Doomley (EUW)
: It's not only the dps taht counts. If you only count dps, lucian would deal more damage than some of the hypercarries. What matters more is the reliability to deal damage. Lucian has too short range to be very good in a late game team fight even if he theoretically has the damage. Hypercarries all have the same qualities except for vayne. Long range (over 650 on all of them except vayne) and some sort of steroid like bonus ad or AS. Vayne has a stealth and low cd q to make up for the range somewhat. She is still not as strong as other hypercarries though. She is better at killing carries i give her that. You asked about why tristana is a hyper carry. She has the longest range in the game, is very safe and has a good AS steroid and can also melt turrets very fast. The biggest factor though is the range. She also has good chase potential. Caitlyn is a hyper carry. She has good range, is relatively safe, very good at sieging thanks to traps and her head shot procs come faster if she has runaan's hurricane. Ashe simply deals less damage than other adcs with same items. The AS steroid on her q is very small and her "crits" deal less damage than other adc's crits.
i think Ashe overall crit DPS should be the same as other adcs, it just woudn have those exciting high crit moments, which are also fallowed up by no crit, it's just always the same. Could actually be slitghly higher because the 10% innate extra damage, at least only from auto attacks.
Knorke75 (EUW)
: Hypercarry ADCs
Mostly range and the fact that they rely on attack speed(vayne being the exception because of her low range). Good range allows them to be safe and attackspeed reliance allows to dish out tons of damage. I would say Ash is almost a hypercarry, she also has a bit higher than ussual range among adc's and she relys on attackspeed, but her damage is sligthly lower because of the overall higher utility.
dennan27 (EUW)
: Steal someone else's role
You know your poll is weird. I am platinum, but it doesnt happen alot, actually i think i've seen it happen maybe, just maybe because im really not sure, but maybe it happened once. Either way, for me it's extremly rare.
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: How do you carry with utility support, playing only solo?
> -If I play an aggressive support. Trying to put a lot of lane pressure by out poking. > Somehow it is always only me trying to harass enemy laners. I use a spell on enemy support who failed to trade back, but enemy adc will land an aa on me instead. While my adc is only farming. (It works very well if enemy adc doesn't respond back, I am able to out poke 1v2.) > I end up putting myself in a dangerous position because my adc is too passive. focus harass on enemy adc, not support, harassing support most of the time is a waste of your recources, also try to watch your position, try to make sure that while you harass one, the other can't really harass you too. Still enemy support will get in your face so then you can put some harass on him too. The point is that as long as you provide more pressure your adc will have more freedom to farm, while because of your pressure enemy adc will have trouble to farm. Of course be carefull, if you try to put too much pressure you might overextend maybe get too far away from your adc and just get killed. Good indication would be that your adc managed to get more cs than enemy adc. Be carefull with forcing to group your team at mid game, game is black and white for that to work all the time, it's more important that team over the all the time does something.
: How to die less?
Are we supposed to judge based on your aram games? because as you said aram is a rpetty bad example, high death count there is pretty natural. In the ranked games that are avaible you don't die that much, sure there is that 3/12 lucian game, but others are okey. To cut down on deaths jsut learn from the mistakes, you went in you died, think if you should've went in, was there a reason you could've gone in and was there something you didnt account for. When judging don't judge it only based on results, but more on the intent, you could've gone for a completly good reasons, just mopped it up mechanically. Lastly be carefull with this focus on not dying, players tend to focus too much on KDA and stop climbing all together, they stop taking any risks, don't explore theyr champion limits, have perfect KDAs and excuses why they don't climb, but horrible winratios. better keep you KDA a bit dirty.
jxnnik (EUW)
: well yeah, probably right, but every attack speed adc has an interaction with that item what makes their lategame so good. so cait's lategame will be so much worse. I mean, every other hypercarry beats her in most cases in a 1v1 even without the nerf and they will also with the nerfs.^^ i would change something in her laning phase because that is the real problem why everyone says she is op.
Mind you some of adc's have similar interaction as Cait, simply longer range(for cait it's innate).
: To be fair, building AS on her will be quite counterproductive because they're reducing her base AS and increasing her attack delay so she scales worse with AS.
She has this worse AS scaling since the marksman update, but that didnt stop people from build AS on her.
: Someone explain to him because he won't listen to me
I think some of your points were a bit too harsh on him: doesnt want star guardian Janna, well so be it. you should probably let him play vs bots as long as he wants eventually he will get bored of them, challenge will disapear, also bots are actually pretty tough, they can train you mechanically. Actually some of his poitns are actually pretty acurate for the sake of climbing and self improvment, there's no need to have big champion pool to climb, especially with our champion select you can pretty easily get away only with 2 roles. Diverse rune pages will also allow to tackle different situations, still would need to understand some basics of the game and how to build them for what situations. Sure there are some runes that are a bit of a waste, but i think it's only very few(those revival quints do sound like the ones i mentioned as the most useless ones). Since he likes ashe you could suggest him to go for: AD, AS, MR, LS, MR, armor, health and mana regen runes. he probably should consider geting at least one more champion for the same role in case enemy picks it, but that's about it. Also as he said don't overload him with information, there's a ton of things in this gme to learn. Lastly i would suggest to be more relaxed in this game, don't push him too hard, i've seen here few threads about couples falling appart because of league, they tried to get them into the game, but showed theyr bad side
jxnnik (EUW)
: The thing is, Hurricane won't be viable on her anymore. Look at other Adc's who buy Hurricane, there ALWAYS a synergy on their kit. Twitch - spreads his poison, syngergizes with his aoe ultimate Jinx - syngergizes with her Q (also aoe) and she is totally a hypercarry with her passive resets, so aoe damage in tfs is so good on her Varus - Hurricane's on-hit effect procs his W Other Adc's (jhin, mf, lucian, ez, etc) - do NOT build it because they have no synergy You got the point? xD
The reson those adcs don't tend to build it because they're caster adcs. What adcs who build hurricane have in common is that they rely on theyr autoattacks and attackspeed.
jxnnik (EUW)
: My opinion on the Caitlyn Nerfs (Hurricane interaction)
> The faster stacking of her headshots was the only reason why you would consider buying Hurricane. How about buying Hurricane for more AOE damage in a teamfight?
: Adding a captcha before the game isn't particularly useful because botters can just type it themselved and then let the bot play for 40 mins. It may be a good idea to put in a check (captcha or whatever works) after every death. If you fail twice then it would imply you are not a human player. Bots die A LOT. The direct punishment should be to not receive IP/XP after the game, because this is the main reason players use bots.
> Adding a captcha before the game isn't particularly useful because botters can just type it themselved and then let the bot play for 40 mins. I'd imagine the point of boting is that you can leave your account for long period of time(probably few hours) to level up all by itself, having to enter capctha evry 20 mins is a bit, don't even know how to say, wel it complicates things, kinda puts whole reason for boting a bit inquestion.
MantisGM (EUNE)
: Kassadin May 2017
You know Kassa is kinda considered the current strong pick, it's more likely he's gonan get a nerf than a buff.
: I am rusty but not rusty to be losing to G5,plus if you see all my Ranked games one by one you can see that I'm not exactly the cause of losing. Now you gonna say that you can't judge a game from a match history but really it's just clear from deaths
Yes you die less, but that could also mean you miss opportunitys. **In the end all that doesnt matter without an actuall game**
: this season I haven't played enough,because I had to stop,last year at school and exams,I still play as well as I did last season where I got P2 now that I'm in G5 I can't do anything as a support to carry
Maybe you just got rusty? sounds like you came back to the game after a long break and are judging situation only after 10 games. Switching roles you're gonna have to learn game again and gonna get stuck.
: Season 7 is by the far worst season to date. (PLEASE READ/COMMENT)
Evry season is the worst, but ... I completly disagree with your whole meta argument, game is a pretty good balance state, curretnyl you can play pretty much anything, there are only very few outliers. Also this season is introduced few long asked things like: replay system and practice mode. And while there are peopel who arent very satisfied with current new client, it was stil needed and overall i like it. This is a prety god season.
: Not exactly a shortcut I've been playing for 3 years and in those 3 years I only played support,but I've realised after 10+ continious games of losing with support even though I'm good my team loses the game for me so I wanted a opinion for what role is best for carrying
It looks more like you just don't play enough, you barely have any games played. At this rate switching your role won't make a difference.
: Constant dramatic changes in skill level.
There seems to be some other issues here, but it looks like you're lacking in consistency, but there is a way to fix that. Try doing some sport and just overall try leading a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep. Be carefull you don't overtrain, that will cause your skill to drop too. Im myself running with few other basic things in between like push ups. You could also try meditating, if you're wondering how to do it, basiclly sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing without thinking about anything. There are quite a few scientific studys about it and the benefits. It's just if you have some questions internet isnt that good of a place to ask for help, it's ussually some overly spiritual people talking about chakras and all the other kind of bullshit. Also other possible issue you could have could be that you rely on yor team too much, let them make decissions so you become only as good as where you are.
: Stuck in ELO Hell
I see you're looking for a shortcut, too bad there isnt one. You're overall are just lacking in experience, play more. Try ADC
Feramor (EUNE)
: [EUNE] I just want to improve.....
Hmm, ok, sure. inv me
: Are there any plans for Diana?
She's likely to be touched with the diver update, curretnly we're having this tank update clean up so maybe soon we'll get a confirmation whatever Riot intends to tackle divers next or maybe there's something else.
Snakeboy (EUW)
: Item comeback concept WOTA
Vlad was blanced out to work without WOTA, there's no reason to bring it back.
: Well, just played my first ranked match in 2 years
Are you sure it was it was a spelling mistake? Maybe thye assumed they're were rapping, but they're just bad at it or maybe they meant they will challenege enemy at a rapping contest, but enemy were jsut better at it.
: How to stop being toxic
Well since this thread has been revived. I honestly don't really know what to say, i've never been that toxic and looking at what others here say it doesnt seem many people here have reached thatpoint. Looking at some threads those who did become really toxic, seemed like they eventually just got permabanned(and probably left). Don't think there are that many players who reached that low point and managed to come back from it. My best guess could be this happens because of lack of empathy, people probably don't realise they're playing with people? How to tackle this? i have no idea.
Røkas (EUW)
: Well my whole question was kinda based around the question of what do do when you lose your tower? xD I already know what to do when you take bot tower first. But thanks for your answer.
i guess i picked the one that's easier to awnser and has less options. I wanted to awnser this one, but after some thinking the text would be way too long, there are too many details to consider, from specific champions to at the moment lane strengths.
Røkas (EUW)
: Rotation Question.
This is a pretty situational question and should be basiclly judged on specific game and how the game looks at certain moment, but since you asked: if you win bot lane next important thing would be to take down mid, taking down mid opens up the most map, but the problem with mid is that it ussually has mages with good wave clear. If it's bad wave clear midlaner like fizz, zed or some other assassin then it's a pretty safe choice to go there or maybe your midlaner managed to get a rpetty good amount of damage onto turert and maybe enmey midlaner did a bad recall and it's yourchance to take it. Regarding whatever you should go top next? i think you should go there if you get an opportunity, but overall i'll say that top lane is rather not important, you could consider geting top if your top laner is something you would like to have in team and would like to enable him then taking down turret would also help. But for the most part i'd probably suggest to stay bot, ask/ help your support to ward up bot side jungle and just keep applying pressure there, make enemy come to you, but with good vision don't let them get anything. If enemy midlaner decides to roam then your midlaner will be able to shove in and take mid turret, your jungler will also have more options(he can help take top, mid or jsut increase your pressure further) and you will kinda disable enemy jungler. I can't really confidently say what to do when you're the one who lost your turret first besides th ussuall to play safe, i would probably suggest to try your best to keep mid turret standing because i said it does open up the map.
Cpt We3d (EUW)
: Become better
> First of all being flamed isnt an excuse for playing bad unless you are a brainless person. Actually it does decrease players performance, this makes matters worse and if player starts to write back, it diverts his focus from playing the game to chating worsening his performance even further.
: Subtle Defensive Champions
For top suca defensive playstyle works only on tanks, they're the only ones who can sit back and allow themself to do nothing and scale into late, but late they can't be too defensive, they have to be able to go in. Other champions have to be agressive from early on so those are a no go too. If he wants to play like that his secondary choice should be support, his champions should have to be soraka and Janna, but even they show some agressions. But in the end this kind of playstyle is just bad, sounds like he cares way too much about his KDA. It is a really visible stat that can trip players in theyr judgement and it can prevent player growth.
: Is the current state of Fizz unhealthy for the game? :)
When tank fizz becomes a thing he does become unhealthy.
Enryko (EUW)
: Thanks for this info :D But my question wasn't really focused on mages but more on Veigar specific Veigar completely destroys waves or he can just last hit with his Q. If you take Meditation and buy double dorans you will have no mana issues at all if you don't spam your abilities. You also don't have to poke with Veigar. The only thing you have to do is land your stun and then use your full combo and that's that -free kill- So I don't really see why Veigar adc would be a bad idea. {{champion:45}}
Alot of what you mentioned applies to mages in general.
: Climbing
Hmm, looking at your matchhistory, while you were stuck in low elo for a long time, you actually havent played that much at all, You're simply not playing enough. For season 5 and 6 you had about 40 in those seasons combined. If you want to climb faster then make your champion pool smaller, as small as possible, because from what i see you've played WAY too many different champions.
: TFW everone wants to ban yasuo and 10 bans suddenly become 1
Actually, if one your teammates picks a champion it disapears for others, unless it's picked atthe last second then for those who were late it becomes a "no ban"
Sibrus (EUW)
: Its your fault...
You're just taking this idea from a bad angle. Saying it "it's your fault" is a bit harsh way of taking this. You can't do anything about your team, evry game your team will be different and well you can't really teach or change anything about them. You're the only thing that will remain the same so the only one you should focus on and the only one you should work on is you yourself.
DarkFudge (EUW)
: Missions
I just wonder what kind of rewards it will give.
Rioter Comments
Enryko (EUW)
: Veigar Botlane Apc
There is one main reason why mages are played mid and adc's in bot, it's because mages scale better with levels, while adc's rely more on items. Another thing worth mentioning would be the fact that while Ziggs was an option at one point, but in the end he didnt really stick around, adcs are still dominating bot lane. I've been thinking about other possible reasons why mages arent good in adc role, while mages ussually have good wave clear theyr last hiting tends to be worse(lower ad and they don't get ad item), which can be problematic for the sake of wave control. Im not too certain about this, but early in the game i think midlane ussually tends to go back more often than bot lane, which i think happens because they use up theyr mana, but in bot rely on theyr autos so they can stick around longer. but this is kind of mana management problem that some mages can circumvent like{{champion:69}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:30}} or {{champion:45}} , they also scale into late with items kinda like adcs. Rune choices like mana regen runes could help too. Before going in, mages tend to poke enemy down first, but this can become alot more complicated in a 2v2, i also think in this 2v2 dps is more usefull than burst, because when mages burst is down he's just a sitting duck and some of that burst can be denied by support heal shield or just interupted with cc. Mind you this is just guessing why, because the reality is that mages just are not popular there. Also i think when Ziggs bot did become popular people did try out some other mage options, but it doesnt look like anything managed to work.
: Why even playing anymore?
It's pretty impressive on your first season to end up in low gold. Still your overall experience with the game is pretty small. Don't understimate ranked, ranked is hard and you'll be lucky enough if you'll manage to climb a whole league by the end of season.
Mada (EUW)
: nah, he's talking about not liking that people in a division 5 having a grace period before getting demoted
but it looks like he was expecting things to be different once he hit diamond 5. In the first place alot of people including OP here seem to not know one basic thing about league ranks: they're fake, a facade, they're here only for player satisfaction. Players arent matched based on rank, but on theyr MMR, so changing the grace period does nothing.
Røkas (EUW)
: Can we start demoting people stuck on 0LP?
You have this a bit common missinterpretation that ranked has hard lines, that because you've entered a new league things are gonna be completly different. The truth is that while for you hiting diamond is a big thing, for the system you just got higher than before, you're still practically in the same skill region:high plat/low diamond. Also having higher than 50% winratio is an indication that a player is climbing not necessarily how good he is, if you have slitghly below it, it just means you're stuck, players with those winratios probably have been stuck in that division for a long time, climb to 100 points and then fall back to 0 then up and down and so no progress. Players skills arent diveded by winratio but by theyr mmr, winratio is just an indication of how fast they are climbing(or in which direction).
Røkas (EUW)
: "Useless bot lane"
Human mind has a natural defense mechanism that prevents him from seeing his own fault and since this is a 5v5 game there are plenty of "distractions" to be blamed for, as well as the luck of the draw itself. I mean, as a solo laner it can be a pretty easy to expect that if your teammates played just a bit safer "that" or "that" specific moment then you woudn need to move your ass and could keep last hiting those sweet gold carying minnions.
bob9zver (EUNE)
: I thought the moderators whould help me rank up?
Where does it say that Riot is a non profit organisation?
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Tell me matchmaking doesn't force 50% winrate after reading this
I don't even know how to tackle this. It's not really how it works, while it kinda does, but ... It's like acusing the universe of forcing a 50% chance coin flip.
MilanoXYX (EUNE)
: Assasin rework again :D?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Riot you cheeky little bastards im a weak man, i gave in to the temptation.
: it's a skillshot,how is it free pressure?For example when ahri e is up it's pretty much the same thing
Just having it up makes harder to go up close for minnions to last hit, it creates the risk of taking damage.
  Rioter Comments
: I am not using rank or experience as an argument. I never once mentioned my rank until I won my argument, but rank does reflect on the amount of games played and game knowledge. It's quite obvious that you listen to a challenger rather than a bronze when it comes to league of legends. The same way you listen to your doctor, and not your mom. This is the power of knowledge. You don't know the knowledge of people on the boards, but ranked is a very good indicator. I am not the one who agrees with everything Riot does like you mate. I don't even build botrk on supports so it doesn't concern me, but I knew something was off with the intended change, that is why I decided to log in and comment. Anyways I'm off.
> refuse to listen to a veteran player > Doesn't surprise me that you and the other guy are silver. > lack of knowledge you didnt mention ranks directly, but you do like to question others expertise as well as put yourself as the all knowing god. > but I knew something was off Riot's been talking about Botrk nerf for a while and they came to this.
Tsumirez (EUNE)
: There is a way to solve your problem: get a mid buddy. From there trade your declared roles. You select mid/support, he selects support/mid. Then next game you swap - you support/mid, he mid/support. Bottom line is for playing support you get autofill protected. One of the 2 roles you choose is assured. When you get that protection you pick mid. The other guy selecting support as main role has huge chance of getting it. Once that's done and you two have support and mid lanes, regardless of who gets which, you each go to the lane you wanna play - he mid, you support. Should work most of the time.
> There is a way to solve your problem: get a mid buddy. From there trade your declared roles. > > You select mid/support, he selects support/mid. > Then next game you swap - you support/mid, he mid/support. i havent's played duo in soloQ for a long time, but As far as i remember you can't do that, one you you or maybe even both you will have to pick one different role.
: I did come up with arguments, but since you and the other guy named Perilum refuse to listen to a veteran player on something this obvious and start to downwote because of YOUR lack of knowledge strongly pissed me off. And after checking your stats I realised I just wasted my time lecturing some stubborn silver players that are still refusing to listen. I doesn't feel good to win the argument at all. But it's all good now, glad to know some someone somewhere in the world aren't that incompetence, to let botrk's passive go from 8% to 4% and be ok with it.
See all you do is attack others(can't even correctly loling others). Using rank or"experience "as an argument is jsut the lowest level of discussion, it's just throwing a towel.
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: Is this a joke?? Reset My Shop !
Hmmm it could be because as a new player your champion pool is rather small and among your most picked champions are rakan, xayah and jhin, who have very small skin pools. My guess system kinda assumed you abit for an adc main and instead suggested adc champions for you.
: Either that or you have completely 0 clue on how items work. You would probably be fine if they removed the passive altogether and nerfed it to the ground. Doesn't surprise me that you and the other guy are silver.
Im not silver. But i do see you start going on personal accusation instead of coming up with arguments.
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