Riryz (EUW)
: its most likely that people thought your name was offensive and you got to many reports so now you had to change your name. fun thing is you still have the same name but only with a different champion. so if you had to name change because of inappropriate name reports then you cant get it back. if it was a bug then its possible.
there's someone out there who doesn't think Teemo is a douchebag? :D{{summoner:3}}
Ronker (EUW)
: I don't get your logic here, so you have the right to belittle perfect strangers and place them under duress as long as you do it to the minority and not the majority it should be justified? So your bad day is everyone's bad day. You are a up standing human.
Mate, don't get things out of context. What i'm saying is that from my point of view its absurd to be punished so severely for something that happened non periodically and in such a short period of time..
: I'm just wondering, but have you received a 14 day suspension in the past?
I did, a month ago or so i believe, but it wasnt 14 day but one week i think. and that all happened because some random guy decided to give me a report after i responded to his comments wishing me and my family cancer etc. and it was only because of his report, atleast the notification stated that
Ronker (EUW)
: As you admitted your were salty 2 out of 3 games and received a suspension accordingly, so is the system working yes. If it was not I would have to contended with your abuse in a future game. I'm always surprised to read these sort of threads how the perpatrator is always the victim....
thanks for the feedback Ronker. I have a question for you. Do 2-3 games make a good basis for permanent suspension of an account where probably 10 games are played every day? :)
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