: Okay that was the best answer I have seen from this entire thread thank you for the help I will try my best
You're welcome. What i suggeseted is just the start, the very basic of what it means to play to improve. I would just like to warn you, ranked is hard, really hard and it never gets easier, never, only harder and harder. It also takes LOTS of games to climb, if you look up some players who have climbed pretty high you will notice that they have hundreds of ranked games under theyr belts, but just playing alot may not be enough. But there are things that can help climb a bit faster, like small champion pool and playing only your roles(at least not jumping between them all).
GPet (EUW)
: He is very ability-reliant, yes. But if we take this as definition for a mage (Or consider the class to be casters in general) Aurelio or Azir wouldn't really aply to it. :( And Lucian or Corki are the same type of AD Caster yet are only considered a Marksman. <.< (I actually expected Corki to show up as mage when looking it up, but he didn't)
Well there's Cassiopea, she's a mage, but practically she's played like an ADC, just that instead of autoattacks she spams her E like an autoattack.
: So after I win lane gank as much as possible and my team still feeds what should I do ? I know I m bad and I m not the best player in the game but what can I do to improve if my team just keeps feeding ? If You saw all my losing matchs you will see that my team feeds the match making for me is so bad http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3115196418/230455482?tab=overview Teemo and ww kept going solo I tried helping bot and cait got kinda fed but their talon just kept insta popping her. What could I have done better ? What could I do when my team feeds thats my question stop saying " Its u who is bad git gud" I m not saying that i m good i m saying my team is shit what do i do ?
> So after I win lane gank as much as possible and my team still feeds what should I do ? It's not so simple to say stuff like that in text, there's a ton of things to do and it all depends on each situation, there's no single awnser. Could your team done something differently to win? sure they could, can you do anything about your team? no you can't, this is why after each game you should think YOU should've done differently to win..
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: It makes total sense. Because there's an average player and there' a bad player and a good player. And the average skill as the name suggest is the common in most people. Atm your average player is b5-3 based on that chart, and your bad player? he doesn't exist then. Or the average player is a bad player which means the game has a very high skill level which it doesn't, 10 year old kids play the game succesfully., Or is rigged and the player distribution is forced. But you're the exact archetype of point 4. You go on a crusade to defend the current system without knowledge of elo math, multiplayer game design and so on. And even so you got no desire to be curious or learn, I just sent your 2 post ago the DOTA Elo system distribution and you make the following statement: "ur suggestion to have mid point of it larger makes no sense." instead of at least try to ponder on it
You'e mistaking average player with the midle of the whole skill range. Average player IS bronze-silver level. > Or the average player is a bad player which means the game has a very high skill level or is rigged. Yes, game is very deep and has a very high skill ceiling, the difference between challenger and bronze player is HUGE, challenger player in bronze can achieve 90% win-ratios. What makes you think you know elo math? Do you know how the matchmaking here works? I don't really need to be curious anymore, i was and for the most part i know how it works and don't see a reason why it should be changed.
: If i get a penta and win my lane hard Gank bot / top and help my jungler invade then my team feeds a jax what is my counter play to that ? and they all built magic resist so I became more usless and my team was all ad but still lost what should I do ?
You've played teemo you're supposed to win lane, what matters is what you do after that and geting pentas means nothing, what does mean somehing is whatever you can destroy enemy big glowing crystal or not.
: Yeah, it's very likely that he belongs somewhere in bronze, but I would at least not say that we can't be 100% sure. After all I also lost 13 games in a row last season. This didn't make me a silver player or something like that and I quickly ranked up again after this lose streak up to where I belonged. It was simply coincidence; shit happens. That's why I am very careful about making assumptions based on a relatively low amount of games.
Try looking more than just the number of games league provides quite alot of information about each player. Sure you lost 13 games in a row, but you probably have a high amount of games played overall so it can be pretty safe to assume that you just tilted or something like that and it can be guesed that your true level is still around somewhere you've been before that lose streak. On the other hand here whith OP simply the fact that he barely has any ranked games played already is good indication that he's a pretty inexperienced and weak player(no insult intended). To climb it takes alot of games(while even that may not be enough). I admit im probably judging too early with those 12 games alone, but 100 games is also too much, with that amount of games you can do some good climb too.
: I wouldn't say so, at least not without taking the stats into consideration. As a general rule of thumb, absolutely no statistic with less than 30 data points is significant in any way.
Maybe for statistics or science in general, but for league i think 20 games together with a bunch of other stats league can provide good indication whatever player belongs there or not. Sure after a soft reset it may take a bit more games, but even then it can tell that after those 20 games player with 60-70% winratio definetly doesnt belong where he is. But i would say it's fairly certain that OP doesnt belong where he is, he probably belongs even lower, he's a new player so obviously he's gonna be at best high silver that is if he had good experience from some other games, but looking at the fact taht he's bronze 2 and after 12 games still only 17% winratio he's probably gonna fall even lower. I admit it will take a bit more to tell where exactly he should actually belong, but direction looks pretyt clear. After 100 games he probably would do a bunch of improcing too. After 20 more games he should end up at his true level.
: > What do I do when my team is bad ? Nothing. You try to compensate their lack of skill and help them out and if you can't, you lose. Sometimes you simply can't win the game. However this is also not necessary. You don't have to win all games, you just have to win more than 50%. Teammates can stop you from winning individual games, but they can not stop you from ranking up. Keep in mind that your "bad teammates" and your enemies are selected from the same pool of players. So if you are actually better than all those players, your team will always have an advantage. And this advantage (given that you ACTUALLY are better) might not be enough to win ALL games, but it is enough to win more than 50% of your games and that is all that is needed. So bad teammates don't stop you from ranking up. On the long run your personal skill will result in you ending up where you belong. If you don't rank up, you are not actually better than the teammates you are complaining about. Given your current 17% winratio in ranked, this seems to be the case for you. But you only played 12 games, which is hardly a number that tells us anything. But if you played something like 100 games without reaching a winratio above 50% you might want to get used to the thought that you actually belong in bronze.
It doesnt take that many games to see where player belongs, even those 12 games kinda show a pretty good indication.
: How do I get out of bronze ?
Sorry but soloQ ranked matchmaking is pretty reliable, especially in in bronze. You're as good as those around you. If you want to get out of bronze you're gonna have to find out how to get better at the game, it's simply the question of your skill.
Beasty2K (EUW)
: Elo Hell - Bronze
As you can see many have said, you can't blame your teammates for your losses, you have to look at yourself. The moment you start blaming your team is the moment you stopped improving. Of course the big problem is what it means to improve, what does it mean to play to improve, that's what you need to figure out.
: Banned? Are you serious?
If what you're telling is true then you've compromised your accounts security.
: Why is it so hard to play in Bronze?
That's because you reached your tue skill level, you need to improve further to climb higher.
: I just duo'd with master elo smurf... he was boosting his friend's account albeit i didn't report him. 6 cs/min is ok for most midlaners and adcs, because of frequent roaming(mids) or deaths(ADCs). 6 cs/min is more than enough to get out of bronze. On a side note I am gold iv...
Cs per min doesnt really matter that much, what matters is the ability to cs before 10 min mark, how much cs can a player get before then, because after that you get some items and csing becomes easier.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: You give a man concrete data which clearly plots a descending distribution and he still calls it a pyramid. I give up
Whatever, it's a pointless detail, the point is that evry next league has less players and im saying that's how it's supposed to be, your suggestion to have mid point of it larger makes no sense.
: free for all gamemode
Better name would be battle royal. But i doubt in the concept for this kind of game mode, some champions are better at killing than others. We recently had that assassin only game mode and it wasnt that popular and this sounds like it could end up in a similar situation.
hibiki2k (EUW)
: just lost 3game in a row coz afk /rage quit , unlucky or its normal and allowed?
: Can a support carry enouge
Your questions don't really match the points, or whatever you wanted to do there.
Metharius (EUW)
: >he decided to ignore olaf and just go for squishy backline together with rengar and swain. it it wasn t about olaf i would agree, but how do you do that vs olaf ? the guy will ignore your cc and wreck your face, YOU CAN T just ignore olaf, hell, you can t ignore ANYWONE who can become invulnerable to cc and kill you. he had absolutly no pen, thats a mistake because armor/MR up to 100 have the best point/damage reduction ratio. they had enouth armor and MR to force a pen item, at least one
But why should he bother with Olaf? All he has is damage and Victor is a pretty bursty champion as long as he does his full combo he did his thing, Victor even bought ninja tabi, later was intending to go for zhonya.
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: Trollign is a big amassing set so, you cna call trolling in mostly anything.
Then it's wrong to say Riot doesnt punish trolling since trolling can mean anything.
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: I dont say that you can die 2-3 times in early game. I said if you die more than 10 itmes in 8-10 minutes you are a troll thats it. You can lose your lane in a cultured way not by being in 0/15.
That's not trolling, that's intentional feeding and that's punishable. This is exactly what i mean by missusing terms.
Karak Hirn (EUNE)
: I dont think you can be baned by trolling i have never seen someone who got baned coz of that. In league being toxic and afk are the only reasons you cna be baned and in higher tier for trolling, maybe riot will lose a lot of players if they ban every gold, palt or silver trolls.
Term troling is pointless, it's way overused, often used for for wrong reasons. Quite often people start calling people trolls just because they got outplayed, first blooded or something else that isnt trolling.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: But it's not like a pyramid, it's like a saw. And that is a flawed system when we are talking about league+ELO , Here you can clearly see that: http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/rank-distribution From a mathematical POV it clearly proves that the function is not continuous, this means there are a lot of discrete elements, such as "if's" . Sure you have division net so you should somewhat (but not completly) ignore div 5 ratings . And then you can clearly see after plat 4 the distribution becomes smooth. And what changes at that level? Well, teammates have relative similar skill level, they already all know the game so even if you're put in a lower elo rating team, since the skill difference in minimal the effects are neglectable Here is a DOTA distribution for comparison: https://dota.rgp.io/mmr/
Saw because it's harder to fall back a league than to climb up, but it's basicly a pyramid as well as the fact that players become more carefull afterranking up, but basicly it's still a pyramid, the amount of players in evry higher league is much smaller than lower one. The higher you go the bigger the difference between each division, challenger players "make fun" of high diamond players. And what do you mean smooth what you showed wasnt a graph just numbers, to me it looks the same as previous leagues only in smaller numbers.
: Why?
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Doesn't her passive reduce cooldowns by 15s? Which is exactly her cooldown on lvl3 on PBE? So why 2 kills?
: Fastest way to improve & Climb is getting in the right mindset.
I agree, but ithink when it comes finding the right mindset you're only scratching the surface
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: where did you get this information ?
I coudn find the specifics on what exactly the changes could be, but here's that he is geting changed: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/cJZEgxAA-quick-gameplay-thoughts-march-20?comment=005e0000
: R.I.P ADCs
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Don't forget Kata's passive which reduces her cooldowns by 15s after killing enemy. You ulted and killed someone? Press R again!
2 kills for reset. Sure it's a buff for late game, but early game nerf is too massive for this to be considered an overall buff.
Metharius (EUW)
: Can someone teach echoFox to buy armor/magic Pen?
Hmm, CLG wasnt that tanky. Sure Olaf is tanky and rumble becomes a bit beefy, but theyr team is not that tanky. Didnt look like olaf was rushing MR either, GA looks like next, but it's pretty late. Ashe should probably get penetration, but it seems like she was focused more on survival, still don't think it was that worth to go 2 zeal items or even go for that IE build. Victor isnt a good liandry user, maybe if he got rylais first then he could. The fact he didnt go for void could mean he decided to ignore olaf and just go for squishy backline together with rengar and swain. Hmm this could also explain why Ashe didnt go penetration, they decided to sacrifice ashe, for as long as they could get to the backline with those 3, but that just makes IE build choice even more questionable.
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: Air - Riot make him playable again
He's geting changed sometime this year. He's either gonna become more like a battle mage, or something else( i don't remember what exactly was the other option, i think it was something related on long range)
otTer900 (EUW)
: climbing
It's not supposed to get easier as you climb.
Murder1us (EUW)
For those wondering what this thread is all about here's the crucial part of it: > [{quoted}](name=Murder1us,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FGFLuR4t,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-23T02:27:11.753+0000) > > > thank you for banning me atleast that will stop me from wasting my time,
: So i got hacked yesterday and this is Riots foolproof quiz to prove im the original account holder
This is to make sure that anyone woudn be able to call on support ask for information and boom you lost your account. You lost your account so you're gonna have to endure this.
Nacksy (EUW)
: Bronze climbing. Is that possible?
Because you've hit your true skill level, to climb further you've got to get better. Forget KDA or any specific stat, those are just distractions, well except for winration, but even that can get skewed. > I dont know why this is actually happens because i play good enought to climb from this elo Yes you played good enough to climb from it, but you're not good enough to climb further.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: No, I'm suggesting gold division should have the most players since is the middle division. Think of it as a simple hill. Now it's just mountains descending masively from silver forth
That's impossible, you're missing the main point of ranked. Players are in rank where they are because they are stronger than evryone else below them, that's why player distribution is like a pyramid. Actually i think because players start theyr ranked climb in silver, silver is bigger than it should be.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2YIUkxPj,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-03-22T07:26:25.178+0000) > > This slows kata snowballing, she will use her ult less frequently. Kata does not snowball from ulti{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Katas real problem relies way too much on her ability to constantly shumpo around thanks to her daggering passive. The ultimate is the least of her problems. What makes her so snowbally is her cooldown reset focused gameplay. Only hard cc stops her and even then, skillshot cc like leonas ult is missable. Her earlygame will be affected, but not that much. Her midgame roams will not be affected as well. Only thing that does get affected, is her skirmishing ability, and even then, most of the time, she does not need full duration of the ult to kill 2 squishies thanks to resets. She was always about resets, but before, your only problem was reaction time. Now, you have to think 2-3 spells ahead, cause she can easly shumpo multiple times in a row, if you don't react in time. This gives her incredibly mobility. Second part of her passive is the problem. That shumpo refresh percentage needs to be lowered early. Hard.
So how does longer early ult CD increase her snowballing?
Mart6623 (EUW)
: So do you think Nautilus, Lee Sin (since he's a Lee Sin main), Anivia, Kog'Maw and Lulu would be good? How would we play that composition in game?
> How would we play that composition in game? this question is quite hard to awnser overall way too big, there are way too many aspects to it, but the core of protect kog comp is that you completly focus on protecting and peeling kogmaw. In case thigns go a bit bad Anivia will help to stall the game as well as sieging and taking turrets(place ult by the turret, destroy the turret) if you're doing fine Also her wall can help in protecting kogmaw, which is besides even all the other CC she has. While nautilus primary duty should be peel he should also look for an engage with his hooks. Lee shoudn really bother with peel(unless it's necessary), best would be for him to look for an engage) There is one issue with this comp, it's a late game scaling, only lee is about early game, but still. You're gonna need quite alot of patience to pull this off.
Mart6623 (EUW)
: Help us with creating a Jugger'Maw Team Comp
For Kog you need protect kog comp so from what you gave there are few key champions to help with that. Nautilus top and Anivia mid, those are really good at peel. Galio could be an option, but he's just too new to know right now for sure. From jungle nothing really stands out that much as a good peeler, obviously Lee and Heca, but they're only okayish for that. So from what you have it doesnt really matter what jungler you pick, especially when Nautilus and Anivia can provide much more significant peel compared to what those others can provide. Ivern would be quite perfect for kogmaw.
: I'm stuck.
Decide what role you main, looking at your history i can't tell what role you're playing, you're spread out way too much. You're also playing way too many champions.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: This game ... is fked
> Stupidly unbalanced ELO system. In a normal ELO system, the ELO points have a smooth distribution. With 70% of players in bronze and silve Are you suggesting the amount of people in each league should be similar?
K0lll3 (EUNE)
: I got banned for inting
Why were you stacking dorans rings? Your screenshot says you had 6k gold, there should've been more items.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: It's serly nerf, late buff. 15s on Ult is just too good on Kata
Late game ult cd buff doesnt matter that much, one ult is gonna be what will decide the teamfight, death timers are stil much longer even than the current late game ult cd. this late gume ult cd buff changes nothing. But early game longer ult cd nerf is a pretty massive nerf. Assassins want to snowball, but 2 min ult cd will make it alot harder. Sure it's still a small late game buff, but it's alot harder to get to that late game.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Is PBE prepares for April Fools? 15s on Kata's R? Lux R cooldown refund effect?
I don't mind kata nerf (yes it's a nerf), but the lux buff is just a new can of worms. Lux recently got a skin so alot of players who don't how to play her got her and messed up her stats, but this buff is gonna be really good on mains and they're gonna start destroying the soloQ, then 2 month later: ":We're increasing Lux ult CDR or nerfing it's damage because during a teamfight such an impactfull ult is up way too often and we want to punish mistakes." Meanwhile she becomes OP in LCS and we get the good old: good in LCS, but bad in soloQ state of a champion. Mind you im a bit overexagerating, but this has a really good chance to mess things up.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Like kata is a problem already...this will increase her snowballing and she might become a kassa 2.0 then again, its about time kassa 2.0 happened
This slows kata snowballing, she will use her ult less frequently.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Is Kog'Maw mechanically difficult (+ a little brag)
His early is pretty shit and his kit overall is rather lacking in utility, probably the worst of all adcs(worst utility, i don't really know if he's the worst of the adcs, but i'd still imagine he's at the botom). If anyone can get on him he has trouble shaking them off, which makes him very reliant on his team.
: do u guys feel this too ? or its just me ?
It's confirmed, League is pay to win.
CizzCool (EUW)
: Why am I hard stuck gold v?
You reached your true skill level. To climb further you need to find what to get better at, what to polish next. > I tried to not feed as much as possible and try to carry games, Do the opposite, go in more, find new champion limits
Zantonny (EUW)
: That sounds like my version of hell. If I do push ups before a game, how can I play when my arms don't work anymore?
You know, you don't need to do them until you can't lift your hands.
: Unless the Caitlyn has literally never played a normal game in her life, wouldn't even her normal MMR be significantly higher than that of a bunch of Silvers and a level 7 Ashe?
Most likely premades. Normals are way too random for quality matchmaking.
: I am getting worse at the game.
You're lacking in consistency. Exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep. For first game of the day, before playing first do some push ups, play against bots.
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