont even know and then after all the comes to my lane, and feed the enemy on perpose then tells everyone to call me a fat N****R and he/she will give them free kills. Directly after that he said "I don't care if I get banned because the system is flawed". So any idea what I can do to increase the chance of him getting banned ?
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: Yea, Over all these years I have played leauge I have only seen toxic no matter where I go to find someone help me get good. Now if the community would not be so toxic I might have learned the things that a dimond player thought me the other day, If I would have met a good enoth player that would have thought me that earlyer I would most likely be challenger now. but sence the community is so toxic I was playing 5 years withou anyone helping and I could not find out why I was so bad becus no one was willing to help. So litirally I can blame the leauge community for being too negative and djudgmental. But sence after a dimond player actually showed me how to play propperly I have ceen diffrence in my skills. So I would say there is perhaps 1% of the entire community that is worth being players in this game that actually help others up insted of pushing them down
I agree with you on that one, because all i ever see is harrasment no matter where you go and what role you play.
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: Make Urf Great Again
I prefer the old urf because you can ban the OP champions and every game had the same champs now in the new urf you cant ban the champions and they are still giving the same champion every game. I don't like either of them i`m just giving my opinion so that riot can see and change the champion rotation. It would be nice if they banned some champs out of urf for good like kata, ryze, teemo etc.
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