: Introducing...ARAM-arama!
We love aram mode!! Please, add more missions on ARAM in the future!! Fair seas!
: That is pretty much exactly how it works right now, except for the fact that the annoying task of looking through the evidence is done by (far more effective and reliable) machines.
Well - I am so sorry to say that this is not working now!! Last days I have played about 100 games! On more than 80 games, I had afks, trolls, flammers! You say that these people have been banned? Well, if yes, that means that the community must have more that a billion of players! Else, I cant match the statistics! Should I say also what players say? Seriously, make a poll and ask your players how often do they play a GOOD game? And not only ranked games - I mean ARAMS, urfs and other modes! Please, feel free to join 3 games of the new mode! If 2 of 3 games have good players only, then you prove your point and that will be the end of discussion!
: There is one big problem with this idea: It doesn't scale well. League is simply waaaaay to big to allow such a system. Finding and managing maybe a few hundred of admins is somewhat possible, finding and managing the hundred thousands or millions that would be necessary for League is not. It would pose the usual problem: Who watches the watchers? Keeping this admin army under control is virtually impossible in a game with the size of League. I am working for another gaming company and we basically use this system with a few thousand admins. And that is already a MASSIVE effort that requires a lot of resources and has many many flaws. Doing that with 100 or 1000 times as many people? No way in hell.
Who watches the watchers? But of course the players! Players will be able to to report an admin for a no reason ban or kick! Who would decide for these reports? A poll maybe? The players again by voting! This system is a circle and RIOT is not at the center of it! The community will work and manipulate this system by it's own!
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