: well cmon guys give him 1 more chance i can understand his feelings pls RIOT UNBAN HIM
Thanks for supporting :)
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: He got more than enough chances through all the small, previous temporary punishment. And he still has another chance. Start over.
That isn't a good chance i will not play league cus i wont have fun at the start i play game's so i can have fun from the moment i start playing and i won't have fun champions to play with my friends so i'm done if i don't get unbanned.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: I do trust you, no reason not to. I am just plainly blunt about what the answer will be. NO! A big fat NO!
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: Almost touching...but NO!
You don't need to trust me
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