Mennims (EUW)
: How can I improve my ranked games
I could help but I would need to play at least 1 game with you to see what's the problem and how do you like to fix it :d (lil problem I'm level 16 on EUW xd)
ivo02 (EUNE)
: Finally this happened to me
I often get teams like that :D It's just the matter of playing teambuilder.
: I really love brand, he's my very first champ and i like using him mid and even in bot. And strong or not, i never seen someone that can dodge the 99% of all skillshots of my team during the entire match (not only my spells). But i think dodging is not all the work, because you can also predict his movements. Expecially in botlane i have all the time to study theyr movements, how they lasthits and how they dodge my spells. But with this guy... nothing works! And at certain point (lvl 3, after missing 15 or more skills) i started to randomizing my directions (that's why a lot of spells were bad placed, it's a tactic) because if someone is extremely good to predict ALL your actions ... well then just spam randomly (even with sense, but more randomly). But he wasn't trying to dodge our spells, he WAS dodging our spells. No moving in circle, no random spasms, no plays like under drugs, he was solid like nothing can happens to him. Like a Poker Champion with sunglasses No moves, no single moves, he's just moving in the right direction only when the spell comes. And at that point, if he's so pro to predict all movements of 2 players in botlane, why he's not good enought to run away from irelia? At 3:00 you can see, after the kill, he can run to alistar by walking on my spell (placed exactly for test) Alistar was near him and he's able to save draven, but the only way for draven to dodge the skillshot was running in face of irelia. And at the end he goes to irelia, that's happened because he's forced to dodge my spell. Our teammates got stomped, so we lost pretty bad But this draven ended the match with 9 kills n 7 deaths and only with 30 minon of difference between our adc , i don't think is a good score for a 99% masterdodger. Yeah i know, i also had my korean-like moment (who have never got this moment? xD) That moment while you're dodging all the crap they're throwing to you before getting your penta. But only for an action, or two. He was just dodging all, no good action, nothing.. nothing more than dodging ALL the skillshots. That's why i started this post to ask an opinion to the community.
Randomizing directions is worst you can do if you think you caught a scripter. You should lure him into walking towards you with W and then throw Q directly at his face, at the same time using your E on him. If you do it at close range there is no way he could dodge.
: He's scripting or not?
It seemed normal until knock-up Q, Irelia and the last clips. Script for sure.
: Ekko's targetted Area cannot be seen until the last 0.5s so you see him cast W but not WHERE.
You see cast area if you have vision on him when he begins casting.
n33gs (EUW)
: Ekko ult, does any other champion let you know when their ult is up?
They should just make clone forever visible.
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Increase of drophacks - May 2015
Can't you just save every game's progress by overwriting a file once every few seconds/minutes? This way when server is drophacked it could be idk, rebooted and all the games restored? Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes (still less than those 2 hours of waiting after being drophacked).
Riot tmx (EUW)
: This is unfortunately impossible due to the way the game is structured. What you have installed on your own PC is just the client: it includes the League Platform front end, the visual game aspects, front end game logic and some other services. It's focused on what players see on screen (think of animated particles or map boundaries), and has nothing to do with the actions happening in the background. The background calculations are occurring on game server layer and are what is the heart, and the main driver of the game: every single action you take has to be sent, understood and calculated by a game server instance. Think of a spell: you press Q, your client (local PC) is launching particles and presenting what you can see on your screen. But the impact itself, the amount of damage you do, the opponent it lands at, the counter spells -- they are all being super quickly calculated by the server. Your client wouldn't know how much magic resistance your opponent has, nor how is his spell affecting your movement speed. All this info is stored on the server, and your client just presents it visually, eg: through your champion's stats. Another example: you want to place a ward at the wall. You press your button, but at this point your client is not allowed to place anything. It must first talk to the server, get server's okay, and then finally receive the "go for it" message. Only afterwards you can see the final effect on your screen but at the same time the server has to keep other players in the loop regarding the new placed ward. So game server is crucial to play this game. Now, we spent lots of time to make it possible to move the game server offline. The project was successfully completed and we have already used it on a bunch of eSport events. The goal behind it was to separate our tournament from the internet. Some years ago we didn't have that powerful security infrastructure as we have on nowadays, and we wanted to be bulletproof as much as we could. So the solution is there, but we obviously can't reveal the source code of our game server, so instead of the fancy firewalls in front of the data centers we had to hire some more fancier security team to be present locally at the event ;) Finally, game server application is a powerful piece of code. It really requires huge calculation power (thousands of calls to be processed every second) and most PCs would struggle. Well, maybe it would, but you'd probably have a very sluggish game experience.
You should still be able to make it when you will remake the client I think. You can also make it separate (LoL Online and LoL Offline as different games or sth).


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