Valyoyo (EUNE)
: Ladies and getlemen, seems we got a first specimen of "gg ez" douche here.........imo they deserve account ban for days (not permanent) after some checkups to see if they write that cancer in all the games they win/lose.
Why? I'm not one of those "gg ez" guys, but I don't see the reason of banning them. Just let the poor souls enjoy their victory and move on.
: Theres something wrong with 3v3 matchmaking
The normal strategy in 3v3 (top-tank, bot-mage and jungle-cc) is for low elo. If you want to climb playing 3v3 you have to play(bot- massive cc-cassiopeia for exemple, adc/bruser and supp with smite on top lane). If you're playing on toplane you have to shove the lane, and then go for the camps.
: take this quick test to see if you are toxic or not, Cough
Mostly C... I rearly flame, but when I do....Also, I got only one chat restrict in 5 years so I guess I'm a pretty good guy.
Najns (EUW)
: Happy New Year, lovely Boards community^^
: Good morning everyone o/
Ranked goals? Hah... I wanted to get plat 5 but i am on a lose streak of 10 games and i got demoted from gold 2 to gold 3 with 50lp. I am done with ranked for this season. Other than that, I don't know.. I am thinking to create a new account on euw and start playing there since eune community is so unfriendly and ... Anyway, by 'starting to play there' I mean a new beginning for me in League.
: If you are single, dont worry!
What do you mean by 'working on yourself'?
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IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Guess someone's personality based on their mains!
Najns (EUW)
: What is the story behind your Summoner Name?
The original form is Eowseal not Ewoseal and it means "From a lost age". In combination with Lord, or any other title the meaning is "The Lost Ruler". The name is from a story that I created long time ago but also, I feel like it has a connection somehow with my main champion, Aurelion.
: Rito when i will get a message to get in alpha
: I would say she needs a complete rework (I absolutely love playing evelynn) but then again, she has been reworked almost as much as ryze has in the past. hopefully she'll get some tweaks in the assassin update that make her more comfortable.
She won't get any changes in the assassins update. Riot said that they want to give her a separate rework ( like ryze and yorick).
Solash (EUW)
: I don't quite get the people complaining that some champions in URF are too strong..
Good luck vs katarina,teemo,shaco and ryze! I mean ..tell me a counterplay for shaco, he just e and q until you are dead. Is that fun for you?
Draven Bòt (EUNE)
: Lags on league
Same problem here......
IreIía (EUNE)
: Autofill, another complaint
Autofill is usually present in the morning( when there aren't on that many players). Anyway, I always put Mid as primary and top secc annnnd... sometimes I get adc, sometimes supp but it's no problem since I was supp main last season rearly happens to me so I think you just had a bad luck.
Nah, I hope Riot will nerf him as bad as they nerfed Kindred(kind was nerfed 3 patches in a row or something like thatnot long ago). This champion is so annoying and is in the top most hated champions in league for a reason... He has almost infinite dash, can dash the jungle camp, can block almost everything . Yasuo and Lb are the most unfun champions to play against in mid lane and they deserve some nerfs, in my opinion.
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iFroHawk (EUW)
: Mastery unlocks are so frustrating
Oh, even more advantages for premades.....isn't enough that ranked has become the newest boosting platform?
: New Kled Poster (This time more deadly) Mounted Noxian Yordle FTW
Boo0o (EUNE)
: make easier to get bronze out
: It's me again....
Hmmm The Inheritance Cycle.... Hmmm Saphira from Eragon.... ;)
Jogge502 (EUNE)
: That feeling...
I got pulsefire ez - disenchant ;)
: What champion a solo queue player would play in this season?
Go for malzahar... he is pretty strong and can be played mid,top and even jungle.
Tet2 (EUW)
: The many things that annoy a toplaner
Players that pick a braindead champion such as garen and continuously spam ctrl + 4 and talking to you in all-chat.
RL Slade (EUW)
: All the diferent league of legends languages for everyone
This would be a waste of time for Riot to be honest. I prefer to let them that time for working for new champions and skins and other interesting projects rather than changing half of the interface in Korean or any other language and half in English and anyway, why would you want the voice of announcer and champions voice in Korean and keep the rest of the interface in English? If you want to learn Korean, well you can find a lot of guides and that kind of stuff. If you like how it sounds... Well better learn Korean. xD
: Why's Heaps of people claiming Taliyah to be nerfed and that she's OP? :3
Azir op? -got nerf few patches ago. Zed op? -oh pleaaaaase people stop saying that...he is not. Actually, I think all assassins suck at this moment in league. You need a lot of skill and exercise and for nothing, the class itself is pretty weak right now and, until the class update my opinion will remain the same. LeBlanc op?- Well yeah, she is (in my opinion) the best assassin you can pick right now so... Fizz op? Maybe he is a little bit better since that meta- tanky-bulid or whatever. Darius op? I don't know, I often play top on my secound account and the champion doesn't seem that broken or overpowered to me... As for Talyah, well I think she is OK. She has some combos which, ofc do damage but her passive and ult give her mobility/utility so...I think she is somehow balanced.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Short games are not awarding S grades as they should
You want S for that score? Oh please... Azir got S, but look his farm annnnnd...5/0/2?
: xD lol You know, since this creature is in the brush, what lane do you think this champion will be in? I say jungle, cause we havent had a jungle champion in a while now.
: How to survive champ select
pathak (EUNE)
: Who's more fun to play? Jhin or Ekko?
Ekko tank was fun to play, however he was nerfed some patches ago...Ap ekko is still good but I don't think it's that fun... Jhin has a nice damage, especially in mid/late game, one of the best VO in the game and it is awsome when you take down an enemy only with the last bullet. So my vote goes to Jhin. Now it is up to you...
Hey, nice montage! I want to main him too, but he is so different from the champions I ussualy play on top lane (Jayce and Olaf)... How hard do you think is to learn him completly ( I mean the combos abd everything) ? And also, what advice would you give to a player that wants to learn him?
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FrostyFracie,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4f0yiW2c,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2016-07-05T13:01:19.972+0000) > > We can ask anything? > > Are they real? Foxes? Yeah. Ahri? No.
Riot said long time ago that Ahri was inspired by some local legends. I don't remember what exactly legend, nor what country the legend belongs to but anyway, it's not like they created her completly.
: What kind of music gets you pumped?
I usually go for any kind of nightcore mix....sometimes epic/heroic songs or trap music.(or that music which people use in their montages, I don't really know how it is called.)
: What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)


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