Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: If they would be broken then everyone would play them - like Jax. They are niche among niches... so they are not OP. Not to mention that fiddle is in rework workshop right now.
I don't see Jax everywhere if you ask me. Also, why unpopular champ (Fiddle isn't unpopular - 2% global pick rate isn't a bad score. It's like top 30%) can't be broken. Don't you remember old Akali back in the 2012/13? I've abused the shit out of her and went for like 20/3 every single game - and yet, she had probably one of the lowest pick rates amongst all champions in game. It's just an outdated example, but look at the game now - Kled with stable 56-59% win rate (Which is huge) is one of the least picked champions. It's not even about the winrate - if you look at Heimerdinger you can clearly see that he's at astonishing 55% win rate if the game lasts for up to 25 minutes. He's a massive lane bully, easy to abuse and very well performing in all areas - you basically can't gank him if he has his turrets up - which is basically all the time. Sure he might have low win rate and pick rate - but this certain aspect of him is completely broken and should be removed or changed as soon as possible. Yeah I am a stupid platinum Jax abuser (4 matches in my history btw, I'm sure abusing him lmao) but I don't understand how Fiddlesticks - a point and click 2.5 sec stun champion - is not broken and doesn't need any changes. Care to explain it to me? I've already explained that he's not unpopular.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Plays Jax. Abuses Shojin. Comes to forums in order to whine about the Skarner-Malzahar-Fiddle tax LUL
So Fiddle and Malza are not broken at all because I play Jax? Doesn't make much sense is you ask me.
: He’s litterally gonna be either the next rework to be released or the one after... so yeah he shouldn’t exist and soon won’t
Okay that's very nice, I hope I'll see that in 2021 or 2022 if I'm lucky
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: I have 22 hex tech keys and I just opened a Glorious Capsule for reaching level 190 and got 2 champion shards, was expecting a rare skin or gemstone Im not complaining though because I have 7 Legendary shards and 19 Epic shards You got a Soulstealer Vladimir skin shard, man you should be happy, that would tidy me over for the next 10 chests
I already have Soulstealer - and I don't play vladimir at all. That'll be a reroll for me - Could've got Assasin Master Yi anything else, wouldn't matter at all
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: Took you long enough.
There are some quests that require you to play too many games. Everyone who uses TFT beta pass plays the least required amount of games possible - if he skipped quests like "play 20 games as a certain class" or "build 3* champion in 3rd stage" that would take years to complete and/or haven't played additional games to fill up the 5 games meter it's understandable that he'd take much more time to finish it.
: Excess Beta Pass Points should grant Blue Essence
Riot Points. Won't force myself to play it anyhow else
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JustTits (EUNE)
: Vlad has no consistent damage and doesn't have a gapclose/escape on a non-existant cooldown Fizz's E has actually high cooldown, noticably higher than any of Jax's spells Nope, utter bullshit, dodge is a removed mechanic - for a reason. Just like mana burn.
Vlad has consistent burst of high damage and has incredible healing which makes up for no escape. It's like saying "Xerath is worse than Talon because Talon has a dash". You can't compare two kits, but if you have two abilities that work in a similar way - give you defensive measures and make it impossible for you to attack - you can actually compare their quality. If you intend to nerf Jax's E then you should think about nerfing other abilities that let you defend yourself and attack at the same time - that is, Fizz's E, Lux's W, Morgana's E. It's like making Lux unable to use any spells and attacks when her wand is not in her hand - that is, when she uses her W. Was dodge removed? It wasn't. It was moved away - to Jax's E. Just like the "spellvamp" which was removed - and moved to Ravenous Hunter, Red Kayn's passive, Morgana and few other champs and items. It's like saying "Red buff was removed when they removed its item". No it wasn't. And the dodge mechanic is not a toxic one at all - you can do plenty of things to play around it if you aren't something that dodge was designed to counter.
Kakashi500 (EUNE)
: Make it so that Lux can't do anything but move until her wand returns from W.
That would be actually pretty good mechanic (Lux's W) tbh. But it would require her to gain some MS using W or having much higher shield values. It would actually make her think about using this spell. Also, make Ornn's R and W instantly kill all Freljord champions
JustTits (EUNE)
: Make it so Jax can't autoattack while he uses his E
His E would be worse than Vladimir's W - and Vlad has no mana. His E would be worse than Fizz's E - and Fizz deals much more damage with it His E would be worse than any defensive spell in game.
: why so mean, isnt that bad tho :D
SleepyTim (EUW)
: How to make League of Legends better.
I think this post is great but it won't attract any attention nor will change anything. Which is kinda sad because all these ideas are excellent. I reckon that League would use more changes made by players playing them. I would love to be able to completely switch off all sounds made by certain champions. I mean every match with Yuumi is WE'VE GOT THE ZOOOOOOMIES, there are lots of mages talking shit all the time, spamming laugh and having in general very %%%%ing dumb voicelines. The most annoying for me are Xayah, Kai'Sa, Yuumi, Lulu, Zoe, Akali and Neeko - every single voice line, spell cast line, joke and taunt of these champions makes me wanna either puke or quit the game. I would be grateful to be able to hear excellent voicelines of nearby champions I like. I would mute champs I've mentioned and made few others (For example Quinn, Swain, Ornn, Aatrox, Braum) talk more. It's sad that I can't hear every great line of these champs because some stupid edgy Kayn or some shit has to talk useless and boring lines. I would love to be able to manually change certain champions to be heard more or less often in game.
: yeaah the only champ in the game that has invis ... jk {{champion:28}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:67}}
Invis on any champion is basically super unfair, especially the Twitch's, Akali's and Rengar's invisibilities are impossibly unfair
evol (EUW)
: League edit 'IRIS II'
JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Sylas and Kai'sa
"just stun them" Yeah, it works on every champion. It's not countering. It's game mechanics. "just dodge skillshots" They don't have any skillshots. You can't miss Sylas' Q nor E, because they move too fast and are too wide - unless you have flash, you are 100% hit. "outdamage them" lmao
: Since when are hate crimes, racism, discrimination not real? what..
Since talking shit can never hurt anybody. I could say anything and nothing would change. If anything hurts someone - then he can either argue with me or ignore me. It's not like I'm forcing him to listen to my bullshit.
: You can't say that to someone or police will knock on your door IRL, but nothing will happen online here if you do it?
It's not "RL". Also, hate crimes IRL aren't real, legitimate laws.
: Racism, toxicity
Toxicity in games doesn't deserve neither permanent or temporal ban - you can always mute someone. But if one's making the game insufferable - by trolling - only then one should be banned. It's a game, not a %%%%ing kindergarten.
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De Slisse (EUW)
: Just had ranked game where I`m winning my toplane, we get not 1 but 2! ragequiters, naturally we lose tha game (3v5 I mean come on..) and I lose LP, this is some srsly unfair `punishment`for me, I even got S tier in that game... Riot should change the LP loss when a random leaves to like 1, I just lost 10LP for something that I can`t help. srsly unfair, cancer state of the game has returned
If you were on EUNE I would check if we weren't playing the same game lmao
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Don't you love it when people run it down and go unpunished?
I had a very unfun promos experience recently - I've lost first round "fair and square" with 0/16 bot lane and the other one with 2 guys LITERALLY GOING AFK at 15 minute mark. The game was 36 minutes long. But nah, if I say one magic word - i'm permabanned. This is League's random ban style.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Try creating a new account on Euw there's alooooooot of dodgers and afk like 7x more
EUW is the easiest server, so I do believe lots of smurfs play there. I do it myself. 2-3 dodges a game. Not a big deal.
: It should honestly be available for free when you hit mastery 6-7 with the champion so that you have more stuff to do.
Maybe hide it behind BE, RP or Champion tokens in Hextech crafting.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: PRE LVL 30 . Re-read that until it will become clear to you...
Who the %%%% cares about that? There are no new players, only smurfs. And dodging games ain't a problem in my experience.
KonoKat (EUW)
: Eternals
Free? I'd put them behind BE paywall so it's not "wElL I mAiN KatARiNa AnD I aM PrO", it would be more like that if someone actually knows how to play and knows how to score eternals (Sorry, Eternal that counts your passive kills as Katarina shows literally nothing about your skill, only your basic champion experience) by actually playing the game right (Using your ultimate on a low HP enemy you'd finish off easy without it is not really a "high skill play" and actually hurts the game tbh).
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Increase the penalty for dodging games
That's actually a terrible idea. I think there should be one free dodge in promo games, too. ARAM queues should have 1 minute penalty for dodge. The dodge penalty should increase the longer queue takes. There are too many %%%%%%ed champions nobody wants to play against (Maokai top is one of the best examples, but you can put there basically anything that heals gazillions) and you don't get to ban them every game. I don't want to play with duo bot Teemo and Taric - that's a bad investment. I don't want to waste 30 minutes of my life on useless struggle against champions i hate. Sure, I may win - but it's not a fun game. I'm in League for fun (Ikr that sound hilarious) and I don't mind having to queue up again and again, only if I get to play a fun game once in a while.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: why league is dying?
You can't say any game is really dead. I would say that there are thousands of people playing hours every week of Civilization IV - a great game - but it's just the shadow of its former glory. The same goes for League - League was super popular 5 years ago - and since then players are constantly leaving, at least in the general terms. I'd say that all up to 30 lvl accounts combined have more hours in the game than all accounts above lvl 31 combined. That's simply because in the "new" league meta is not "10 guys have a chance to have fun" - the new meta is "6 guys have fun". It's all more random, more jungle oriented, less skill based and more power-creep'd. If Xerath had Sylas' AP ratios and base damage - he would be picked so much more often just because he's way more fun than the new champions in general. He's about hitting your skillshots, predicting, gives more flexibility into your teamcomp. But the new champions always dominate. This is the League of Power Creep
: > [{quoted}](name=Ensign Torpedo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=36KFZzET,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-17T20:58:43.765+0000) > > I'm really tired of this company. Don't buy Eternals, problem solved. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Don't you think sharing ideas to make Eternals better would be better solution than just letting them be shit? I would totally flex on noobs with my impressive stats, but the fact that I've cast my R a few times is not impressive at all.
Shamose (EUW)
: > The Eternals are something created to show off one's individual skills. I'm pretty sure eternals were created to make money.
I'm pretty sure you were supposed to read more than one sentence
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: Discussion Thread About Riot's Envisioned Future (Please Join To Give Your Opinion)
**_Balancing_** isn't such a big problem. Well yeah, we have Kai'Sa, Akali, Yasuo etc - basically free win on lane and an easy carry if used with a little bit of reason. You can of course ban them (I would like to see a mode where everybody has 4 blind bans, forcing everyone to play forgotten/weak champions), you can somewhat maybe counter them, not always but you kinda can. Just pick anything that's ranged, high CC, tanky, can easily build grievous wounds and def stats and you are halfway through not losing your lane and possibly winning the game. _**The Eternals **_ ain't such a big deal to be honest, but I would like to see some general gameplay updates with them. I mean that basically all players should be able to switch off certain player's (Or champion's) voice lines, eternals, jokes etc or general skins, emotes, sound effect. I would like to see a menu of a champion in your collection in which you can pick all things you don't want to see - I would switch off some laughs (Bye, Lulu, lux and Nami!) or voice lines (Can Yuumi shut up once? I KNOW YOU GOT THE ZOOMIES AND ZOOO AND YOU ARE THE MOST MAGIC, THANK YOU. Just let me switch it off. And let me switch off that URGOT KILLED 100 PEOPLE WITH R (Which is literally the easiest thing to do in the entire game if you ask me). Though, I would love to see that I'm playing with or against a Xerath who has 90% hit ratio on his ultimate - that's a real epic gamer there! This brings me to the other thing about Eternals - they always track the general amount and not the % amount. Never. And not even the right stats! You can have 100% hit rate but until you play gazillion games it won't be relevant. It doesn't track how long in general have you been sucking health out of people as Swain - if you are able to suck HP for 12 seconds from 1-3 players - that's a good ult! Not when you kill someone with it, not anymore at least. If you by average suck someone by 20 seconds that means your ults are great. But instead, the Eternal shows us how many people you killed. You could steal these kills, you could kill them with W or tower hit - it doesn't mean anything. But how long you've been able to stay in fight using your ultimate - it does mean a lot about how good of a player you are. It's like - how many people you hit by Ezreal's ults (Not intercepted by Yasuo or Braum ofc) on average is what shows you are a good Ezreal. There are very few ults that are all about killing - Karthus' ult, Akali's ult, Zed's ult - but not all! Come on! There are countless examples of Eternals done bad. **Do you even play the game, Riot?** The other thing is - about the _**Game modes and Missions**_ giving a player 20 misisons "kill 20 people, win 10 games and get 15 farm" isn't really an "event". ASCENSION WAS THE EVENT! It wasn't a shitty PvE repeatable gamemode which is just a worse Diablo, it was a legit fun competitive gamemode I would TOTALLY PLAY AGAIN. Can we like, have a rotation of all gamemodes? Or even better - give me a rotation and a paywall to get access to these gamemodes. I think 5K BE and 750 RP would be a fair price for playing a retired gamemode. Just my opinion - I would totally buy URF (The first one, not ARURF), I would give 5 of my most valuable skins for this shit! But instead, I'll lose the 3v3. And get TFT instead. Yeah sure it's fun, but imagine how fun 3v3 would be if WASN'T %%%%ING **ABANDONED 5 YEARS AGO** I will probably not be very satisfied if the next patch will again be "We change few base stats of 10 out of 150 champions in the game, we call it balance". I am never satisfied about the patches actually, at least nothing gets changed so I don't have to play new stuff - just ban Kai'Sa and hope nobody picks one of 80 champions I hate.
: too bad its for a champ that has 2 skins better than its ultimate one {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Which skins are the "better" ones exactly?
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ensign Torpedo,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4VO0ZajE,comment-id=00010000000000010000,timestamp=2019-09-14T21:20:07.337+0000) > > It's precisely about the motivation - If you aren't motivated enough to play 10 ez placements as your main role and get yourself automatically assigned to Gold with only 4 wins - then I don't think you deserve to get rewards Huh? As far as I have understood D4 doesn't stand for gold. Sure I take rewards and mess around with stuff, get plat and am satisfied, but I have no motivation learn the game enough to get into D4. Sidenote: You won't get into gold in TFT just from placements. Around 10-15 games is minimum.
Apparently it actually can happen if you get 1st place in all games. At least it did happen to my brother, as I said - I just mean that 5 placements is much more of a dice roll than 10 - and you can't get same reward you'd get the slight luck and skill in 10 games reward for having slight luck and slight skill 5 games in a row. I mean, it would be nice if for getting to gold and higher on TFT you'd get a little legend, maybe a profile frame - but giving the ranked rewards from the serious game for playing autochess? It's like you'd got to gold on ARAM in a few lucky games and had the reward. The complexity of regular League is that there are around 200 items with unique passives, 150 champions with at least 4 unique spells, 5 roles and a map with many jungle camps, buffs and strategies. Meanwhile on TFT there are 40 items and 50 champions with one spell - and few passives that combine with many champs. It's not nearly as complex as regular League and that's the main reason why it shouldn't be treated equally in terms of end of season rewards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ensign Torpedo,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4VO0ZajE,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-14T19:59:29.364+0000) > > You roll a dice 5 times in placements, end in gold with literally 0 effort or skill and then you should get a skin for something other had to work long for? > > Not very fair if you ask me You had luck 10 times in placements , end in gold with literally 0 effort or skill ....
You see, having luck 10 times in a row is (exactly) 30240 times less likely to happen than having luck 5 times in a row. Same goes for bad luck. I had bad luck and ended in Iron TFT - I had good luck and ended in Gold TFT.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ensign Torpedo,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4VO0ZajE,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-14T19:59:29.364+0000) > > You roll a dice 5 times in placements, end in gold with literally **0** effort or** skill** and then you should get a skin for something other had to work long for? > > Not very fair if you ask me That goes to every queue, not exclusively for TFT. To my understanding every single person could reach solo queue d4, **given** that they are motivated to work for it. I'm not.
I disagree. Ranked Flex placements on all 3 accounts of mine (Practically speaking, one mine and two of my brother but I count them in to give further context) were 10 wins in a row. With SoloQ - it was 7-9 wins out of 10. Meanwhile, TFT placements were always random - once I won 4 games, once I lost 5 games. It's precisely about the motivation - If you aren't motivated enough to play 10 ez placements as your main role and get yourself automatically assigned to Gold with only 4 wins - then I don't think you deserve to get rewards
: why do people call each other gay?
It's like calling someone re*arded or an n-word. It's not about being ableist, racist or homophobic - it's about insulting someone. I don't consider black, gay or disabled people worse but when it comes to jokes or slight in-game slurs, I don't feel like stopping myself - I'm a gamer and as a gamer I am obliged to say the n-word.
: ***
You roll a dice 5 times in placements, end in gold with literally 0 effort or skill and then you should get a skin for something other had to work long for? Not very fair if you ask me
: Revert Akali RITO PLEASE
just like, remove the movement speed buffs and make her reveal herself for longer when attacking in her W. It will fix her completely because she won't just win every duel without even trying and you will be able to deny her passive by sticking to her. Unless Riot does that, her Q should be at 20 cec CD, W at 50 and E at 30 - because her mechanics make it impossible to deal with.
I've a better idea Make a class that can't be %%%%ING DISABLED by cursed blade, hush, glacials and demons. Something like Juggernaut 2 Jug - juggernauts are 33% less likely to be affected by all negative effects of other classes and items - that goes to Hextech, Glacial, Ranger, Yordle etc 4 jug - the chance goes up to 66% 6 jug - jugs completely ignore non-dmg negative effects of all items and classes Or can we please have an item that would do the same? Upcoming Banshee that allows you to dodge one CC per 5 seconds won't do any good vs glacials...
: Two weeks ago I had a blue Kayn in my match who dealt ~1600 HP to a champion of equal level with a single E slash. Tell me that it is not the absolute garbage.
I mean the blue Kayn is a %%%%ing joke but the red one is kinda okay if you ask me - kinda Aatrox, really. This is why he's in the middle tier, not the garbage tier
: Power Creep
I feel like there are three lead game designers in Riot Games: The Absolute Garbage - responsible for (for example) Kai'sa, Irelia rework, Zoe, Neeko, Qiyana, Sylas The Not The Worst - responsible for Kayn. Kayle Rework, Yuumi, Aatrox reworks The Best Boi in Riot Games - responsible for Ornn, Camille, Swain rework, Mordekaiser Rework, Jhin Currently game's ruled by the first one
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: He he is level 546 so he sure play's alot
Not to be the buzzkill or a grammarfeck, just helping fellow EUNE brother The "play's" is a contraction of "play is". You probably wanted to say "plays". If you add **'s** to the sentence, it adds **is** in fact. Same as **'re** - it adds **are**. If you put an **s** at the end - you create a simple present form - which describes a general rule, hobby or frequently repeated action. So he doesn't "play's", he just **plays** a lot. Hope you understood that mate - and good luck!
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: As a side system to work alongside the IFS we have, yes. As a separate system replacing the IFS, Hell no, not even when the whole cosmos dies.
The Tribunal has always been a side system - it affected roughly 2% of total punishments in game when it worked. It was used to things that couldn't be just botted - honor trading, player camping, boosting, trolling etc. It should just be back in the same form as it used to exist in - because it was exactly what you just said - it was just used as a slight help for the actual system.
Rioter Comments
: Yes because one single person’s queue experience totally is conclusive evidence. There’s people who say the exact same about TT abd yet that’s being removed due to poor population
Well then i'm talking about conclusive evidence. Listen, if I'd were to play a "dead" gamemode in which I always find a free game in a second or less - then I would totally play this dead gamemode that nobody plays. Like bro, I don't care at all. We could play in a group of 10, waiting for the last one to come back from shop and start searching for the game, it's like a non-existent aspect - I will play it no matter what. And I mean, my experience of finding a game always and Riot's word about "people not playing it" is an experience against a word. I don't know what's more valuable to you and I couldn't really care less.
Kashukah (EUW)
: Rito Plz Star Guardian Skins
{{champion:516}} Where's ornn skin?
: Urf’s Playerbase drops the longer it’s put out... it’s very easy to get burned out on it... if Riot released it permanently it would outright die and would get removed like TT and dominion... by releasing it like they are they keep it alive.
It's a lie, actually. URF always has had a stable playerbase even at the last day - it never took me more than one minute to find a game. Everytime everyone just jumped right into it (just like on Nexus Blitz and 1v1 but that's kinda self explanatory) - in comparison, three days after releasing the Odyssey it took me about 4 minutes to find a game, on average. Same would go for star guardians and doom bots. It's just not true that people stop playing URF. They stop playing normal League.
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